Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mates Skyn Non-Latex Condoms

Lovehoney kindly sent me a pack of 12 Mates Skyn condoms to review. These are actually my standard condoms as I suffer from a latex allergy, but I was still pleased to be sent a pack to review.

I’ve suffered from a latex allergy ever since I was a kid. Over the years I had learnt to be cautious when using items such as washing up gloves, and even plasters. When venturing into the world of sexual intercourse, I didn’t think that condoms would be next on my allergy list. I was a lot younger then and didn’t pay much attention to my surrounding, let alone taking the time to read the condom packaging. After a few days of using the condoms my body was showing signs of irritation and discomfort. At first I thought it was the amount of sex I was having causing the discomfort. While waiting for my lover to bring up some lunch I actually took the time to read the Durex packaging. It clearly stated that they were made from latex, and in all honesty I felt rather stupid for making the mistake in the first place. The remaining condoms were immediately discarded and I looked for an alternative.  Luckily I already knew of my latex allergy, but if you are experiencing any form of discomfort around your nether regions I would recommend consulting your Doctor, and changing the condoms you are using to a more body friendly alternative if that is the cause of the problem.

Mates Skyn condoms come in a cardboard box containing twelve condoms made from Sensoprene. Sensoprene is a material designed to simulate latex. The condoms are designed to fit the average penis. They are meant to offer a great fit, with the strength of a latex condom, while maintaining sensitivity.  The condoms are packaged individually in black and gold wrappers. Each individually packaged condom can easily fit into a purse or pocket.
 Also within the box is an informational leaflet. The leaflet states that you shouldn’t use oil based lubricants with latex condoms, as oils can damage latex. I was a little confused when reading this as these are not latex condoms, so I contacted Mates for more information. Mates got back to me and said the following: “Even though the product is not natural rubber latex it is a synthetic latex which will be affected by oil based products therefore we can only say to use water based lubricants”.
They are lubricated with non-spermicidal coating. The lubrication doesn’t really have a taste or smell to it, but it is slightly greasy, and can leave marks on some fabrics.

The condoms are very easy to use, especially when you follow the instructions provided.

Step one: Tear along one side of the foil to open.
 The foil packaging is very easy to open compared to some condom packaging.  In the past I’ve had to fight my way into a condom wrapper, which can ruin the mood, never mind the condom. I’ve never experienced this with Mates Skyn condom packaging.

Step two and three: Pinch and roll the condom over an erect penis or toy.
 Both I and my partner have found these condoms very easy to roll over an average sized erect penis. We have experienced no problem in finding which way the condom is meant to be applied. I have also used one of these condoms on an above average sized sex toy; the condom rolled onto the toy with ease. The condoms seem to fit pretty snugly on my partner’s penis, as well when put onto a sex toy.

Step four: Withdrawing the penis after ejaculation.
When my partner withdrew after ejaculation we experienced no problems. The condom didn’t fall off or drip semen. The condom was very easy to remove, and made after sex cleanup simple.

One of the condoms on the Tantus Adam Dildo - Above average girth sex toy.

Both my partner and I like Mates Skyn condoms compared to others we have tried. They don’t block sensations as much as some other condoms, and they are extremely easy to use. They fit comfortably, and don’t feel like a plastic bag has been inserted into my vagina. We’ve never had a Skyn condom break, or arrive defective. The lubricant used doesn’t cause either of us irritation, and doesn’t smell or taste as bad as on some lubricated condoms.  My partner claims that when using these condoms he experiences greater sensation than when wearing a latex alternative. We have tried a few other non-latex branded condoms, but have always been disappointed by the fit and feel. Some other brands don’t fit as naturally onto the penis, causing those off-putting plastic bag sensations.

Overall, I like Mates Skyn condoms, and I feel that even if I didn’t suffer from a latex allergy they would still be my condom of choice. If you are looking for a condom that offers greater sensations than most, then these condoms are worth trying. 

