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Pleasurists Edition 160

Whitney Bee 1 by barelight

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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Lia Teaser 1

This month I received the Lia Teaser 1, from California Exotics, to review. This vibrator is a battery powered silicone toy which is meant to offer strong vibrations while stimulating the G-spot. The Lia immediately struck me as a good shape for stimulating the G-spot, and with its claims of ‘Extreme Power’ I was looking forward to testing the Lia, and seeing if it would cause me to have a G-spot orgasm.

The Lia arrives in a clear plastic box, which has various bits of product information printed over it. Inside the box, Lia is held in place by a plastic tray. The packaging states that the toy is made from pure silicone, and is waterproof. It takes 2 AA batteries, which aren’t provided. The Lia is 9 inches in length with 6.5 inches of insertable shaft. The shaft of the toy is slightly curved, leading to a tapered rounded tip, aimed at stimulating the G-spot. The bulbous tip is a maximum of 4.5 inches in circumference; the main shaft varies from 3.5 inches to 4.25 inches of girth. Just below the rounded tip, the Lia’s shaft has a small amount of flexibility. On the front of the curved shaft, starting just under the tip, there are three ridges to offer additional stimulation. The shaft is made from smooth matte silicone which causes very little friction when rubbed against dry skin. At the bottom of the toy is a plastic battery cap, with a hole going through it next to the two control buttons. I’m uncertain as to why this toy has a hole going through the handle, as it isn’t big enough to fit a finger through for easy grip. At the front of the toy you will find the on/off button, and at the back of the toy, opposite the on/off button, is the function button. The toy has 10 vibration modes comprising of various continuous speeds, pulsations and escalations. As it has a separate on/off switch, this means you don’t have to circle through the modes to turn the toy off. Sadly the toy doesn’t remember the last mode you selected before turning the toy off, but I guess that’s often reserved for more luxurious toys.

When using the toy I found that I needed a small amount of additional water-based lubrication, as the matte silicone soaks up moisture. The tapered tip easily entered my vagina, followed by the first raised ridge. I found that it took a while to insert more of the toy, and was only able to insert just past the third ridge, which is approximately 4 inches along the shaft. This was perfect, as the rounded tip was nestled just behind my G-spot. I was a little surprised, as I was unable to feel much stimulation from the ridges, but was satisfied enough that the toy actually hit my G-spot and was very easy to control. Sadly, even though this toy claimed to offer extreme vibrations, I found them to be disappointingly weak, even when the batteries were brand new. Normally I would be really annoyed with an insertable toy being so weak, but not with the Lia. The Lia’s shape was enough to cause me to experience a strong G-spot orgasm fairly quickly. Though I found the vibrations to be weak, other people more sensitive to vibrations may find the motor in the Lia to be adequate. During use the toy is very quiet, and I doubt it could be heard from another room.

The Lia attracts dust easily, so you will want to store it in a suitable container while it’s not in use. As it is waterproof, the toy is very easy to clean in water and antibacterial solution. 

Overall, I like the Lia as a G-spot toy, but feel that it falls short as a vibrator. The vibrations felt so weak to me, that I ended up using the Lia essentially as a dildo. It’s still a great toy if you are looking for a G-spot stimulator, as even without the added aid of vibrations the Lia is able to cause me to orgasm. I also like the Lia’s appearance; it almost has the look of a luxury toy, when it is actually at the cheaper end of the market. I feel that if the motor was more powerful, this would be a superb G-spot toy. Just be aware, that if purchasing this toy expecting a power-house, you may be disappointed. You will still get a good toy if your aim is a nice insertable, which is made from silicone, and that hits the G-spot. I feel the Lia would accommodate most people’s G-spots.

You can purchase this vibrator from Cal Exotics Here.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Minna Ola

When I first heard about the Minna Ola, and how it used touch sensitive technology to form vibrations, I was more than a little intrigued. The Ola sounded like the most interesting advanced vibrator I had heard of in a long time; this led me to think it would be one of the most complex vibrators to use. Sure, there are new innovative vibrators being produced all the time – so often I feel innovative is overused in sex toy reviews – but a lot of the time, these new products have extremely fiddly controls, which aren’t user friendly. I like to be able to pick-up a toy and be able to use it as soon as it arrives, no waiting for it to charge, no fussing with instructions, no having to educate your partner once you’ve vaguely gotten to grips with the toy yourself. The Minna Ola is ideal in every way, in that I didn’t experience any of these problems when it arrived. Once quickly acquainted with Ola, I was left very satisfied. 

The Minna Ola arrives in a cylinder shaped box which has a very clean and modern appearance. The packaging is rather larger compared to the toy, but luckily Ola arrives with its own satin drawstring pouch. Inside the box you receive an instruction booklet, sticker, charger, silver pouch, and the toy itself with a quick start guide looped round its shaft. The Ola arrives fully charged, which is perfect, as I often find the excitement over a new toy can die down slightly while waiting for it to charge. The quick start guide is a small booklet, with instructional diagrams that are extremely easy to read, and within seconds I had mastered using the Ola’s controls.  

