Monday, 11 July 2011

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Swell Glass Dildo

When I first learnt that Doc Johnson and Sasha Grey had produced a new range of glass toys; I was curious to see whether or not they had managed to pull it off. In the past my experiences from doc Johnson have been hit and miss, as their toys tend to be at the lower quality end of the market. I’m pleased to say that this toy has exceeded my expectations and I am impressed that Doc Johnson has managed to pull off a luxuriously modern looking glass toy. 

The toy comes in a black cardboard box. On the front of the box is a glossy picture of the toy with ‘Sasha Grey’ printed in the middle of it. On each side of the box you will find a picture of Sasha herself, these have been tastefully taken in black and white. On the back there is a short description of the new Doc Johnson glass range “Black Glass... sensual, smooth, slightly mysterious, darkly erotic. Unique in appearance... unforgettable in experience... in other words, the embodiment of Sasha herself...” I thought this sounded catchier than some descriptions on similar toys. To remove the toy from the box I found that it was easier to open it at the bottom and the top, and push the foam insert out. The glass toy safely rests within the foam cut out; there is no storage bag with this product so you may wish to keep the insert. There was a few strands of glue on the toy from the packaging, these were easily removed and didn’t mark the glass.

To really appreciate the aesthetics of this toy you need to remove it from the foam case and inspected it in a well lit room. As you stare into the toy you can understand how smooth and polished the glass is as each wave reflects you and your surroundings. The reflections made within the glass remind me of the effects produced from a funhouse mirror or a kaleidoscope.   The glass is jet black; I feel that the product images made it appear charcoal in colouration due to how the light reflects in the pictures. This toy truly is chic in shape and colour. The product states that the size of each wave increases, this isn’t completely accurate. When each wave’s circumference was measured I found that the first main wave is actually marginally smaller than the tip. The toy measurements are: 4.1” for the tip, 4” for the first wave, 4.5” for the second wave, and 5.2” for the rounded handle/ base. Each pinnacle is about 2 inches apart. Even though the tip of the toy is slightly larger than the first was it does not impede inserting the toy.  The rounded base fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, and is still easy to grip even when slippery.

Inserting the toy is easy and doesn’t need much additional lubrication if any. I have only used this toy for vaginal stimulation, but it would also be perfect for anal stimulation due to the bulbous handle and the smooth escalating waves.   The tip gently pops past the vaginal entrance and is followed by the sensations of the waves rubbing against the front of the vaginal wall. The tip of the toy flowed over my g-spot during insertion, leaving the first wave to softly massage my g-spot while thrusting.  I found that even though the sensations produced by the gentle waves were pleasurable on my g-spot; they weren’t enough for me to reach orgasm quickly. I decided to try to insert the handle end in hope it would produce a stronger orgasm. Although the girth at the handle end is wider than some toys, I still found insertion easy with a small amount of lubricant. The handle worked better at hitting the g-spot but it was harder to control the motions needed to reach a strong orgasm. 

I’ve also found that this toy is perfect for general massage over the back, especially during temperature play. Each wave rolls smoothly over the body gently relaxing your partner’s muscles.

The toy is very easy to clean as there are no ridges or holes for dirt to get trapped. It’s also very easy to sterilise this toy because it is made from glass; meaning that you can use it for anal or vaginal play after cleaning. Remember to clean the toy after anal play if you intent to use it for vaginal play and likewise if you with to switch from vaginal to anal.

Overall, even though this toy didn’t give me a strong g-spot orgasm I still really enjoy the sensations produced from the waves. I really like the stylishness of this toy and how the black sheen reflects light. I feel it will be used often but mainly as a warm-up toy during foreplay, and I’m sure it’ll last a lifetime.

You can buy this toy from Lovehoney


  1. If DocJonhnson didn't raise to the challenge I can just imagine Sasha Grey looking at them with her "you're so beneath me" look. No wonder they excelled at this one.

  2. this is a great toy! i love the waves of the toy as well! It really is a great massage toy. I have to agree.

    Triple X Mama

  3. @Wild Orchid, you are so right she would've done that. :)

    @SondraMama yes I'm rather happy with this toy, I'm considering getting more from the DocJohnson Sasha glass collection ^_^


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