Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sinful Sunday: On days like this a maid would be beneficial

It was very hard fingering the bottle to get the willy straw out.

It’s a warm sunny Sunday. All I want to do is go and relax outside enjoying a bottle of ale, or nestle between cool soft cotton sheets. Instead I’m being forced to house work, as I’m having lots of household repairs over the next week. I really need to get a maids costume, I’m sure it’ll make it more fun.

Sinful Sunday


  1. Perfect shoes for housework but I wonder what you have on.... or maybe it is nothing?


  2. It's too hot to wear much while cleaning in this heat. So I'm wearing some knickers and have a satin dressing gown ready for if someone randomly comes to the door. I really want to get a pair of stiletto marabou slippers, but do like these wedges a lot =)

  3. Just put on a maid's costume and go sit outside with your drink and willy straw... Forget about the housework for now ;)

  4. A good glass or two of ale or wine makes the housework seem less cumbersome! LOL

    ~Kazi xxx


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