Thursday, 8 November 2012

A note on: Woman's Hour Power List

I was only recently introduced to Woman's Hour due to frequent discussions on twitter in regards to the lack of sex positive and correct sex information within the show. Woman's hour is a BBC show, all about women's views. They discuss a large array of subjects which women encounter within their daily lives.

Currently, Woman's Hour is trying to formulate a list of 100 women within the UK, who are influential. This can be anyone, from a public figure and celebrity, to a good friend who you feel has achieved something amazing.

You can find-out more about the Power List here.

Partly, I'm writing this post because of the many twitter debates have made me realise that a) There needs to be a more sex positive voice within their panel, and b) a voice for the younger generation.

I feel I could help offer this. I spend most of my time researching about sex and sexual health, but also reading and chatting to many women (and men) about how to put this information into practice within their own lives. I have made many women look at things like sex toys differently, and have even helped introduce sex toys to women who are over 60 years of age, to pick-up a sex toy for the first time and give it a whirl. I'm willing to share my information on sex as well as listen to other peoples point of view and findings.

One of my goals in life is to try and educate people more about sex toys and how to not only use these with efficiency, but also make many aware of the safety factors about sex toys too.

But yeah, it's worth a shot asking you guys. You can nominate as many women from the UK as you like, too. Hopefully it'll help produce a panel of strong women who you respect and can relate to.

You can fill-out the form by following this link: Woman's Hour Power List 


By tweeting your nomination to this hashtag: #whpowerlist

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