Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Toy with me Tuesday: Feminine Shades

I must admit, I'm feeling a tad guilty about my lack of blogging over the past month or so. I'm starting to regain my confidence once again, and whilst I have loads of fab ideas, I'm still having difficulty putting them out there. Looking back at past blog posts has been a big help, and I've stumbled on some pretty amazing stuff which I had forgotten about.

This photo in particular is one which I quickly forgot due to being very busy in the summer. I'm not normally one for pink, but rather liked the femininity in this photo. It's silly, back then I was so busy, yet putting together a photo like that would only take seconds. Now when I attempt something just as creative, it takes days to complete. I know I'm probably putting a little too much pressure on myself, and everyone gets blips from time to time. But it'd be nice to get that artist side back once again.

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Monday, 26 November 2012

Toy with me Tuesday #24

It's the final week of November before we all embark upon the festivities of December. The 1st of December is AIDs awareness day. With celebrations during these forthcoming months being the focus we tend to  forget about protections. Help bring awareness to safe sex this week, by focus on a festive yet sex positive photo for this weeks Toy with me Tuesday.

 I’ve always liked to take creative pictures of sex toys, but sometimes there isn’t a place to share them. There are only so many pictures one can use within each individual review. So I’ve decided to come up with Toy with me Tuesday where we can share more awesome sex toy pictures. Also, the great thing about Toy with me Tuesday is that it’s not just open to reviewers, anyone is free to take part as long as they follow the guidelines. 

Toy with me Tuesday is about getting creative with your artistic side and taking pictures of your sex toy collection. It’s a bit of weekly fun, but make sure you read up on the guidelines before entering. Once you have posted your Toy with me Tuesday blog entry, link to it below using the link tool. Do not link to your home page or a review, it has to specifically link to your Toy with me Tuesday post.

If you have any problems feel free to contact me via email: the_nymphomaniac_ness@hotmail.co.uk 

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Please make sure to check out other people’s posts and comment – you never know, you might find some inspiration for your next entry.

Toy with me Tuesday

Friday, 23 November 2012

Mona 2

The Mona 2 is a luxury rechargeable vibrator, designed and manufactured by Lelo. Its silicone shaft and rigid body are intended to generate a strong G-spot orgasm as it comfortably slides into the natural contours of your body. The Mona 2 is a step-up from the original Mona vibrator by Lelo. The Mona 2 has four main differences. The first two are the changes in size; the toy’s girth has been marginally reduced and its shaft extended. The final, and perhaps more vital, changes are an upgrade in power, and the ability to be used in aquatic environments. The Mona 2 is a great product for those seeking a strong rechargeable sex toy made from hypoallergenic materials. 

The Mona 2 arrives in a thin glossy outer cardboard sleeve with an image of the product which, once removed, leaves you with a heavy duty matte black box, with Lelo emblazoned into its lid. The main box’s appearance is on par with a luxury jewellery gift box. Inside, the Mona 2 is found resting within a velvet-lined foam cut-out. To the side is a cardboard flap, under which you will find the toy’s charger, a lubricant sample, authenticity card, satin drawstring bag, and a warranty and product manual. The packaging means this would make a lovely gift, and it houses everything you need to get started.

The Mona 2 features a rigid curved shaft with a bulbous prolate spheroid head, providing a nicely tapered tip. The front of the product’s head rises to a crest, aiding G-spot stimulation. The main shaft is coated in velvet smooth silicone which causes minor drag when rubbed against dry skin. The product is 8 inches in length, with a maximum of 4.5 inches in girth. The product has 5.25 inches of insertable shaft. The lower body of the product is ergonomically designed for maximum grip; made from glossy ABS plastic, it houses four silicone control buttons and the charging port. The charging port is covered by a silicone flap, which flips out of the way when charging. The device takes up to four hours to charge, and will need charging prior to its first use. 

The Mona 2 has a total of six vibration modes, ranging from continuous and pulsation, to various escalation modes; these are selected via the two arrow buttons. You are able to adjust the intensity of each mode using the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons. The product should arrive travel locked. To remove the lock, press and hold the minus and plus buttons together for a few seconds, and repeat the process to reengage the lock. The product emits rumbly vibrations, starting out with light rumbles, leading to very intense vibrations on the highest setting. The toy is exceptionally quiet even on its maximum setting. The battery lasts for up to several hours; there is no warning prior to it cutting out.

