Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dai-Dö no.4 Aluminium Dildo

The Dai-Dö dildo is a luxury metal toy by Big Teaze. Even though my previous experiences with metal toys have always been impressive, I did have an inkling that the Dai-Dö would lead to a minor disappointment, due to my past experience with Big Teaze Toys. In the past Big Teaze Toys have seemed more for the Big Kid, and even though I enjoy some of their vibrators, it did make me doubt if they’d manage to pull off a luxury toy for the discerning adult. After actually receiving the toy and trying it, my previous doubts have been pushed to the side, and I must admit that the Dai-Dö has that element of beauty.

The toy arrives in a glossy black box with an image of the product on the front. On the back of the box you will find an image of the toy, with information about the different materials used in the toy. The toy is 7 inches long and 1.1 inches in diameter. It’s not the widest toy out there, and this made me wonder if the ribs would have much effect when inserted vaginally. The toy is made from an aluminium body with steel trim around the silicone handle, and a steel emblem centred within the handle. The emblem has the Big Teaze Toys logo and name engraved into it. On the box there is even information on how much the toy weighs; the toy weighs 280gms, and even though the toy is mainly made from aluminium, it still weighs more than a plastic toy of similar proportion. After opening the box you find the toy resting on a moulded plastic velvet rest. You will also find a double layered black satin bag with a ribbon tie drawstring. Also found in the box is a miniature catalogue pamphlet. The toy is a beautiful metallic red, which is complemented by the black silicone and silver steel trim. The shining red reminds me oddly of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. There are seven ridges, which obtrude more than they appear to in the smoothly shot product images. The tip of the toy is smoothly rounded off. The aluminium is anodized, which not only means that the toy has a lovely smooth finish, but also that the colouration is less likely to wear. On the base of the toy you will find ‘Dai-Dö no. 4’ etched into the red coating. The silicone grip is approximately 3.5 cm in length; it is comfortable and can easily accommodate more than one finger wrapped round it. The grip does seem to attract dust, so it’s best to store the toy within the satin bag when not in use. There is approximately 4.5 inches of insertable length. Because the shaft is almost straight, without a bulbous base, I would not recommend using this anally. This toy is free from latex, toxic metals, and phthalates.

Using the toy was easy, and added lubricant wasn’t necessary, though as the toy is colder than some toys you may want to add lubricant to act as a heat barrier. The rounded tip gently slid into my vaginal opening, and I could feel each ridge follow as the toy travelled deeper inside me. As the toy warmed to my natural body temperature I was able to enjoy the textures more. I was surprised as I wasn’t expecting much from the ridges, due to the toy having a rather small girth, but the ridges easily and excitably rubbed my vaginal wall. The toy rarely hit my g-spot. I was able to position the toy to a more desirable angle, but it was difficult to keep up g-spot stimulation, unlike with a more curved toy. I found that a thrusting motion was best used with this toy, but as the rounded tip only occasionally stimulated my g-spot, I found that other forms of stimulation were needed to help me reach orgasm. The ridges produced a very different sensation to a spiralled toy, and because of the toy’s weight, my vagina would try to grip and squeeze each ridge as it moved in and out of my vagina. 

This toy is great for those wishing to experiment with temperature play as the aluminium heats and cools quickly. I’ve found that the Dai-Dö does seem to conduct heat quicker and reach higher temperatures, when compared with other aluminium toys I own. Due to this I would suggest taking slightly more caution when heating the toy. To heat the toy you only need to run it under a hot tap for a short time; I’ve found that if you hold it under the water too long, the toy can become hotter than the actual flowing water. Cooling the toy is simple; you can either place it within the fridge or freezer, or simply run it under a cold tap.

Cleaning the toy is rather easy. The ridges are easily wiped clean. Just make sure to pay special attention to the steel trim and silicone, as sometimes dirt can become trapped in the gaps between. 

