Thursday, 14 July 2011

Phallix Lattachino Twisted Glass Wand Dildo

I’ve recently been snooping about for more glass toys and came across the Twisted Lattachino Wand by Phallix. I’m not sure whether it was the allure of the multi coloured spirals hypnotising me or the ascending ribbed glass, but I felt that I needed to own this toy. I must admit it’s the most expensive toy I’ve purchased in awhile, so I had very high hopes.

The toy arrived next day and I gently opened my parcel, I was worried because I could hear rattling. After removing the item from the parcel I was slightly shocked with the packaging used for such an expensive glass toy. The toy comes in a plastic blister pack, there is nothing securing the toy in place so it freely rattles and rolls about during transit. There is a catalogue inserted at the top of the packaging with a picture of a nude model in a semi erotic pose. Also inside the packaging is a double lined satin bag with toggle button for storing the glass toy in. I immediately opened the packaging up to inspect the toy as I was worried about whether it had experienced any damage; luckily it hadn’t. Upon inspection the toy also appeared a lot different to what I had expected, the product images are very miss leading and make the toy appear more colourful, pointy, slender, and longer. I do understand that a lot of glass toys appear differently to the product images, but to me this toy looked very different.  It’s still a beautiful product and I really appreciate the lattachino swirls within the glass. Within certain lighting the colours look similar to a reflection of the sun setting over rippled water. Another thing I’ve noticed about this toy is its lightness compared to other glass toys of similar size.

Inserting the toy is reasonably easy. The ribbed spirals towards the tip feel a little strange as they travel past my vaginal entrance, I think this is because the girth of the toy starts off particularly narrow compared to other glass toys taper tips. Once inserted the toy feels comfortable, it did not hit my g-spot as the shaft is straight rather than curved. I have experimented with the toy by using two motions; a thrusting motion and a rotating motion. When used in a thrusting manner, I found the spirals from the toy produced much greater stimulation than other spiralled glass toys I own. I believe this partly may be because the tip of the shaft doesn’t have any form of bulbous head and also its shaft isn’t curved. Meaning that the textured stimulation can be appreciated by itself without the added stimulation to the g-spot, I find that when my g-spot is stimulated that all other surrounding textures within the vagina can go unnoticed. When the toy was used in a twisting motion I was surprised with how comfortable and enjoyable the sensations felt. Again I think this is partly due to how the shaft is straight rather than curved. When twisting I enjoyed how the ribbing near the handle would occasionally twist outside my vaginal entrance letting the glass cool slightly before twisting back inside. The toy is mesmerizing to watch when twirled into the body; it appears as if it’s travelling deeper inside the vagina almost like a never ending chamber.  The handle itself was very comfortable to use and did not impede on moving the toy.

Overall, even though I was a little perplexed by the appearance of this toy and its packaging, I still merit the sensations produced by the twisting spirals on the straight expanding shaft.   I also feel that the price is a little high, especially as there are so many beautiful glass toys being produced at a more affordable rate.

You can purchase this toy from: Sexshop365


  1. i really love that toy! the looks of it, everything.

    Triple X Mama

  2. Yes it's a great toy. I would like to see the swirls to be in different colours, though the blue, green, and yellow work well.


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