When using the Mona 2 I started by using the tapered tip to tease my labia and clitoris. The Mona 2 works well at offering pinpoint stimulation to the clitoris, and its intense rumbly power induces clitoral orgasm rapidly. When used as a direct clitoral stimulator, the length of the product and easy to grip handle made foreplay effortless. The Mona 2 also works well for less direct clitoral stimulation. I was able to rest the Mona 2’s arched and raised tip onto my vulva, the raised crest of the shaft lying over my clitoris and huddling between my labia. The curving lower part of the shaft arched over my pubic mound naturally, as if the product was designed to fit against my body comfortably and flawlessly. The rumbly vibrations emitted less direct stimulation, but were still enough to induce climax. However, I found the tip of the toy would obstruct my vaginal orifice slightly when used like this, as well as the position offering limited access to the function controls. However I feel that this product could work well when slotted between two bodies during coitus. 

When using the Mona 2 for vaginal insertion, my body required some additional foreplay and lubrication to help insert the bulbous tip of the shaft. I used the Mona 2 to stimulate around my vaginal orifice and labia prior to insertion. I experienced some difficulty inserting the whole of the useable shaft at first, due to the rigid bend in the product. Once my body had adapted to the toy and was more aroused, the crest of the prolate spheroid head slid onto my G-spot and was gentle enough to stroke across my G-spot whilst thrusting with the product. The rumbly vibrations were perfect for reaching a strong G-spot climax. The toy’s shape, once inserted, meant that although I preferred using motions during masturbation, I was able to just leave the Mona 2 inserted and stationary; it stayed in position with the crest lodged flush against my G-spot. I was able to leave the product inserted and let the vibrations do all the work for me, without fear of the shaft slipping away inconveniently. When inserting the Mona 2 deeper vaginally, I found the toy’s arching shape and tapered tip caused discomfort to my A-spot and cervix. 

As the Mona 2 is waterproof it can be cleaned easily. Simply wash it under warm water with your standard antibacterial wash. Between the silicone shaft and ABS plastic handle there is a small gap which may trap dirt. The silicone buttons have a slightly sticky texture to them, and so may require some additional attention when cleaning. Before storing the Mona 2, make sure you allow the product to air dry, and ensure it is dry before charging.

The Mona 2 is a very powerful vibrator, offering deep rumbly vibrations which stimulate my G-spot perfectly. The Mona 2 is one of those toys I like for both internal and external stimulation, inducing an explosive orgasm either way. Surprisingly, it fits my body’s contours perfectly when used externally or internally too, which is rare when a product is designed for one specific area of stimulation. The Mona 2 is a great option for those searching for a strong vibrator for either clitoral or vaginal use, although some may have difficultly inserting its bulbous and curvaceous shaft. 

Thank you to Lelo for sending me the Mona 2 for my review. You can find out more about this product here

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Aneros Evi

The Aneros Evi is an anatomically correct kegel exerciser made from a rigid body and silicone coating. The Evi lays claim to not only being a toy which ‘fit’s all women’s vaginas, but its workout regime can potentially lead to a satisfying G-spot climax. The device is designed to produce hands-free pleasure as you clench your pelvic floor muscles. Unlike a vibrator or dildo, the Evi takes much longer to ensure astounding amounts of satisfaction is achieved in a more natural way. The Evi not only works your pelvic floor muscles in a congenial manner, it can also make you more aware of your bodies levels of arousal, allowing your hands, bodily motions, and fantasies to slowly excite these inherent senses. One can learn a lot about themselves with the EVI.

The Evi arrives in red lace bag, covering a solid white and red box and a removable cardboard sleeve, with product images and information printed onto it. The box opens at the front by a magnetic latch; the box is solidly built and has the brand name printed on it in silver twice. Inside the packing you will find an instructional pamphlet detailing how to use and clean the Evi, and an educational diagram showing how to position the product during insertion. The Evi’s packing including the lace storage bag are unsuspicious, yet very large compared to the product size. The item is resting in a plastic tray, which is removable. 

