Friday 23 March 2012

Tantric Aura Massager

This month I received the Tantric Aura Massager to review from Cal Exotics. The Tantric Aura Massager is a textured silicone vibrator with a seductively enticing appearance. The toys rigid shaft and bulbous head are ideal for those searching for a firm G-spot stimulator, but don’t need a toy with an overly curved body. Also, the grooved bulbous head is ideal for external stimulation.

The toy arrives in a clear plastic box with a swirly pattern printed onto it. On the back there is an instructional diagram of the toy, pinpointing its key features. This toy is not waterproof; there is a warning hidden away on the bottom of the box. The box makes note of the toy’s artistic design, such as the textured handle. Personally I’m not keen on the textured handle, as dirt can become trapped in the cut-out hearts, and also the textures can dig in to your flesh when holding the toy. I guess it’s pretty; if the textures were softer, and dirt couldn’t get trapped so easily, then it would be a really lovely finishing touch. 

The toy has a firm silicone shaft with striking textured swirls running down it. The textures are a lot rougher than I was expecting from a silicone toy, but during use, don’t cause any unpleasant aggravation. The silicone seems a lot higher quality than on any Cal Exotic toy I have received in the past. It feels luxurious, causing minimal drag when rubbed against dry skin. The toy is 7.75 inches in length, with around 4.25 inches of insertable shaft. It has a maximum girth of 3.75 inches. The head of the toy is bulbous with a grooved tip, perfect for massaging the clitoris or nipples. The handle is made from a matte ABS plastic overlay, with a vintage style cut-out pattern. At the bottom of the handle you will find a gem shaped button. 

The toy offers 10 vibrating functions of various pulsations and escalations. To turn the toy off, simply hold down the button for a few seconds. The vibrations are of reasonable strength, and can be felt mostly at the tip. They are rather buzzy and relatively noisy. The toy takes two AAA batteries, which are easily placed into the twist cap base.

Inserting the vibrator was easy due to the sleekness of the silicone; however I found that, without additional lubrication, occasionally the swirl-like textures would feel a little harsh. I was able to place the tip of the vibrator onto my G-spot, producing a firm yet pleasurable sensation. The grooved tip worked well massaging my G-spot, especially when using the toy in a prodding or rocking motion.  While the tip of the toy was stimulating my G-spot, I was surprised to find that I could also feel the raised textured swirls rubbing against my vaginal walls. This toy was able to satisfy me enough even without the added vibrations, meaning that most of the time I simply used it without them. When using the vibrations, I found them fairly strong. They could be felt throughout the shaft; however I did become frustrated with how easy it is to knock the button, and therefore change the desired setting. I also found the handle caused my hand some discomfort. The toy worked wonderfully as a G-spot toy, due to it being able to keep its shape when being used in the desired motion, speed, and strength needed for my G-spot. When using the grooved tip externally I was able to sufficiently stimulate my clitoris to lead to a gentle orgasm. The vibrations aren’t as strong as some, but the added stimulation of the groove made the rubbing sensations feel more natural compared to some toys’ shapes. The tip also works well for massaging other areas on the body, such as the nipples.

Cleaning the toy is a lot trickier than most. The toy isn’t waterproof, but that is not the only thing you’ll have to take into consideration. The raised textures on the silicone shaft can easily trap dirt, and are best cleaned with a soft brush and damp cloth. Also, dirt can become trapped within the textures found on the handle. Antibacterial wipes probably would work best with this toy.

Overall, I really like the Tantric Aura Massager. The handle and button are problematic, but the actual shaft of the toy is perfect for me. I’m actually very impressed by this toy, and hopefully, they’ll make a newer version in the future, with better controls and handle. I feel that if you are looking for a silicone toy with a rigid shaft, that is ideal for firm G-spot stimulation, then it is well worth considering. But, just remember, it will need a little extra attention when it comes to cleaning the product.

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