Monday 12 March 2012

Evolved Fleur De Lis Silicone Bliss

The Evolved Fleur De Lis Silicone Bliss vibrator is a sex toy with gently graduating bumps on a flexible shaft. The vibrator is a luxury style battery operated toy that is perfect for solo play or partner play, thanks to the bendiness of the shaft. The elegant Fleur De Lis Silicone Bliss gently bends to conform to your body’s natural contours, reducing the risk of bruising your cervix during insertion. The flexible shaft also gives the possibility of external stimulation as the grooves gently caress your erogenous zones. The Fleur De Lis Silicone Bliss is not only a luxurious toy in appearance and touch, but it also arrived in some of the prettiest packaging I’ve seen, which would make it an excellent gift.

The toy arrives in a clear plastic display case, with a chic vintage style pattern engraved into the plastic. At the top there is a fabric strap with a charm on it, which acts as a handle. The packaging reminds me of the glass dome protecting the rose in ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ Disney movie. The base of the packaging has various bits of product information printed onto it. The base unscrews; as you pull it away from the clear plastic dome, you will find the toy fixed in position. To remove the toy, simply unscrew it from the base.

The Fleur De Lis Silicone Bliss is just less than 8 inches in length, with a maximum 4.25 inches of girth. The shaft has four main bulges, about an inch in length each. The shaft is made from plushy silicone that causes minimal drag when rubbed against dry skin. The silicone used on the shaft feels higher quality than most sex toys. Separating the battery cap from the main shaft is a plastic silver ring; unfortunately the silver colouring marks easily. The battery cap has the brand name printed in silver on top of the glossy ABS plastic. At the base of the unit there is a single button for turning the toy on. Unscrewing the battery cap will reveal a removable plastic tray for two AAA batteries. The battery tray is very fiddly to use, and a little flimsy seeming, although it hasn’t broken yet. When screwing the cap back on, I found that the spring connector would catch onto the hook on the battery tray, making the batteries sit out of line. It took a few attempts at unscrewing and retightening the cap to get the battery tray to stay in position.

The toy has three speed settings. The vibrations range from a mild to moderate intensity, and are mostly felt in the tip of the toy. The vibrator isn’t overly loud; I doubt you would be able to hear it from another room while it’s in use.

When using the Fleur De Lis Silicone Bliss, I found I needed additional lubrication prior to insertion. This was partly due to the nature of the silicone, but also due to the flexible shaft making insertion more difficult. Once inserted, I enjoyed how the bulges on the shaft rippled up and down my vaginal walls as I thrusted. The toy worked best for shallow insertion, stimulating around my vaginal entrance, and acting as an excellent toy for foreplay. The toy wasn’t able to hit my G-spot, but really the Fleur De Lis Silicone Bliss isn’t designed for G-spot stimulation, and is instead aimed more at textured play. However, when used for deeper penetration, the flexible shaft comfortably stimulated my A-spot, without me having to worry about bruising my cervix.

The Fleur De Lis Silicone Bliss also works well as an external vibrator for massaging the labia. The bumps slowly caressed my labia and clitoris, heightening my general sense of arousal. The vibrations weren’t strong enough to cause me to experience a clitoral orgasm, but being able to gently caress my erogenous zones helped prepare my body for using a bigger toy, or intercourse.

Cleaning the toy is easy as it is waterproof, although sometimes dirt will become trapped between the silver band and shaft. The toy can be washed in warm water, with your standard antibacterial toy cleaner. After use I recommend you remove the battery tray, as this toy seems to drain battery charge whilst in storage. Once the toy is dry, simply place it back into its lushly decorative container to ensure it is kept dirt free.

Overall, the Fleur De Lis Silicone Bliss is an ideal warm-up toy for use by yourself, or with a partner. The toy works well for textured stimulation, as the graduated bumps feel gorgeous as they caress your body. It would make an excellent introductory sex toy for first timers, and a beautiful gift, thanks to its pretty packaging. 

Thank you to Vibrator Kingdom for sending me the Evolved Fleur De Lis Silicone Bliss for my review. You can purchase the toy here.

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