The Ola’s main shaft has a classic shape with a gentle curve, with its jaunty angled handle giving it a funky modern feel. The toy is coated in a smooth matte silicone, which causes mild friction when rubbed against dry skin. There is a manufacturing seam running round the shaft of Ola, which may cause some irritation for those highly sensitive to textures. The vibrator is solid, apart from the touch sensitive pad, which is filled with air underneath the matte silicone coating. After a while the touch pad will begin to deflate; to re-inflate the pad, take the magnetic clip off the charger, and push the jack-pin into the air vent at the back of the pad. The toy is 8 inches in length with 5.5 inches of insertable shaft. The touch pad is 2.25 inches in length and can be inserted too, as Ola is completely waterproof. However, as there is a vent hole at the back of the pad which can trap dirt, I would recommend using a condom if you intend to use it like this. The maximum circumference is 4.25 inches. On the main shaft there are three magnetic pins for the charger to clip onto - these don’t seem to cause any discomfort while using the toy. There are two buttons located on the back of the touch pad, above the vent hole, where the shaft curves. 

Controlling the Ola with its two buttons and pressure pad is surprisingly simple. The on/off button is a raised circle, and the other button is the mode select, which is a raised ring. There are 3 modes, which the instructions refer to as Vibration Creation, Loop, and Lock. At the base of the toy is the touch sensitive pad, which will create vibrations in correspondence to the pressure you apply. To get started, simply hold down the circular button for a few seconds. As the toy switches on, you will notice it vibrate; this is to indicate how much charge the Ola has left. Three pulsations means that the Ola is at full power, two pulsations is equal to half power, and one means Ola is low on power, and you should consider recharging the toy soon. Ola appears to keep charge better than many other vibrators.

Once on, you can start experimenting with the touch pad. When using the touch pad, you are really able to feel the difference in vibrations when pressure is applied. Light pressure, such as stroking the touch pad, causes the vibrator to softly rumble. Firmer pressure, such as clenching the pad in your fist, will cause the toy to produce high strength vibrations – the Ola is very powerful when you want it to be. Holding down the pad will cause the Ola to produce a continuous vibration. Altering the pressure will vary the vibrations, to produce your desired pulsations. This first mode allows for some very spontaneous play.

After you have gotten to grips with using the Ola, which I assure you won’t take long, you can start recording your creations. Press the raised ring button, which will start flashing red. When this button is pressed once, it will play back any patterns you create, after a short pause. You are able to alter the vibrations at any time by simply squeezing the pressure pad again. Clicking the ring-like button again will save your creation. This button will now emit a continuous red glow, indicating Ola is in playback mode. Ola will play back your vibration pattern in a loop, and touching the pressure pad will have no effect. This means that once you’ve settled on a satisfying combination, you can switch to playback and thus avoid accidentally undoing your creation in the heat of the moment.

You can use the Ola main shaft two ways, either having the curved tip pointing towards the front of the vaginal wall, or inserting the curve the opposite way. When using the Ola I found that I needed a little foreplay prior to insertion, as the tip isn’t overly tapered. The silicone does soak up moisture, so you may want to use additional lubrication. When using the Ola with the tip facing the front of my body I found that it would occasionally stimulate my G-spot, but the shape and length of the toy was better at stimulating my A-spot. When using the toy with the back of the curved shaft facing the front, I found the toy stimulated my G-spot better, but wasn’t able to apply enough pressure to induce orgasm. Though the Ola wasn’t quite the correct shape for my G-spot, being able to control the vibrations was enough to arouse me, and it felt immensely pleasurable. When using the toy in the first mode, I enjoyed how as I got closer to climax, my hand would naturally grip the touch pad harder and more frantically, and as climax calmed, my hand would quiver and softly come to a halt, make the vibrations feel as if they belonged inside my body as a natural part of arousal. When programming the settings I liked how I didn’t have to scan through any pre-programmed settings, and could instantly set it to the pattern I desired, depending on my mood and how quickly I wished to reach orgasm. I was in complete control of how strong and fast the pulsations were. I did find a slight problem when recording with the toy; sometimes I would accidentally double press the mode button, meaning that I would record less than anticipated. However, this didn’t happen often. Even when the Ola becomes covered in lubrication, the touch pad is still easy to use. 

You are able to insert the touch pad, but as there is a vent hole at the back of the pad I would recommend using a condom, as it would be difficult to clean properly. Inserting the toy this way was a bit trickier, but once inserted it did hit my G-spot. It was fun being able to clench the soft jelly-like touch pad with my kegel muscles, but as the vibrations are focused at the tip of the opposite end, I didn’t feel much benefit from being able to manipulate the vibrations.

The Ola works well as a clitoral stimulator, which surprised me considering the shape of its tip. Again, I like how much I was able to control the toy, as sometimes I want very powerful clitoral stimulation and other times I want soft and mild stimulation.

