Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tantus Flex

The Tantus Flex is a silicone double penetration anal and vaginal toy. It’s the first silicone double penetration toy I have come across, and I’m hoping it won’t be the last. In the past I have tried a few glass double penetration toys, and found that due to the lack of flexibility between the main shaft and anal penetrator, the experience can feel uncomfortable. I generally opt for two separate toys, which can be a bit of a nuisance, causing my wrists to tire quickly. The Flex avoids all these problems, and works pretty well in satisfying my body quickly and effortlessly.

The Flex arrives in the standard clear Tantus packaging. The box is fairly large, so you will probably want to find something else for storage. Inside the box you will find the Flex and a bullet vibrator, resting in a plastic clamshell. The main toy is made from ultra-premium platinum silicone; that means it’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odourless, tasteless and phthalate free. The silicone is relatively firm, with very little plushiness to it. It has a smooth finish to it and drags when rubbed against dry skin. The silicone feels a lot firmer than most Tantus toys I’ve tried in the past, but this is so the anal beads don’t flop around uncontrollably. The main shaft has some flexibility and can be bent around a little bit. The anal beads are slightly more flexible, probably due to them being smaller in girth. The anal beads can sit right up against the main shaft, or flex completely backwards, depending on how you wish to use the toy. The main shaft is 7 inches in length, with 5 inches of insertable shaft. It has a very subtly angled straight shaft, 4.25 inches of girth. This is tipped with a tapered bulbous head, which is 4.75 inches in circumference at its widest point. The anal penetrator consists of six beads on a 5 inch stem, five of which are insertable; each one is approximately 1 inch long, and 2.5 inches in circumference. The base is flared and rather heavy. The toy can fit into a 1.5 inch diameter O-ring if desired, but I feel its shape might be difficult to use with most harnesses.

The bullet is made from a glossy metallic plastic with a silicone push-button. The bullet looks very similar to the Rocks-Off RO-80, apart from having the Tantus logo engraved into its body.  It’s a single speed push-button controlled vibrator, and is waterproof. Its vibrations are fairly strong, and the pointed tip works effectively for clitoral stimulation. The main toy has a bullet chamber in its flared base, which has ribbing to help secure the bullet while in use – make sure you apply some lubrication to the chamber before inserting the bullet, as it grips incredibly tightly to it. The bullet doesn’t sit flush against the silicone base, leaving some of its battery cap sticking out; this may be a problem for those using the toy in a strap-on. 

When using the toy, I suggest lathering it with plenty of water based lubrication, as the toys firmness can make it feel a bit uncomfortable while thrusting. When inserting the toy, I found the main shaft was slender enough to slide into my vagina with very little foreplay. I found that it was best to insert this part first, then slide it outwards slightly, before adjusting the beads for comfortable and easy insertion. When inserting the beads, their girth wasn’t too challenging for me, but I did find that the firmness of the silicone felt a bit uncomfortable at first. After a few thrusts with the toy I was able to enjoy the stimulation from the double penetration. The main shaft glided easily in and out of my vagina, but didn’t stimulate my G-spot or A-spot. The anal beads sleekly stimulated my anal canal, sending waves of pleasure, which could be felt though my vaginal walls as my PC muscles clenched both shafts. Even though the vaginal shaft didn’t produce much additional stimulation, it did make me more aware of my PC muscles, and gave me a feeling of fullness. The combination of both shafts led me to orgasm a lot quicker than if I had been juggling two different toys, and I was able to enjoy letting the toy rest inside me, as my PC muscles spasmed and quivered with pleasure.

When using the toy with the vibrator, I found the consistency of the silicone dampened the vibrations more than I would’ve liked. I was still able to feel the vibrations travel through both the anal and vaginal portions, but they weren’t strong enough for me. I also found that the push button would sometimes be tricky for me to use because the base of the Flex is so wide; I would have to reposition my hand uncomfortably every time I wanted to turn it on/off. I personally preferred using the bullet vibrator externally, for clitoral stimulation. The vibrations aren’t as strong as I’d like, but when combined with the double penetration, they enhance the overall experience, leading to a stronger orgasm.

You can use the Flex without inserting the anal beads. The beads will easily flex out of the way and stimulate either your anus or vulva externally. However, the main shaft inserted by itself wasn’t enough for me to climax.

I have tried inserting both the main shaft and anal beads at the same time vaginally. For me this hasn’t worked, but I feel it could for some.