You can purchase these Non-latex Condoms from Lovehoney.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The FunFactory Curve

The FunFactory Curve is a silicone dildo which is meant to stimulate the G-spot. I decided to purchase the Curve, as I wanted a silicone toy that could produce a stronger than average G-spot orgasm. To me, the Curve looked like it would achieve this not only because of its prominent curve, but also because of its different textured silicone and firm looking head. My speculations where correct that its curve feature does help induce G-spot orgasm, but I was wrong about how firm the silicone head would be.

The Curve arrives in a rather funky box, printed with several images of the products outlined shape. The front of box is held in place with a magnetic latch holding several cardboard flaps, slowly revealing the product displayed behind a clear plastic window.  Within the box you will find the toy, resting under the toy is a removable piece of card which is keeping some instruction and promotional material hidden, as well as a sachet of lubricant. The instruction booklet doesn’t really have much information about the product, mainly stating that the toy is designed for G-spot stimulation. The promotional booklet lists almost all the FunFactory range. The lubricant provided is safe to use with your new toy, and due to the surface textures of the toy I would recommend keeping it handy.

The toy is approximately 8 inches in length with roughly 7 inches of insertable curved shaft. At the base of the toy there is a looped handle which can comfortably fit two to three fingers through. At the tip of the toy there is a realistic penis style head which is made from glossed silicone. The top of the toys head has a raised bump which may cause slight discomfort during insertion and removal of the toy.   Down either side of the toy there are wave-like ridges, these are also made from glossed silicone. The main structure of the toy is made from matte silicone. Both the glossed silicone and matte silicone cause friction when rubbed against dry skin – I would recommend using water based lubricant with this toy. The toy can cause so much friction when rubbed; it can produce a static shock effect. The toy is 5 inches in circumference at its widest point. When viewing the toy online I expected the silicone to be rather firm, unfortunately this isn’t the case. The silicone is easily flexed, meaning that the curve can be completely straightened and even bent backwards. The toys material also has a fair amount of bounce to it; this might not be so good if you need firmer G-spot stimulation.

When using the FunFactory Curve, additional lubrication and foreplay was required. I did try and insert the Curve without additional lubrication, but found the raise head caused discomfort. When the toy is inserted, it curves towards the G-spot perfectly. As the shaft can easily be manipulated, I feel that this toy is likely to accommodate most people’s G-spot. You would think that is a good thing, but the toy does have some minor problems when stimulating the G-spot. Even though the handle is very comfortable and seems like it would be easy to use, the toy isn’t very accepting when trying to apply different motions. I found that because the silicone is very flexible that rocking and deep thrusting motions were incredibly difficult. I was able to softly bounce the head of the toy onto my g-spot, this did lead to a great orgasm, but it left my wrist feeling exhausted. I found that when trying to apply deeper and more vigorous thrusts, the silicone was not only too supple to keep up a rhythm, the head of the toy felt uncomfortable as the raised ridge rubbed against my vaginal wall. This is still a great G-spot toy and when I eventually reached orgasm, the sensations felt were very intense. I’m also slightly disappointed that I was unable to feel the raised wave-like textures along the side of the dildo. When removing the toy it did cause moderate discomfort, as the head popped out of my vaginal opening.

I did read that you can use the toy for clitoral stimulation. I have tried rubbing the raise ridge, which can be found on the head of toy, against my clitoris, but found that it produced very little stimulation. I have also tried rubbing the raised tip of the handle onto my clitoris; this produced more direct stimulation to my clitoris, but didn’t cause a clitoral orgasm. Personally I feel that the sensations produced by this toy when used for clitoral stimulation, aren’t overly special.

Cleaning the toy is fairly easy, it can be washed with your standard antibacterial wash and warm water. I’ve known a few people put this dildo in the dishwasher on the top shelf with no problem. It does attract dust, so you may want to keep it in the storage box.

Overall, this is still a good G-spot dildo as long as you are willing to put some effort in to gain the desired results. I feel that I would’ve preferred this toy more, if the silicone wasn’t as flexible. This is a good G-spot dildo especially if you are new to G-spot stimulation; I think this toy is more likely to find the G-spot than others. The quality of the toy is superb, and I doubt everyone will experience the same problems as I did.

