Saturday 24 March 2012

Asylum Straight Jacket

I fervently awaited the Asylum Straight Jacket, in an S/M size, to review for Uber Kinky. I’m not normally a submissive, and when it comes to restraints I often pull off a Houdini, due mostly to my wrists being too slender to be clasped in cuffs. So, I was hopeful that the Straight Jacket would act as an effective restraint. Also, I have always wanted to try on a straightjacket, and I’m slightly surprised this is my first opportunity.

The Straight Jacket arrives in a sterile-white box with a carry handle. There are various images of a female patient who has been restrained and confined in a padded room. There is very little information on how to apply the Jacket to a patient, so when first using it you might find it best to keep the box handy and refer to the images on it. The images are rather hard to make out the details on, as they seem a little overexposed, which doesn’t help when trying to distinguish between the white straps and white canvas material.

The Straight Jacket is in an S/M size, with the following measurements: 18 inches across when measured from shoulder to shoulder, 31 inches in the arm with 14 inches circumference, and the garments length is 22.5 inches from neck to bottom. The Jacket is made from white cotton with nylon straps and metal D-rings. It looks very medical and sterile in appearance. The stitching seems very strong, and doesn’t pull apart when tugged. There are a few loose threads that may need removing.

To put the Jacket on, first sedate and restrain the patient; the aid of at least two orderlies is advised thread your arms into the closed-end sleeves, making sure that the back of the garment has the straps and D-rings – basically like putting on a cardigan backwards. Get someone to tighten the three back straps as tight as possible without causing too much discomfort. Thread your arms through the strap at the front, crossing them together, and get someone to link the corresponding strap through the D-ring. Thread the bottom strap through the legs and tighten through the concealed D-ring. You should now have a successfully restrained patient. Ensure the patient is kept under careful observation, and continue to administer sedation as necessary.

When wearing the Jacket I found it a little loose on me, even though when first trying it on I was wearing a baggy jumper underneath. I’m a UK 8, and I would’ve liked it to feel a bit more restrictive. My partner also tried the Jacket on, who is a UK M/L male, and found it to fit; he did say that to feel more comfortable he would’ve preferred the next size up, especially as the neck is rather small in the S/M. Even though the garment felt a bit too baggy on me, the sleeves were almost too short for my arms, but I have rather lanky arms for a woman. I found the strap running between my legs would rub uncomfortably and get in the way of intercourse. The strap running between my legs came loose after moving around a bit, probably due to the garment being a bit baggy on me. I was able to move about while wearing the Jacket, but some movements were made difficult, such as standing up and sitting down. I was able to pull my arms away from my body slightly, but wasn’t able to wiggle them free completely. Personally I would’ve liked to be able to tighten the Jacket more, as this would’ve worked better at restraining me, but it was still a lot better than most restraints I’ve used in the past, almost making me feel completely incapacitated. I feel the Jacket would benefit from some form of locking method or proper buckles to prevent the straps from coming undone.

The Jacket is perfect for use during medical role play scenarios, if desired. It has a fairly authentic look to it, but without being as intimidating as a traditional canvas and leather strapped straightjacket. To aid in your role play you could always write up a patient’s admission form.

Cleaning the Jacket is simple; place it into the washing machine while washing your whites. The cotton marks easily, but depending on the stain should wash out. I’d recommend you tighten up the straps while washing, to help prevent them from getting caught.

Overall, I like the Asylum Straight Jacket, and it is a good restraint system. I haven’t managed to completely break free from it yet, and I do find it restrictive while worn. However, I would like to be able to tighten it more, but I understand I am smaller than some people. It’s great to be able to adjust the fit so much for different people, but even with this versatility I would still have benefitted from a smaller size; sadly this is the smallest available though. Not only was the garment a good restraint, it was also very fun to try out with my partner, and we had fun coming up with scenarios together.

Thank you to Uber Kinky for providing me with the Asylum Straight Jacket for my review. You can puchase it in either S/M or M/L here.

The grey italics are my partners notes.

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