The Evi is a rigid product coated in a velvety smooth coating of silicone. It lacks any form of flexibility. The Evi’s shape is unique; to the uneducated eye it appears similar to a butt plug, with its base flaring outwards after its inch stem. Its shape also oddly reminds me of a chicken’s wing or wish bone - could this be an evolutionary step up from the good ol’ kegel egg? The head of the toy is a bulbous egg shape measuring 2.5 inches in length with 4.52 inches in circumference. The egg is sitting on top of an inch stem with 1.5 inches of girth. The egg tilts backwards at approximately at a 60 degree angle from the straight vertical stem shaft. Jutting out from the stem is an arching leg, aimed to function as an anchor as well as a clitoral stimulator; this juts out 2 inches from the stem and is a total of 2.75 inches. It should stimulate anyone’s clitoris which is located up to 2 inches away from the vaginal orifice. There is a very mild manufacturing seam found running around the silicone, it’s hardly noticeable when stroked. The silicone causes very little drag when rubbed against dry skin. At the base of the Evi, you will find the brand name moulded in raised silicone letters on one side, and their website address on the opposite.

The Evi is controlled by natural thrusting and clenching motions which you’d naturally use during coitus. The instructions provided suggest the following:

Thrust your torso upwards whilst lying on your back.

Twist your hips side-to-side whilst grounding your body during a sitting or lying position. 

When using the Evi only a small amount of additional lubrication and foreplay was needed during insertion. Due to its ovoid shape, and contoured angling, the main body of the product slipped into my vagina comfortably. As it positioned itself, the Evi made noticeable contact on my G-spot and softly stroked it. When using the Evi as a kegel device I slowly started to clench my pelvic floor muscles. The product noticeably moved up and down inside of my vagina, as my pelvic floor muscles clenched and proceeded to release, I found the products weight reassuring. The external clitoral stimulator anchored the product, and helped rock the inserted bulb with rhythmic melody, along my body’s natural pulse. The external clitoral arm sadly wasn’t the correct texture to offer any noticeable stimulation to my clitoris and only just managed to reach it. The external extension snuggled between my labia, contributing gentle stimulation to each lip. I found that when purely applying standard pelvic floor clenching and releasing, that the toy didn’t really lead to an orgasmic climax – G-spot or clitoral. However, the toy did noticeably work-out my pelvic floor muscles and was able to stay inserted better than many other Kegel devices I had previously tested. 

I decided to try and apply thrusting motions along with rhythmic Kegel clenching. Firstly I tried lying down and raising my hips as I thrusted, next I tried the torso twists the booklet instructed. I still wasn’t able to reach climax. I then tried sitting and rocking the base against a chair seat, this motion rocked the bulb more than my previous efforts but still didn’t lead to climax. During the seated position the clitoral stimulator jabbed into my vulva uncomfortably. Frustrated by other reviews claiming this device induced earth shattering orgasms, I kept trying variations of thrusts twists, and pelvic floor clenches. Attempting even activities such as yoga, and more extreme, hula hooping. I still didn’t reach climax.

I took my time with the device. Rather than stressing over the lack of orgasm during use, I started to focus on the toys ability to make my general awareness of my body’s arousal more evident. I was able to notice areas of my body become more sensitive, even some which I had very little awareness of prior to using the device. I was able to enjoy the fundamentals of foreplay. Leading to one of the most pleasurable warm-ups prior to full masturbation/coitus, I had experienced in a long time. Because of this, I’d recommend the Evi to anyone who wants to learn more about their own body.

When using the Evi like a dildo, I used the clitoral arm as a handle, to thrust and rock the device. I found when inserting the product with the clitoral arm above my clitoris, the internal bulb mildly stimulated my G-spot. When using the Evi in reverse, with the clitoral arm pointing towards my back, the tip of the egg applied firm pressure during G-spot play. Sadly controlling the Evi as a dildo was troublesome due to the lack of an external handle.

