Wednesday 16 November 2011

Tantus Flurry

The Flurry O2 is a dual density silicone G-spot dildo by Tantus. Tantus’s O2 silicone is designed to have a firm inner core, and soft outer layer, giving it a more realistic feel. The dildo is meant to resemble a penis with a foreskin; a lot of sex toys tend to lack the detailing of a foreskin, so I was very interested to see how the raised ridge would feel when stimulating my G-spot. Even with the raised head and foreskin, the toy doesn’t look overly intimidating compared to some realistic sex toys

The Flurry arrives in a clear plastic box with a small amount of product information printed onto it – this is the standard Tantus packaging. Inside the box the Flurry is resting in a plastic clamshell. The Flurry is similar in size to a standard penis, being approximately 4.5 inches in circumference and with 7 inches of insertable shaft. At the bottom of the toy there is a thick flared base, making the toy anal safe, as well as harness compatible with some O-rings. The toy is made from ultra-premium platinum silicone; that means it’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odourless, tasteless and phthalate free. The Flurry O2 consists of two layers of platinum silicone. The inside layer is firm, slightly firmer than an actual penis, and the outer layer is soft and pliable similar to the skin found on a penis. The tip of the toy is tapered and sculpted to look like the glans of a penis; there isn’t a firm inner core at the tip of the toy, which makes the head feel very soft and slightly bouncy. Just below the head is another raised ridge, similar to a foreskin, but slightly bigger than most foreskins as it protrudes outwards as much as the head found on the toy. The foreskin-like ridge almost makes the toy look as if it has two heads stacked on top of each other. The lower ridge offers some flexibility and is able to be pinched and pushed around. Unlike a real foreskin it won’t roll over the head of the toy – though I’m yet to find a toy that has a functional foreskin. The outer layer of silicone on the main shaft is a little thinner than I was expecting. I feel that it needs to be a tad thicker to make it feel closer to a realistic penis. The silicone does produce mild drag, and even though the size of the toy isn’t overly challenging, you’ll probably need additional lubrication when inserting the toy to make the ridges feel more comfortable. To me the silicone doesn’t feel realistic unless it has been dusted with corn flour.

The Flurry O2 is available in three colours known as Twilight, Candy, and Ice. I received the toy in the Twilight shade, which is made from a deep purple inner core with a frosted white outer layer. This gives the toy a beautiful misty appearance. 

When using the Flurry I found that additional lubrication was needed prior to insertion. The silicone does seem to eat up moisture, so you may want to keep a bottle handy. The head of the toy easily entered my vagina. I experienced a small amount of discomfort when the foreskin-like ridge brushed against the first few inches of the vagina. The toy’s ridges did occasionally massage my G-spot, but I found that this wasn’t consistent enough. I feel that if the shaft was slightly curved, rather than straight, then it would’ve worked better for stimulating my G-spot. However, I feel that the raised ridges will be better at stimulating other people’s G-spots, as everyone’s anatomy is different. I found that the Flurry was perfect for deeper vaginal stimulation and A-spot massaging. Due to the soft head, I was able to use the toy in as gentle or vigorous thrusting motion as I liked, without worrying about it bruising my cervix. I enjoyed the feeling of the head of the toy bouncing against my vaginal walls. The Flurry did eventually bring me to a strong orgasm, but I found it took a bit longer than some toys. Removing the toy was easier than I had expected. Due to the slight discomfort I experienced during insertion, I had expected it to feel mildly uncomfortable, but it wasn’t.

The O2 silicone also holds temperatures well; not only will it warm to your own body heat, but you can heat it in a bowl of warm water prior to use, giving it a more realistic sensation.

I do have one complaint about the Flurry. This is a problem I’ve experienced with most Tantus toys, and that is the base is a little uncomfortable and tiring to hold when using the toy. The base does have its advantages though, making the toy anal safe and harness compatible.

Cleaning the Flurry is easy. Simply wash it in warm water with your standard anti bacterial wash. The Flurry can also be boiled, sterilized, bleached, and put into the dishwasher. You will want to store the Flurry in its packaging, as the silicone attracts dust. To make the toy feel more realistic in texture, just dust it with a small amount of corn flour after cleaning.

Overall, the Flurry is a great average sized dildo. If you like toys that offer deeper stimulation, without the worry of bruising your cervix, then the Flurry is worth considering. Even though it didn’t stimulate my G-spot, it was still an exceptionally enjoyable toy to use. I really do like the Tantus O2 silicone, and think it’s something worth investing in if you like realistic feeling, good quality sex toys.

Thanks to Lovehoney for providing me with this Tantus Flurry for my review. You can find the Tantus Flurry here.

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