Cleaning the toy is easy, as the main shaft is made from silicone which can be bleached, boiled, sterilised, washed in your standard antibacterial soap, or even placed into the dishwasher. You will need to remove the bullet when cleaning the toy. I’ve experienced difficulties when doing this – even when it’s been well lubed – you may require pliers to remove it. The bullet is waterproof, but make sure you don’t boil it or put it through the dishwasher, as this could damage it.

I think I will be using the Flex often, as it’s such a convenient option compared to using separate toys for double penetration. The toy gives you a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, but I hope that there will be more versions with variation in girth and size in the future. The beads aren’t overly large, so they shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to those who are either new to anal stimulation, or just prefer smaller toys. I like the Tantus Flex, as it is made from body friendly materials – the Flex is currently the only double penetrator made from silicone, and I really hope it’s not the last. I also admire its appearance, as so many double penetrators look intimidating, especially if realistic sex toys aren’t your thing. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a double penetration toy, especially if you are new to double penetration.

Thank you to for sending me the Tantus Flex for my review. You can purchase it here.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lovehoney G-Whizz Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

The G-Whizz is a miniature silicone G-spot vibrator manufactured by Lovehoney. It’s the ideal size and shape for G-spot stimulation, as well as a convenient size if you’re looking for a sex toy that’s easy to travel with. The G-Whizz appears petite, elegant, and unintimidating, giving it the sense and aesthetics of a more luxury toy.

The toy arrives in a small box with a modern design style, clean and simple in appearance, with information clearly laid out on it. The packaging plainly states that the toy is a 10 function G-spot vibrator, which is also waterproof. Within the product information is the following sentence, “May the G-force be with you, time and time again.” This fun reference to modern pop culture made me smile, and perhaps gives some insight to the intended demographic for the Lovehoney product range. Inside the box you will find the toy positioned in a plastic tray, and a little pamphlet with a small amount of information on the G-spot and the product itself. This includes a few tips on how to find your G-spot, and how to open the battery compartment and turn the toy on/off. To turn the toy on simply press the button in the base, and you can then cycle through the functions; to turn it off, hold down the button for a few seconds.

The toy is approximately 5.25 inches in length with 4 inches of insertable shaft.  It’s not the most girthy of toys, but its size and shape should accommodate most people’s G-spot. The tip is slightly bulbous and curved. You are able to straighten the shaft if enough force is applied, but it will mostly keep its shape during use, only softly bouncing back and forth. The main shaft is made from a smooth silicone which causes some friction when rubbed against dry skin. There is a slight seam on the toy, but it isn’t really noticeable during use. Separating the shaft from the control unit is a metallic ring; this simple touch helps makes the toy look more like a luxury item. The control unit is made from a smooth plastic, with a silicone button at the base. The button has a small amount of texture to it. The G-Whizz takes one AA battery, and the battery compartment has a reassuringly noticeable waterproof seal.

When using the G-Whizz, I found that very little additional lubrication or foreplay was needed. The booklet suggests some foreplay before use, as this increases the chance of finding your G-spot. The toy was the right length to find my G-spot. I have a fairly deep G-spot, and often find some smaller G-spot vibes to be a little on the short side. The curved tip was well shaped to probe my G-spot, but I found the flexibility of the head was a little too much to be able to apply the firmness I desired. The vibrations are a bit buzzy and aren’t overly strong, although a good G-spot toy will make me orgasm purely with its shape, rather than the stimulation from vibrations. I found that when I became more aroused, the handle of the toy became a little too slippery, making it harder to control the vibrator. I did eventually reach a nice G-spot orgasm, but it wasn’t as strong as I would’ve liked. When I aim for a G-spot orgasm I need very firm pressure to produce a strong orgasm, and the G-Whizz was just a little too flexible and tricky to handle for me to be able to achieve this.

You can use the G-Whizz for clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. The curved tip fits snugly between the labia, without getting in the way too much.

Cleaning the G-Whizz is simple, as it is waterproof. Simply wash with your standard antibacterial cleaner and water. Dirt can become trapped around the waterproof seal, so you may need to unscrew the battery cap and clean around this area with a slightly damp cloth.

Overall, the G-Whizz is a reasonably good G-spot vibrator. The curved shape and size are just right for my body, but I feel that the toy needs to be a touch more rigid, and the base easier to grip. This would allow me to apply the firmer pressure I need when I desire one of those earth shattering G-spot orgasms. If you have a more sensitive G-spot, then you may not experience the same problems I did with its flexibility.