Overall, even though this toy isn’t great for g-spot stimulation, it still is a great textured toy. I think the textures and weight of this toy make it very different to a textured glass, ceramic, or even silicone toy. The textures are easily enjoyed, and the metal makes them flow along the vaginal wall. If you are relatively sensitive to textures this might not be the best toy for you, but there is a gentler version of this toy by Big Teaze, known as the no.3.

You can Purchase the Dai-Dö no. 4 here – it’s currently on special offer.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fetish Fantasy Series Chopstick Slapper

This flagellation device is similar to a birching rod in how it is made from two pieces of bamboo bound together. This rod isn’t as harsh as an actual bamboo cane, but still has a very satisfying impact.

The rod is 24 inches long and is reasonably light. The bamboo is bound with rope and is designed to have an oriental look that resembles chopsticks. It is the perfect accessory for those intending to have a Japanese themed bondage session, especially if shibari rope is involved. The bamboo is very smooth; though I did find a few splinters between the two pieces of wood, because these are situated between the wood, they are unlikely to cause your submissive any harm. The handle is very easy to grip, and adding security is a rope wrist loop. It easily glides through the air making a gentle swooping noise, and when swung with more force sometimes the bamboo shafts will clunk together.

When using the rod, it causes a moderate stinging sensation even when swung at full force. The main advantage to this device is the impact noise. The bamboo makes a very intimidating slapping sound, which is enough to shock your partner into obedience. Pain is not always needed when dominating your partner; appearance as well as sounds play a massive role. Even though the rod is milder than a riding crop, it still left some very satisfying welts that took over an hour to fade.

So far both I and my partner have used the rod with various forces applied. The rod seems to be stronger than I had expected. I was worried that the bamboo would easily split, but this has not occurred.

Overall, I like this chopstick style rod. Even though I find the appearance and strength of the toy to be rather mild, the impact noise is able to startle even me at times.

You can buy this toy from here.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pleasurists Edition 140

image by sheathsandpills

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G-Brush Ceramic Dildo

My desire for beautifully crafted and effective sex toys has now spread to not just searching within UK stores but also aboard. First of all I would like to thank Duncan Charles Designs for sending this toy to the UK and making sure it was packaged securely.  I was attracted to Duncan Charles Designs due to their minimalistic appearance; the G-Brush particularly caught my eye. To me this looked like a very efficient G-spot toy, it doesn’t have any form of over elaborate patterns to sell the toy, it’s just a very sleek and stylish piece of ceramic, with an effectively looking ridged curve. 

The toy comes in a clear plastic tube, with internal foam protrusions securing it safely in place.  Round the base of the tube is a piece of paper with the brand name and logo. Even though the tube doesn’t take up too much space compared to some packaging, the toy does come with its own storage pouch.  The pouch is made up of strong chequered fabric; this seems to be one of the best storage bags I have received with a toy. Unlike the traditional drawstring bag, this bag has a piece of fabric sewn over the top of the opening, which can simple be flipped inside out to open the pouch and flips back in place after.  Alongside the toy you will also find a sheet of ceramic toy instructions. The instructions advise you not to use the toy if it becomes damages, although I doubt this will happen easily. There are instructions on how to adjust the toys temperature; surprisingly this toy can be heated within an oven while on a low temperature. I am yet to try this as I need a new oven.

The toy is coated with a black glaze; it is also available in red or white. After inspection I was happy to find that there were no imperfections on the glaze, meaning that my toy was safe to use. There is only one problem I have with this toy and that’s how easy fingerprints show up after handling. The ceramic toy isn’t as cold as glass or metal, but is still colder than a silicone or plastic toy.  The main shaft is slender and slowly expands towards the tip of the toy. The underside of the toy is flat meaning that it can be placed onto a surface without rolling about or wobbling. At the base of the toy there is a flat disc closing off the hollow interior, the toy can also sit comfortably on the disc in a vertical position. The head of the toy curves away from the main shaft. There are six grooves on the head; these are aimed at g-spot stimulation. The head has a wide surface area of 2.5 inches long and approximately 1.8 inches in diameter; this means it’s more likely to hit the g-spot compared to toys that have smaller surface areas at the tip. The ridges on this toy are more prominent than some textured toys, as the toy is rigid this may not be the best toy if you are not a fan of textured toys. The ceramic is fairly light in weight, and the shaft is easy to grip. 