When inserting the main shaft of the Ola, because the base with the touch pad is flared and sharply curved, you could use the Ola for anal insertion. I would recommend placing a condom over the toy for anal use.

The Ola is a great couple’s sex toy. Basically, I handed the toy over to my partner to play around with, and quickly explained how it worked, and within seconds he had successfully managed to record his own vibration patterns. 

Cleaning the Ola is simple. Unlike some silicones the Ola doesn’t attract too much dust. When not in use you can store it in the pouch provided. The Ola is waterproof, so it can be washed easily; just pay a little extra attention to where the air vent is located, at the back of the touch pad.

When recharging Ola, the toy’s power button LED will pulsate. To indicate when it is fully recharged, both the power and memory buttons will pulsate slowly.

Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with the Minna Ola. It’s probably one of the best vibrators I own, as it’s not only unique, but it’s also fairly powerful when desired, and is well made. I really love how easy the Ola is to use – it makes it one of the most enjoyable toys I’ve ever tried.

You can purchase the Minna Ola from Lovehoney here.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tantus Compact

The Tantus Compact is the smallest dildo I have in my collection. The Compact is intended to be used as a warm-up dildo, and can be used for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. The toy is ideal for those new to sextoys, particularly if you intend to use the toy for anal insertion.  I was intrigued to find out how good the Compact would be at stimulating my G-spot. I also wondered how well the toy’s shape and size would work during anal insertion – thanks to the toy being made from platinum silicone, it is easy to sterilise between each use. Normally I would opt for girthier toys, but girth isn’t everything when it comes to satisfaction, and the Compact seems to prove this.

The Compact arrives in a clear box, which is the standard Tantus packaging. The box states that the toy is made from ultra-premium silicone, which can be sterilised, bleached, or even put through the dishwasher. The toy is resting in a plastic clamshell, which is easily removed from the outer box. The toy is a lot thinner than I had expected, with 3 inch girth in the main shaft, and a maximum of 3.5 inches girth round the bulbous tip. The dildo is of similar thickness to a couple of fingers, but approximately double the length. The shaft is curved quite a bit compared to some toys. The silicone is very flexible, and can be bent completely in half, without getting damaged. The tip of the toy has a bulbous tip which resembles the glans found on a penis. Below the tip you will find three ripple-like bumps. At the bottom of the toy there is a flared base, meaning that it is harness compatible. Between the flared base and the shaft there is a groove; this means that when the toy is held horizontally, the shaft will wiggle around a lot more than other harness compatible toys. Personally, I feel that this toy is too flexible to use with a harness effectively, as it will move and bend too freely during thrusting. Also, there aren’t many harnesses with O-rings small enough to accommodate this toy.

When using the toy for vaginal insertion I found that, due to the size of its shaft, no additional lubrication was needed and also very little foreplay.  The toy did stimulate my G-spot, but due to its flexibility and not being very weighty, it wasn’t very good at creating consistent enough pressure to produce a G-spot orgasm. If you have a very sensitive G-spot, and prefer thinner girth toys, the compact might work to cause you to orgasm, but for me it works best as a good warm-up toy. During use, I was able to feel the ripple-like textures lower down on the shaft. I really wasn’t expecting to be able to feel the textures on the shaft, due to its petite size, but the Compact pleasantly surprised me.

During anal stimulation, I again found that only a small amount of lubricant was needed, but the flexibility of the toy made it difficult to insert. When accidentally using too much lubrication, this toy can become a little frustrating to insert and control. The toy felt natural once it was finally inserted, but I experienced a little discomfort every now and again from the first main ripple-like bump. The raised bumps aren’t that prominent, but for some reason the first bump after the bulbous tip felt uncomfortable, possibly due to its position rather than shape and size. Although the toy is smaller than some toys, and reminds me of a butt plug, it doesn’t stay in by itself.

Cleaning the toy is easy as it’s made from 100% platinum silicone, which is dishwasher safe, can be sterilized, bleached, boiled, or just cleaned with your standard antibacterial wash. The Compact doesn’t work well with a condom over it; it’s just far too small. The silicone can attract dust, so you’ll want to store it in a suitable container – the box provided is a little large.

Overall, even though the Compact is a good size for beginner anal users, or even seasoned anal users wanting a warm-up toy, because of its flexibility I’m not sure how well it would work when used with a strap-on. Also the textures may be a little too prominent for some users. The curved shaft and the rounded tip do stimulate my G-spot, and it works well as a warm-up G-spot toy. The size, weight, and flexibility of the toy, mean that it’s just not capable of causing me to orgasm. However, the Compact is still a very good warm-up toy.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Minnie The Minx

I’ve had a hard time recently... Normally, that isn’t something I’d admit to. To make up for it, I’ve wanted to post some awesome pictures, but I haven’t had much luck. For now I hope this will do, even if it doesn't fit right. I decided to get a Minnie the Minx bra, beano release an annual every year, so I felt I should try the bra on.... Sadly, it doesn’t seem to fit... but I’ve been wondering why Minnie has had her legs crossed like that?

Sinful Sunday
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