You can purchase the FunFactory Curve at: The Boudoir

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tantus Charmer

The Tantus Charmer is slim dildo designed to stimulate the g-spot or p-spot. It is harness compatible, though I purchased this toy to use during solo masturbation. I’m rather impressed with this dildo and am considering purchasing another to use with a harness.  I was attracted to the Tantus Charmer because of its wave-like ridges running down its shaft. I have a few textured silicone toys but these mostly consist of vein-like ridges. The Tantus Charmer is also a smaller in girth toy to what I would normally choose when buying a silicone dildo. I felt that this toy would be a great warm-up toy, or perfect for those days when I’m not up to a toys which offer a girthier challenge. 

The toy arrives in a clear plastic box with red and white text scattered on it. On the box it states that the product is made from the highest quality hypoallergenic silicone. The box claims that Tantus toys should last a lifetime and need minimal care. The toy is resting in a clamshell insert, which is easily removed from the box.  The toy itself is 6.5 inches in length and 4 inches in circumference at its widest point. The head of the toy is the widest part, and as you follow the waved ridges down towards the base the girth gradually gets smaller. Each wave’s peak is approximately 1.5 inches apart from one another. The tip of the toy is slightly flat compared to some tapered tipped dildos. The toy has a slight curve to it, it’s extremely flexible and can be bent almost in half without causing damage. Even though the toys shaft is flexible the silicone still has a firm yet soft feel to it. The toy has a flat base which is designed to fit o-rings which are 1.25 inches in circumference. The base has a slight suction to it, and is easy to hold. The toy is a beautiful mix of metallic purples; it almost appears as if the different purples have been tie-dyed into the silicone. The box says that this toy should be scent free, but upon removing it from the packaging I found that it had an over powering chemical smell. After several washes and leaving it out to air the smell has almost vanished, but still lingering ever so slightly. I’ve asked a few other people who own a Tantus Charmer and they don’t seem to have the same problem with the smell, they say theirs is odourless.  When holding the toy horizontally the shaft does drop slightly, making me wonder how well it will stay positioned in a harness. You may want a dildo which is made slightly firmer, when using it for anal stimulation. 

Showing the suction.

When using the toy I found that even though the tip of the toy is slightly flattened it was still fairly easy to insert. The waves are rather prominent; if you are overly sensitive to textures I would recommend using additional water based lubricant. I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t benefit from the added sensations of the waves due to how thin the shaft is, but I was wrong, each wave could be felt strongly when rubbing against the front of my vaginal wall. The waves on the toy are a lot better than I had anticipated, and felt more pleasurable than the standard vein-like ridges commonly found on other silicone toys. The head of the toy did find my g-spot and gently bounced off it producing a gradual but strong orgasm.  Even though the ridges appear to be rather jagged, they feel fairly gentle when rubbing against the vaginal wall and opening, while at the same time producing  more noticeable sensations than a gentler waved dildo.  As the shaft of the toy is very flexible it can be difficult to use when applying firmer and forceful thrusts. This toy is perfect for those who like gently stimulation on the g-spot, without the addition of too much girth. 

Cleaning the Tantus Charmer is easy, just apply your standard antibacterial wash and run it under warm water. The Tantus charmer is also dishwasher safe, and can be boiled clean. I did actually boil the toy in hope that it would remove the chemical smell; it seems to have mostly worked. The toy can attract dust, so I would recommend you keep the packaging box for storage.

The toy can be warmed by placing under a warm tap for a few minutes. I found the soft silicone head to feel particularly pleasant on the g-spot once it had been warmed. Like most silicone toys, the toy is already at room temperate prior to insertion.

Overall, I like the Tantus Charmer as a smaller girth dildo. Even though it doesn’t give you the sensation of fullness, the waved like ridges and bulbous head feels remarkable. This will be a regularly used toy, especially during foreplay. The Tantus Charmer is a great dildo as well as being made from excellent quality silicone, meaning that this toy should last a very long time.