Inserting the toy was easier than I had anticipated. Due to the grooves and ridges I had worried that insertion would be uncomfortable, but this wasn’t the case and the toy easily slipped in and instantly curved to hit my g-spot. I think that insertion was a lot easier than expected due to the smoothness of the ceramics glaze.  When using the toy in a thrusting motion I was able to feel the ridges brush firmly again my g-spot. Every ridge felt intense as it brushed over my g-spot and I reached a strong climax rapidly. When using the toy in a rocking motion I found that the tip prodded my g-spot firmly but did not lead to such an intense orgasm, compared to when used in a thrusting motion. I was slightly surprised by this because normally a rocking motion would lead me to experience a stronger climax than when using a thrusting motion. Removing the toy was also easy and didn’t cause any discomfort. This toy is very effortless to use and is outstandingly effective. 

Cleaning the toy is simple, dirt is easy to wipe away from the smooth glossy glaze. There is an indented ring around the base which might cause mild problems when cleaning, but because of where this is situated it’s unlikely to catch much dirt.

Overall, I’m impressed with this toy and am glad that my internal perspective of it being an astonishing g-spot toy was correct. I feel that this toy would be great for those looking to explore their g-spot. It’s also a great toy if you are already acquainted with your g-spot but are looking for something to help you achieve a more sensually outstanding orgasm.

You can purchase the G-Brush directly from Duncan Charles Designs; UK postage is only $11

Monday, 25 July 2011

Loving Joy Metropolis - Slim Vibrator

I received the Loving Joy Metropolis to review for  The Metropolis is a long slender vibrator, which can be used for clitoral stimulation or internal vaginal stimulation, and is ideal if you prefer vibrators with smaller girth.

The item arrived packaged in a clear and reusable plastic container. Backing the toy is a piece of cardboard, with a picture of a city with many skyscrapers. The toy’s packaging plays on the “Sex and the City” TV series, not only by the image and its name, but also with references such as ‘Sex and Fun in the city’, and ‘perfect for the fun and sexy city girl’. As far as I can tell this product isn’t an official sex and the city product, but this doesn’t mean that the product is going to be of lesser quality. The packaging also states that the product is free from phthalates and latex, which I greatly appreciate.  The toy is made from extremely smooth and velvety plastic, which gently glides over your skin, with little resistance. The top has three circular grooves on a conical tip, which reminds me a of Mr Whippy ice-cream. At the base of the toy you will find a push-button control. This is an internal button, and there is just a small power symbol embossed on the casing to indicate where to press. Separating the button and the main shaft is a piece of silvered plastic.

To use the toy you will need two AAA batteries. Unscrew the push button base from the main shaft.  This is where I encountered my first problem with the toy, as while unscrewing the base, the silvered plastic and a rubber seal also popped off. These where easily reapplied, but I still would have preferred the silver ring to have been fixed in position. Inside the toy you will find a piece of plastic with instructions on which way to place the batteries in. Do not remove this piece of plastic or your toy may not work. Once you have inserted the batteries, simply screw the toy back together.

To turn the toy on all you need to do is push the centre of the button. There are five vibration settings, and to turn the toy off you will need to scan through them all. This vibrator seems unusual compared to others, as normally most clitoral vibrators will start on a low intensity setting with no pulsations, but this vibrator seems to start with a strong intensity with varied pulsations. The vibration settings are:
First setting starts with five strong pulses with slight pauses between them, and then it continues to a set of rapid strong pulsations before going onto rapid moderate pulsations. The second starts with four strong but slow pulsations, and then goes onto an elongated strong vibration, then a rapid pulsation, before going onto another long vibration. The third is a rapid moderate strength pulsation – this has to be my favourite. The fourth is a constant strong vibration. The fifth and final setting starts with a long, strong vibration, and then goes onto a rapid pulsation of lower intensity vibrations. After scanning through the settings I can see why this would be the perfect toy for a city girl; it’s very noisy and all the settings, apart from the third, sound similar to the constant hubbub you might hear in a city. All the vibrations travel through the whole toy, but are most powerful at the tip.