The natural contours of the Evi also make the toy an excellent butt plug. The egg tilts back into the rectum comfortably. Due to the type of silicone only a slight amount of drag occurred during insertion, meaning it needed less lubrication than some products. The bulb popped past my sphincter at ease, and the narrow stem travelled up into my body, whilst the egg nested above my pelvic floor muscles. The clitoral arm acted as an effective base, but also anchors the toy. I was able to move the product with my pelvic floor muscles, rocking it back and forth, for gratifyingly hands-free stimulation. Due to the length of the clitoral arm, I was unable to use additional toys vaginally as it obstructed my orifice. However, I believe the clitoral arm would work effectively at stimulating the male perineum, and possibly the male prostate too. I also feel that it could be used safely as a way for men to work out their pelvic floor muscles and become more aware of them too. I found the product slightly difficult to remove once inserted anally.

The Evi can be cleaned with your standard antibacterial wash and water, boiled, a 10% bleach solution, sterilised, and even placed into the dishwasher. You may need to provide some additional attention to cleaning the raised text on the clitoral arm, as dirt can reside around here.

Overall, the Evi and I didn’t have the most fruitful of starts. Yet after taking a step back to reassess the device, I now believe it could be an excellent product for those wishing to learn more about their body. Not only is it one of the easiest Kegel devices I’ve used, due to its ergonomic shape fitting the body correctly, meaning it’ll stay inserted without quibble (a lot easier than many Kegel dumbbells). The Evi helps you become more aware of your body’s natural levels of arousal, potentially leading to an intense orgasm, and a happier sex life. 

Thank you to Lovehoney for providing me with this kegel device for my review. You can purchase the Evi here


Monday, 19 November 2012

Toy with me Tuesday #23

With Movember focusing on men's health, and 19 th of November being International Men's Day, it's also important to focus on another day highlighting women. The 25 th is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, a day to show your support to those who may have suffered from violence, as well as willing to help many involved in prevention. The main focus for this event is to try and help put a stop to any negative and violent action towards women. Toy with me Tuesday is to help make people feel more comfortable and safe about sex toys and incorporates the following rule: "Links with photos that are overtly aggressive and threatening in nature will be removed from the list." 

When submitting your entry for this week, try and focus on what makes you feel safe, secure, and confident about sex toys. Pointing towards sensuality and sexuality.

 I’ve always liked to take creative pictures of sex toys, but sometimes there isn’t a place to share them. There are only so many pictures one can use within each individual review. So I’ve decided to come up with Toy with me Tuesday where we can share more awesome sex toy pictures. Also, the great thing about Toy with me Tuesday is that it’s not just open to reviewers, anyone is free to take part as long as they follow the guidelines. 

Toy with me Tuesday is about getting creative with your artistic side and taking pictures of your sex toy collection. It’s a bit of weekly fun, but make sure you read up on the guidelines before entering. Once you have posted your Toy with me Tuesday blog entry, link to it below using the link tool. Do not link to your home page or a review, it has to specifically link to your Toy with me Tuesday post.

If you have any problems feel free to contact me via email: the_nymphomaniac_ness@hotmail.co.uk 

If you are on twitter it’ll be great if you tweet your entry and use hashtag #ToyWithMeTuesday
Please make sure to check out other people’s posts and comment – you never know, you might find some inspiration for your next entry.

Toy with me Tuesday

We-Vibe Touch

The We-Vibe Touch is a rechargeable vibrator in a soft contoured silicone shell. The toy has an ergonomic grip with a tapered pin-point tear drop tip and a slight bend in its body for effortless clitoral stimulation. The Touch is one of three clitoral vibrators from We-Vibe and out of all them it is the easiest to handle whilst the motor is running at maximum, due to its larger graspable surface area. Not only is the We-Vibe Touch a strong rechargeable vibrator, it is also waterproof.

The Touch arrives in a white cardboard box with raised textured glossy swirls. The box is more compact than a lot of sex toy packaging. The lid of the box lifts up revealing the Touch resting amongst plastic packaging, a charger within another box, a satin drawstring bag, and an instruction manual. The toy arrives with a charger specific to the country it is purchased in, although you can by an additional charger separately. Due to the nature of the silicone I’d recommend storing the toy within the satin bag when not in use.