You can purchase the Tantus Charmer here.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pleasurists Edition 143

Narcissus by JogiART

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Solar Bullet

I recently purchased the Solar Bullet by Cal Exotics from a local store for only £5. I had wanted this bullet for a while, and at that price I couldn’t resist. When purchasing sex toys I tend to ask the following question; will it have good longevity? This covers the quality and durability of the toy, what batteries, if any, it needs, and how easy it is to obtain replacements. This vibrator definitely will be more sustainable than most, due to it being powered by solar energy rather than batteries.

The toy arrives in a cardboard box which is made from recycled fibres. The box has that eco-friendly outdoors-life feel to it, and can be recycled. On the box there is an image of the vibrator and power pack. On the back there is a diagram of the product with labels for specific features of the toy - this diagram is essentially the instructions for the toy. The diagram shows you that there is an LED light which glows blue while the power pack is charging, and next to this is a plug-in jack point. The toy is controlled by a sliding switch, which can be a little stiff to use at times.

The bullet is 2 inches in length and just over 2 inches in circumference. At the tip of the toy there is a little LED light which lights up when the toy is switched on. The LED light gets brighter the stronger the vibration setting is. When the battery pack’s power starts to run out the LED will start to fade. Some people may be worried about having a glass LED pressed against their intimate areas, but there really isn’t anything to be concerned about. I’ve forcefully pushed the LED into the bullet and it doesn’t budge. I’ve also hit it into a hard surface and it doesn’t even have a scratch on it. Leading out of the back of the bullet is a power cord that hooks up to the main power pack; the cord is approximately 34 inches in length. The bullet hooks up to the power pack and instantly works even when first removed from the box.

The power pack is very light, and its main plastic body can become scratched easily. I feel the power pack would benefit from a storage pouch, but it can happily fit into a phone pouch. On the back of the power pack you will find ‘California Exotic Novelties’, although this is barely noticeable which makes the power pack fairly inconspicuous to prying eyes. When charging the toy you don’t have to have the bullet connected, so it can easily be left out. It also doesn’t need to be charged in direct sunlight and so can be left on your bedside table - it just might take slightly longer than if it was placed on the windowsill.

The bullet is extremely powerful, more powerful than bullets I own that are powered with N batteries or LR types. The bullet is so powerful you can feel the vibrations travel down the power cord. When using the toy the power pack needs to be connected to the bullet. The power pack is relatively easy to hold or rest on a surface. If you are overly sensitive to strong vibrations this bullet won’t be for you. When using the bullet I found that a small of lubricant was needed to make the vibrations more pleasurable, because otherwise I would feel a tingly numbing sensation rather than an orgasmic sensation. Now even though this bullet is stronger than a lot of other bullets, I enjoyed the vibrations more than I expected - I just couldn’t get enough of this toy. The bullet produces clitoral orgasm very quickly. The bullet is rather noisy, but considering the power it packs I feel this is to be expected. If I was to change one thing about this product it would be the slide control. The slide control can feel stiff at times, making it hard to adjust the vibration intensity, especially at those crucial moments. Also, as you have to put some effort into changing the settings, you can accidentally turn it off.

Do you want to know something nifty about this product? The power pack can be used with other vibrators that have the same type of jack plug. I would recommend caution when using it on a different toy, as it might not work for some. I tested Penthouse Ball Bangers Vibrating Love Balls with the solar panel power pack, and was not only happy to find that it worked, but also that it turned the vibrating balls into an amazingly powerful toy, at least twice as strong than when powered through the AA battery powered controller. 

The Solar Bullet also fits inside other bullet sleeves and cock rings, meaning that you no longer have to rely on the battery powered bullets they originally came with, as long as you don’t mind the addition of the power cord and control pack.

Cleaning the bullet is easy as it can be cleaned with your standard antibacterial wash.  I would avoid getting the solar panel wet, and recommend only wiping it down with a damp cloth. I’ve had a few solar powered items before, and when water gets into the solar panel they don’t charge as effectively ever again.

Overall, I really like the Solar Bullet, and might pick up another one just because it’s so handy. The vibrations are strong, and I love the way the power pack is able to power some of my other toys, while also making them produce stronger vibrations. I also love the way it’s instantly ready to use, unlike some rechargeable toys, but remember that the longer you leave it to charge, the better quality vibrations you will receive. 

You can currently purchase this from here.
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