The tip is great for pin-point stimulation on the clitoris, but is also great for teasing the areola and nipples. The circular grooves around the tip are great for gently rubbing over your body and the clitoris, but the vibrations aren’t as intense as when you directly apply the pointed tip. Inserting the toy can also feel good, as the vibrations are easily felt, though I personally found the shape of the toy did nothing for me when inserted vaginally.

Overall, even though this toy is noisy compared to others I own, the vibrations are nice, and I particularly enjoyed the textured tip. I feel that if you are looking for a strong clitoral vibrator that is a little different to the standard smooth bullets, then this would be ideal. 

You can purchase this toy here.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Berman Center Juno Weighted Pelvic Exerciser - Cal Exotics

This month California Exotics have sent me Juno, which is a weighted pelvic exerciser. This is very different to kegel balls, and can’t be inserted internally while you perform your daily tasks. Those who find kegel balls difficult to use might benefit more from Juno, due to its shape and size difference.

Why Kegel Exercises are good for you:

I’m a firm believer in kegel exercises and the benefits they provide. Most women who come across kegel exercise, and kegel exercise devices, have turned to these due to urinary incontinence, effects of child birth, or just a general belief that their vaginal wall isn’t as tight as they expect. So far I have not had any of those experiences, but I still perform kegel exercises daily due to the other possible advantages gained through having strong and well maintained pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles). Having control over well toned PC muscles can benefit men and women of all ages. In women, kegel exercises can help tighten the vaginal wall, increase blood flow and lubrication to the vagina, produce stronger and more enjoyable orgasms, and be used as a way to stimulate oneself without using hands or a toy. In men, kegel exercises have been known to help prevent premature ejaculation, and even produce ‘dry’ orgasms, meaning that they are able to experience multiple orgasms.  In both men and women, having strong control in your PC muscles can also make anal sex more enjoyable, because you are able to learn how to relax the rectum. During intercourse both men and women can feel the benefits of kegel exercises, and flexing your vaginal muscles over your partners’ penis can make the experience more exciting and enjoyable for you both. So if in the past you’ve felt that there’s no need to do kegels, think again, as you are missing out on a lot of advantages.

How you find your PC muscles, and getting them working:

The kegel muscles/PC muscles/pubococcygeus muscles are a group of muscles that can be found in both men and women; they range from the pubic bone to the coccyx bone. Within the muscles’ area, you will find the urethra, anus, and in women, the vaginal orifice. The PC muscles encase these and give support to the bladder, uterus, and rectum. Knowing the whereabouts of the muscle isn’t enough for most people, especially if you are unused to using your kegel muscles. There are two mains ways to help you distinguish your PC muscles. One way is to stop the flow of urine when you are next relieving your bladder; the muscles used to stop the flow of urine are your PC muscles. The next way is to insert two fingers into the vagina and open them up in a V formation, similar to the peace hand gesture, and try and squeeze the muscles within your vagina to make the fingers close; the muscles you are contracting to do this are your pc muscles. Once you have found your PC muscles, it is recommended to empty your bladder before trying to perform kegels. Before using an exercising device such as Juno, you might benefit from doing kegel exercises without a kegel device, while you are still becoming confident in using them. Start of by doing a few sets of repetitions a day, and then working up to doing longer sessions, varying the speed and strength of the muscular contractions. You can do standard kegel exercise lying down, standing, sitting; anywhere and anytime, no one will know you are working out your PC muscles. If you experience any form of abdominal pain, urinary infection, or you are on the first few days of menstruation, it is advised to avoid doing kegel exercises until these problems subside.