Thank you to Lovehoney for providing me with this toy for my review. You can purchase it here.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pleasurists Edition 172

Courtesy of Karen Blue*

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Sinful Sunday: Caution! My feet bite.

There’s something powering about wearing a pair of shoes with eyes and teeth. These heels defiantly have a bite to them. 

I was attracted to these shoes due to my desire for mystical creatures such as vampires and werewolf’s. They particularly remind me of Alucard from the anime Hellsing. Alucard is a powerful Vampire who is under the control of a woman known as Sir Integra.  It’s uncanny how similar Sir Integra and I are, in both appearance and personality – she’s the simplest character for me to cosplay.

I would love to dominate a creature of the night with my firm tone and stern glare. 

For now I’ll share a few pictures of me wearing these shoes. I own the matching bikini too, and when I’m feeling better, I’ll try and post pictures. 

Sinful Sunday

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Asylum Straight Jacket

I fervently awaited the Asylum Straight Jacket, in an S/M size, to review for Uber Kinky. I’m not normally a submissive, and when it comes to restraints I often pull off a Houdini, due mostly to my wrists being too slender to be clasped in cuffs. So, I was hopeful that the Straight Jacket would act as an effective restraint. Also, I have always wanted to try on a straightjacket, and I’m slightly surprised this is my first opportunity.

The Straight Jacket arrives in a sterile-white box with a carry handle. There are various images of a female patient who has been restrained and confined in a padded room. There is very little information on how to apply the Jacket to a patient, so when first using it you might find it best to keep the box handy and refer to the images on it. The images are rather hard to make out the details on, as they seem a little overexposed, which doesn’t help when trying to distinguish between the white straps and white canvas material.

The Straight Jacket is in an S/M size, with the following measurements: 18 inches across when measured from shoulder to shoulder, 31 inches in the arm with 14 inches circumference, and the garments length is 22.5 inches from neck to bottom. The Jacket is made from white cotton with nylon straps and metal D-rings. It looks very medical and sterile in appearance. The stitching seems very strong, and doesn’t pull apart when tugged. There are a few loose threads that may need removing.

To put the Jacket on, first sedate and restrain the patient; the aid of at least two orderlies is advised thread your arms into the closed-end sleeves, making sure that the back of the garment has the straps and D-rings – basically like putting on a cardigan backwards. Get someone to tighten the three back straps as tight as possible without causing too much discomfort. Thread your arms through the strap at the front, crossing them together, and get someone to link the corresponding strap through the D-ring. Thread the bottom strap through the legs and tighten through the concealed D-ring. You should now have a successfully restrained patient. Ensure the patient is kept under careful observation, and continue to administer sedation as necessary.

When wearing the Jacket I found it a little loose on me, even though when first trying it on I was wearing a baggy jumper underneath. I’m a UK 8, and I would’ve liked it to feel a bit more restrictive. My partner also tried the Jacket on, who is a UK M/L male, and found it to fit; he did say that to feel more comfortable he would’ve preferred the next size up, especially as the neck is rather small in the S/M. Even though the garment felt a bit too baggy on me, the sleeves were almost too short for my arms, but I have rather lanky arms for a woman. I found the strap running between my legs would rub uncomfortably and get in the way of intercourse. The strap running between my legs came loose after moving around a bit, probably due to the garment being a bit baggy on me. I was able to move about while wearing the Jacket, but some movements were made difficult, such as standing up and sitting down. I was able to pull my arms away from my body slightly, but wasn’t able to wiggle them free completely. Personally I would’ve liked to be able to tighten the Jacket more, as this would’ve worked better at restraining me, but it was still a lot better than most restraints I’ve used in the past, almost making me feel completely incapacitated. I feel the Jacket would benefit from some form of locking method or proper buckles to prevent the straps from coming undone.

The Jacket is perfect for use during medical role play scenarios, if desired. It has a fairly authentic look to it, but without being as intimidating as a traditional canvas and leather strapped straightjacket. To aid in your role play you could always write up a patient’s admission form.

Cleaning the Jacket is simple; place it into the washing machine while washing your whites. The cotton marks easily, but depending on the stain should wash out. I’d recommend you tighten up the straps while washing, to help prevent them from getting caught.