The Touch is a contoured vibrator in a soft silicone shell. The silicone has some plushiness and can be flexed around its pointed tip. It also causes a lot of drag when rubbed against dry skin, unlike some silicone products water base lubrication flows smoothly over its surface, rather than drying out rapidly. The product is 4 inches in length and has a maximum circumference of 4.75 inches towards its base. The toy’s rounded base fits perfectly in the palm of a hand. Its hourglass shape gradually tapers to a point. Before the point, the underside of the product has a dip which is the perfect size to house the clitoris, for less intense and pin-point stimulation. On the top of the vibrator you will find the We-Vibe brand name and logo raised off the surface, adding additional security when holding the toy. At the base of the toy you will find a plastic circle with a single push button control and two magnetic charging connectors. The product will need charging once it arrives. The charger arrives in two parts, and magnetic connector and a corded plug.

The device has 8 vibration modes controlled via a single push button. To use the toy simply press and hold the button for a few seconds and it’ll buzz into life. Click the button to scan through the various escalating, pulsating and continuous speeds. The toy’s vibrations are all very powerful for its size and the motor produces rumbly vibrations. I was surprised by how well the vibrations traveled through the silicone as softer materials often tend to noticeably dampen the strength of vibrations. The product is relatively quiet. To turn the toy off press and hold the push button for a few seconds – it will remember the previous mode in use when you return to it at a later date.

When using the Touch I required additional lubrication due to the friction from the silicone. Once applied, its tip was easy to glide between my labia. The tip softly pushed my clitoral hood out of the way, and tenderly caressed my clitoral nub. Although there is a rounded dip it’s the perfect size for the clitoris to rest. I prefer using the pointed tip for more direct and intense stimulation. The plushy silicone was gentle enough for me to enjoy direct stimulation without interference from harsh manufacturing seams, even after my sensitivity was increased post orgasm. The rumbly vibrations traveled towards the toys tip well, and throbbed deeply throughout my clitoris, rumbling the entirety of my vulva. The Touch produced a strong orgasm quickly.

During foreplay the shape makes it perfect for shallow vaginal insertion; stimulating the lower and more sensitive part of my vaginal canal. Occasionally the vibrations could be felt stimulating my G-spot. The soft silicone dip also worked well to stimulate my nipples too. The Touch is great for use during the bath as the silicone doesn’t dry out as easily when used under water, flowing smoothly and gently over my intimate parts.

Cleaning the Touch is simple as it’s constructed from silicone and is waterproof. However, you may need to pay some additional attention to the raised brand name and near where the plastic control unit meets the silicone main body at the base. Lint sticks to the product’s surface, so it’s best to store it in the bag provided. It doesn’t have a travel lock, but placing the magnetic attachment over the controls works as an effective locking method.

Overall, I like the We-Vibe Touch a lot. The contoured body, its plushy pinpoint silicone tip and its strong vibrations produce an excellent and strong orgasm rapidly each time. For such a small little toy it’s exceptionally powerful, and due to the materials it’s made from, it’s one of the only powerful toys I am able to enjoy multiple orgasms with. I’d recommend the Touch to anyone who’s looking for a small powerful vibrator that is still easy to grip.

Thank you to Bondara for sending me this clitoral vibrator for my review. You can find out more about the We-Vibe Touch here.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Crowned Jewels Sterling Silver Vibrator

The Crowned Jewels Sterling Silver Vibrator is a bullet vibrator made from a solid 925 silver chamber. The vibrator is hallmarked in accordance with the UK hallmarking regulation. This was the first time I had ever used a silver sex toy and I was curious to see how the metal reacted with my body’s temperature. Hand crafted by silversmith James Stevens, makes certain that the product is flawless, unlike many mass produced items. Although this bullet is only a single speed virbrator, James Stevens claims that conical tip emits different vibration intensities, depending on body placement contact. The bullet vibrator is the most expensive vibrator I have ever gained possession of, retailing at over £350. 

Due to its price I must admit it took me awhile to get over the ‘’Wow’’ factor before I was able to form a valid opinion of the product. But also, I must admit, at first I had become emotionally attached to this particular item, which is a completely new experience for me. Normally I know which toys I like and dislike due to their functionality, but this product was special because of its importance to me.

The vibrator arrives in a black velvet pouch with the Crowned Jewels logo stamped into it in silver. With the product you also receive a silver polishing cloth.