Juno Kegel exerciser:

Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Juno is a firm plastic kegel exerciser, with weighted stainless steel balls positioned inside it. The plastic is firm, seamless, and smooth, which reminds me of a glass toy. This toy is different from a glass toy though; one thing that makes it different is that the plastic is at room temperature, whereas a glass toy would be cooler. The plastic is slightly coloured and reminds me of the brown tint you find in cola bottle jelly sweets. This toy is free from latex and phthalates. There are four weighted stainless steel balls inside the plastic. Unlike duo tone or ben wa balls, these do not move about. The circumference of each ball is the following: 4.5 cm for the smallest, 6.5 cm for the next sized ball, 9 cm for the third, and approximately 11 cm for the largest ball. The toy curves from one ball to the next, with the distance between each ball varying slightly. From the smallest to the second ball there is a 4 cm gap, the second to the third ball there is 4.5 cm gap, and the third to the fourth and last ball is 6.5 cm. The total length of the toy is 17 cm. The weight of the toy is approximately 120gms – my scales aren’t the best.

 The toy comes in a clear plastic blister pack. Inside you will find a cardboard insert placed behind the toy. The piece of cardboard has a small amount of information regarding what Juno is used for, and there are guidelines on how to use Juno effectively.  It is recommended you start off only inserting the smallest ball, and trying to support it with you PC muscles while standing. You can use a hand to support the rest of the toy. After you are confident in performing you kegel exercises with the first ball, you are then recommended to work up to inserting the next size ball. Once you have built up more confidence and pelvic strength, you can flip Juno round and insert the larger ball, and try and hold Juno in with your PC muscles. Again you can work up to inserting the next ball to make the exercises harder. If you have trouble inserting Juno you are able to use any type of lubricant, including silicone, with Juno, in order to aid insertion.  If you are nervous about using Juno while standing you can use it either in a lying position or kneeling too.

Juno size difference compared with Lelo Luna Kegel Beads

When using Juno I did find gripping the smallest ball difficult - not because my muscles couldn’t hold it, but because I feel the waved curved between the smallest and second ball wasn’t long enough to accommodate my PC muscles. When gripping my PC muscles, I feel the main grip around 2inchs into the vagina, but the gap between the first and second ball is only 1.57 inches. Some people may not experience this problem as everyone’s anatomy is slightly different. I feel that the product could overcome this by either making the distance between the balls larger, or making the first ball larger in size, but not weight, so it acts as an anchor when placed past the main PC muscle threshold. Also the two smallest balls become very slippery to hold within the vaginal walls, and even if your vaginal muscles are strong enough to support them, they can still slip out easier than the larger balls, as their shape doesn’t anchor like the larger balls. When the two smallest balls were inserted I could grip my pelvic floor muscles round the toy and support it easier, and when contracting my muscles tighter the toy moved back and forth. I could feel my muscles gaining a slightly harder workout than when performing kegels without the device. When switching the toy round to use the largest ball I did find it slightly difficult to insert. You may need some form of lubricant to help. My PC muscle seemed to naturally grip round the larger ball, and thanks to this I was able to focus on doing more rapid and intense exercises, as well as being able to feel greater results. After working up to inserting the larger ball with success, I was then able to insert the ball just before the largest one; again I was able to comfortably grip the two balls, though I was unable to work my muscles as long as when I was only working out with just the larger ball.

To make the workout even harder you are able to gently tug Juno when inserted, while you contract you PC muscles. This will act as a form of resistance training, and give you muscles more to work with.

I have tried using Juno as a dildo, but found the rigid plastic and shape to be uncomfortable, especially if the smallest ball is inserted first. It feels like a sharp prodding when a thrusting motion is used. I do find this slightly strange considering that when the toy is used as a kegel exerciser, it doesn’t seem to cause much discomfort.

Cleaning Juno is very simple. Due to its smooth hard exterior, you only need to use your standard toy cleaner and give it a quick wipe over.

Overall, I like the Juno kegel exerciser, but I feel I still need something slightly more challenging. I’m sure that I am still experiencing greater benefits from using it as compared to when I don’t use any device, but maybe I need a toy a level up in weight? I still think this would be a great kegel exerciser for most people, especially as you can work up the different weight levels. I also feel that it’s a good option for those who don’t like kegel balls.