Overall, I like the Asylum Straight Jacket, and it is a good restraint system. I haven’t managed to completely break free from it yet, and I do find it restrictive while worn. However, I would like to be able to tighten it more, but I understand I am smaller than some people. It’s great to be able to adjust the fit so much for different people, but even with this versatility I would still have benefitted from a smaller size; sadly this is the smallest available though. Not only was the garment a good restraint, it was also very fun to try out with my partner, and we had fun coming up with scenarios together.

Thank you to Uber Kinky for providing me with the Asylum Straight Jacket for my review. You can puchase it in either S/M or M/L here.

The grey italics are my partners notes.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Tantric Aura Massager

This month I received the Tantric Aura Massager to review from Cal Exotics. The Tantric Aura Massager is a textured silicone vibrator with a seductively enticing appearance. The toys rigid shaft and bulbous head are ideal for those searching for a firm G-spot stimulator, but don’t need a toy with an overly curved body. Also, the grooved bulbous head is ideal for external stimulation.

The toy arrives in a clear plastic box with a swirly pattern printed onto it. On the back there is an instructional diagram of the toy, pinpointing its key features. This toy is not waterproof; there is a warning hidden away on the bottom of the box. The box makes note of the toy’s artistic design, such as the textured handle. Personally I’m not keen on the textured handle, as dirt can become trapped in the cut-out hearts, and also the textures can dig in to your flesh when holding the toy. I guess it’s pretty; if the textures were softer, and dirt couldn’t get trapped so easily, then it would be a really lovely finishing touch. 

The toy has a firm silicone shaft with striking textured swirls running down it. The textures are a lot rougher than I was expecting from a silicone toy, but during use, don’t cause any unpleasant aggravation. The silicone seems a lot higher quality than on any Cal Exotic toy I have received in the past. It feels luxurious, causing minimal drag when rubbed against dry skin. The toy is 7.75 inches in length, with around 4.25 inches of insertable shaft. It has a maximum girth of 3.75 inches. The head of the toy is bulbous with a grooved tip, perfect for massaging the clitoris or nipples. The handle is made from a matte ABS plastic overlay, with a vintage style cut-out pattern. At the bottom of the handle you will find a gem shaped button. 

The toy offers 10 vibrating functions of various pulsations and escalations. To turn the toy off, simply hold down the button for a few seconds. The vibrations are of reasonable strength, and can be felt mostly at the tip. They are rather buzzy and relatively noisy. The toy takes two AAA batteries, which are easily placed into the twist cap base.

Inserting the vibrator was easy due to the sleekness of the silicone; however I found that, without additional lubrication, occasionally the swirl-like textures would feel a little harsh. I was able to place the tip of the vibrator onto my G-spot, producing a firm yet pleasurable sensation. The grooved tip worked well massaging my G-spot, especially when using the toy in a prodding or rocking motion.  While the tip of the toy was stimulating my G-spot, I was surprised to find that I could also feel the raised textured swirls rubbing against my vaginal walls. This toy was able to satisfy me enough even without the added vibrations, meaning that most of the time I simply used it without them. When using the vibrations, I found them fairly strong. They could be felt throughout the shaft; however I did become frustrated with how easy it is to knock the button, and therefore change the desired setting. I also found the handle caused my hand some discomfort. The toy worked wonderfully as a G-spot toy, due to it being able to keep its shape when being used in the desired motion, speed, and strength needed for my G-spot. When using the grooved tip externally I was able to sufficiently stimulate my clitoris to lead to a gentle orgasm. The vibrations aren’t as strong as some, but the added stimulation of the groove made the rubbing sensations feel more natural compared to some toys’ shapes. The tip also works well for massaging other areas on the body, such as the nipples.

Cleaning the toy is a lot trickier than most. The toy isn’t waterproof, but that is not the only thing you’ll have to take into consideration. The raised textures on the silicone shaft can easily trap dirt, and are best cleaned with a soft brush and damp cloth. Also, dirt can become trapped within the textures found on the handle. Antibacterial wipes probably would work best with this toy.

Overall, I really like the Tantric Aura Massager. The handle and button are problematic, but the actual shaft of the toy is perfect for me. I’m actually very impressed by this toy, and hopefully, they’ll make a newer version in the future, with better controls and handle. I feel that if you are looking for a silicone toy with a rigid shaft, that is ideal for firm G-spot stimulation, then it is well worth considering. But, just remember, it will need a little extra attention when it comes to cleaning the product.
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