The vibrator is made from a silver tube with a rounded tip at its base. The bullet is 4.25 inches in length with a maximum of 2.25 inches circumference. The product is weighty compared to other products of a similar size, yet the weight is evenly balanced for comfortable control. The tip is heated and popped into the chamber, and as its temperature normalises it becomes wedged, firmly locking into position. At the top of the product you will find a silver battery cap. There is a noticeable manufacturing mark where the domed tip meets the silver body. On the battery cap are the following hallmarks: An Anchor which means the product had been sent to Birmingham Assay to confirm that it is 925 silver. A Lion passant which shows the standard of silver. The numbers 925, which states the ratio mixture of the silver, pure metals are difficult to craft thus always will be mixed with another component. And a date letter, mine has an ‘I’ stamped into which means it was produced in 2010. Any Crowned Jewels product produced this year should have an ‘n’ stamped into it. Hallmarks are necessary to confirm the quality of the product. These hallmarks confirm that the vibrator is made in the UK and is silver, abiding by UKs hallmarking regulations and law.

My version of the Crowned Jewels silver vibrator also has the company logo engraved into it, as well as the head of business initials stamped ‘S&J’.

The hallmarks make it easier to grip onto the battery cap. The product is a single speed vibrator with a removable motor. It is battery powered and should arrive with one already inserted. To remove the motor and battery, twist the battery cap off, I found that sometimes the threads would jam up slightly so applying a small amount of lubricant should assist. The AAA battery fits loosely into the chamber, meaning it will rattle around when the product turns on, to rectify this I wrapped a small amount of paper around the battery before inserting it into the tunnel. Once the battery and motor is in position, reply the cap via twisting it. Due to the lack of friction from the metal twisting the cap can become tiring, especially when the interference from lubrication hinders your grip. Once the cap is secure on the product, simply twist it clockwise to active its vibrations. The toy emits moderately buzzy vibrations which are focused dominantly at the tip. If you require strong vibrations then this toy isn’t for you.

When using the product as a clitoral stimulator I found that additional lubrication wasn’t necessary. If you do use extra lubrication with the product, make sure you avoid getting it on over the control cap as it can become difficult to twist on and off. The smooth silver glided over my clitoris as my forefinger and thumb gripped around onto the weighted end. The vibrations were gentle and I was able to appreciate the silver softly warming to my body’s temperatures. Unlike some metals, the silvers conductivity was slower and felt more natural. As the product warmed, so did my levels of arousal. I applied the tip in circular motions, lightly rubbing the dome over my clitoral nub. I tried to angle the tip to see if I was able to experience the emission of differing variation intensities. Whilst the vibrations felt more intense in the centre of the dome, there wasn’t a huge amount of variation. As my body became more lubricated the silver glided over my vulva frenziedly. The bullets size and lack of fiction around the grip, meant that the toy created its own choreography. With the loss of control, I wasn’t able to pinpoint the centre of the dome upon my clitoris and on occasion the circular joining groove would snag upon my flesh. The vibrator did eventually lead me to orgasm, but it was a lot slower than many other cheaper vibrators. I did enjoy how the temperature of the product warmed to my body heat, when compared to a plastic or even plated product.

Silver has antibacterial properties and is non-porous. The vibrator is waterproof making it easy to clean with water and your standard antibacterial wash. The silvers surface will scratch over time, so be gentle on when cleaning it. When cleaning the product you will need to pay additional attention to where the domed tip meets the main chamber as dirt can reside here. Also pay extra attention to the hallmarkings. Silver will become tarnished over time and will need regular polishing. It’s best to store the product within the bag so it’s out of direct light.

Overall, the Crowned Jewels Silver Vibrator is ok. I do like the metal, and think it offers a very unique experience, however I feel the vibrations are a little on the weak side. Personally I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dexterity issues, as the twist control is taxing, and its weighted body can be cumbersome to control when applied to well lubricated areas. As the product can be inscribed, I guess it would make a nice gift for someone who has not only the cash but also occasion to justify such purchase. 

You can find a variation of this vibrator stock here

After visiting various scrap places and jewelers, the scrap and trade price for this product ranges from £10-£20. 
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