You can purchase Juno here.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Alumina Flow Dildo by Tantus

The Alumina Flow by Tantus is a beautifully designed eco-friendly sex toy. I’ve had this dildo in my collection for over a year now and I’m sure it’ll be flowing alongside me through my entire life. There are three additional toys in the Tantus Alumina range, two of which can be taken apart and have interchangeable parts with the Flow. 

The toy arrives in a stylish cardboard box with an outline of the product in silver; the box seems very luxurious compared to other packaging Tantus use. Once opened you find the dildo resting in a black foam insert; along this you will also find an information pamphlet. The pamphlet has a small description for each toy in the Alumina range. For the Flow, it states it can be used not only as a dildo, but also as a pelvic floor muscle exerciser. There are instructions on how to cool and heat the product during temperature play; this can be done through running under a hot or cold water tap. There are also cleaning instructions. As well as being able to use your general toy cleaner, all the Alumina toys are dishwasher safe. Just make sure they are completely dry before screwing back together and placing back inside its box. The toy is made in a gorgeous iridescent purple and appears elegantly smooth. Not only is its appearance eye catching but the texture of the alumina is delightful to stroke. Each toy has been anodized; not only does this protect your toy from scratches, but it also means that the purple coating will stay on better without chipping or scratching. The aluminium used for this toy is 100% aeronautic grade. After a bit of research I’ve actually found out what aeronautic grade metal really is. Aeronautics is the process involved in manufacturing things like aircrafts, but in regards to this product it doesn’t mean it’ll fly - I’ve tried it, and it just travels a short distance before falling heavily to the ground. Anyway, what it means is that the metal is designed to flow smoothly in relation to the movements you use, with minimal drag effect. The Flow is 9.5 inches long and 4.75 inches in girth at the widest point. The two sections are both functional, though personally I find the thinner half to work nicely as a contoured handle. Separating the sections is a rubber washer which is 1 inch in diameter. The sections join together through a screw and thread system; this sometimes can make a squeaking noise when taking apart or putting back together. The toy is weighty compared to most toys I own. Even though aluminium weighs marginally less than other metals, this product still weighs more than a glass or ceramic toy of similar proportion. 

When using the toy you may find it a little tricky to insert due to the coldness of the metal. Luckily you are able to use any form of lubricant with this toy, which not only will aid in insertion, but will act as a barrier between the cold metal and your skin while it gradually adjusts. If you still are having trouble inserting the toy, you can flip it round and use the thinner end while you and the toy warm up. Once inserted the toy seems to naturally be drawn in by your pelvic floor muscles. I really am able to feel every spasm grip round this toy, and I do agree that if you are looking for a weightier pelvic floor exerciser, then this is a good toy to consider. The toy easily flows in and out when a thrusting motion is used. The surface of the toy starts to warm, making the sensations more pleasurable.  The toy does hit the g-spot, and due to the firmness of aluminium it does produce a nice g-spot orgasm eventually. It’s doesn’t lead to such a quick response as a more curved toy would, but it’s still enjoyable. I do find that sometimes it will be slightly tiring thrusting the weight of the metal, but it’s worth it. Removing the toy is very simple. Once the toy is removed from the vagina it feels incredibly hot, comfortingly warm to touch.  This toy holds temperatures well, so if you are a fan of cooling or heating toys, you won’t have to worry about this toy losing the temperature sensations before you reach climax.

Cleaning the toy is very simple; just unscrew the two parts and clean with your favourite cleaner. Be careful not to lose the washer. Even though it’s not essential to have the washer, it will keep the threads on the screw in better condition.

This toy truly is incredible, and I hope that eventually I will have more from the Tantus Alumina range. Even though the contour of the toy doesn’t hit my g-spot accurately enough to produce an orgasm quickly, I am able to just lie there with it inside me, while enjoying the warmth it provides (or coldness, if it has been chilled beforehand).  

You can buy Tantus Flow Alumina here.
To see the complete Tantus range, visit here.
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