Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wand Essentials 7 Function Battery Powered Vibrator

The Wand Essentials7 Function Vibrator is a small battery powered wand with a larger wand head attachment converter. The wand is pretty powerful for a battery powered toy, and best suited to those who enjoy buzzy vibrations that are a step down from a mains powered toy.

The wand arrived in a cardboard box with floral patterns printed onto it. The back of the packaging explains how the larger adaptor makes it possible to use the toy with larger wand sleeves, but also states that there are smaller attachment sleeves too, specifically designed for the smaller head. Inside the box you will find the toy held in place by two plastic inserts, and at the bottom of the box you will find the larger head attachment.

The toy is 8 inches in length with a 5.5 inch long handle, 0.5 inch long flexible neck, and a 2 inch long head. The head of the toy has a ribbed silicone sleeve which is removable – I’d advise against removing it though, as it’s tricky to reapply. The head of the toy is 4.2 inches in circumference, which is a lot smaller than most standard sized wands. You receive a gloss ABS attachment which will convert the head to approximately 7.1 inches in circumference. This can also act as a vibration dampener. The ribbed neck is very flexible, however I would’ve preferred it to be slightly longer, in order to offer more control when manipulating the head.

The main unit has a control panel with two buttons, one for turning the toy on and selecting the modes, and an off button. The buttons aren’t too sensitive, which means you are unlikely to change setting accidentally when the toy is on. When selecting the modes there are 7 vibration settings. The first three are continuous vibrations ranging from moderately strong to relatively intense. The following four are various pulsating and escalating modes. When selecting the vibration mode there is an LED interface which lights up next to the current corresponding setting. The vibrations are very loud, and can be heard from outside a closed door.

The toy takes 4 AA batteries which aren’t provided. To open the battery cap simply twist the base of the toy. Inside you will find a battery tray. Putting the batteries into the tray is a little fiddly as they can keep popping out. When sliding the tray back into the battery chamber you will need to pinch the battery connectors down, so that the tray will fit. After the tray is in position, simply pop the battery cap back onto the base.

When using the toy I advise using some waterbased lubricant to make the vibrations feel more comfortable, unless you plan to use the toy over clothing, which also works rather effectively due to its intense vibrations. I found the smaller head suited my body better than using a larger wand; I was able to position the head between my labia and more directly onto my clitoris. The toy's vibrations would bring me to orgasm quickly, which surprised me, as normally my body prefers more rumbly vibrations. However, I found the vibrations led to a numbing sensation, meaning that I wasn’t able to immediately experience multiple orgasms. The smaller head of the toy also meant I was able to use it for shallow vaginal insertion. The vibrations were strong enough to travel throughout my vaginal walls, and could be felt in my lower abdomen. I would advise against inserting the neck of the toy, as there is a gap where the head and neck meet.

When using the toy with the larger attachment, I found it softened the vibrations, taking longer to produce a clitoral orgasm. When using the larger head attachment, I recommend you apply a small amount of lubricant to the main head before putting the attachment onto the toy, as it can be difficult to remove after use. Having the vibrations on while taking the attachment off can be a great help.

During use the vibrations are focused mostly in the head of the toy, but can still be felt strongly throughout the handle, making the toy tricky to hold.

For general body massage, I found the neck lacked the necessary control to be able to apply firm enough pressure to work out those tight niggly muscular pains.

Cleaning the plastic attachment of the toy is easy; simply wash it in water with your standard antibacterial wash. When cleaning the main toy, I recommend you use a damp cloth and brush, to clean between the grooves on the neck and silicone head.

Overall, the Wand Essentials 7 Function Battery Powered Vibrator is a good sex toy, especially if you are looking for a really powerful toy which isn’t as intense as a mains powered toy. The vibrations are pretty strong, and I enjoyed how I was able to focus them more directly onto the clitoris. The provided attachment is a nice extra, and great for damping the vibrations if you want to tone down the power a little, but I doubt I’ll be using it that often. Another plus for this toy, which I was initially worried about, is that it doesn’t drain batteries too quickly, which I think is a great bonus for such a powerful toy.

You can urchase the toy HERE.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Silicone Flexi Risqué Ripples

This month I received another toy in the Flexi Risqué anal plug series, known as the Silicone Flexi Risqué Ripples. I have previously reviewed the 10 Function Flexi Risqué and wanted to see if I got along better with the silicone version. The main difference between the 10 Function and the Silicone FlexiRisqué Ripples butt plugs is in the shape of the insertable head. Unlike the 10 Function, the Silicone’s insertable shaft is made up of a single unit, without a separate stem and head. For me that was one of the main problems with the 10 Function FlexiRisqué, as it allowed dirt to become trapped between the head and the stem. 

The toy arrives in a clear clamshell packaging with a cardboard insert showing a picture demonstrating the toy’s flexibility. There are various product features outlined on the packaging, the main ones being the products EZ-Grip Base, Intense Vibrations, and Flexi-Shaft. The toy claims to be made from skin safe materials, and is waterproof.

The tip of the toy is a small 3.25 inch circumference firm ball of silicone, followed by four slightly smaller rings of ribbed texture, before expanding to a maximum girth of 5 inches. Before the base of the toy the shaft dips in slightly, offering a small stem. I believe this needed to be longer, so the toy can sit in position better once inserted. The silicone is firm, but flexible and a little squishy due to the shaft being hollow. The silicone shaft is connected to an ABS matte plastic base unit. There is a gap between the plastic and silicone which can trap dirt. Unlike the previous 10Function Flexi Risqué toy I reviewed, the Silicone version is slightly more hygienic, as it does not have a gap between the neck and insertable head of the stem. The Silicone’s insertable shaft is made from virtually seamless silicone. However, due to the gap between the shaft and base unit, it still has some issues when considering the toy’s hygiene.

The base unit of the toy is very large and bulky, being 9.5 inches in circumference. It houses the control button and battery compartment. The toy has a tight waterproof twist-locking battery compartment found in its base. It requires 3 AAA batteries to power it. Inside the battery compartment there seems to be some sticky oil-like residue, which I found rather off-putting. Yes, the compartment probably needs some form of greasing to make it easier to open/close, but it smells rather chemically. The base unit is almost too large for me to grip comfortably. In the centre of the base you will find the function button.
The toy has 10 vibration modes of escalating, pulsating and continuous vibrations. The vibrations are moderately powerful and can be felt mostly in the tip of the toy. To turn the toy on, simply press the function button, and cycle through to the desired mode. To turn it off, hold the button down for a few seconds. The toy will remember the last mode you were on.

When inserting the toy I applied a liberal amount of lubrication, due to the natural of the silicone and the ribbed texture. The rounded tip was easy to insert, but I experienced some discomfort when inserting past the ribbed ring textures. After becoming more comfortable with the ring textures, my body took a little longer than it would normally to insert the rest of the toy, and I needed to apply more lubricant due to the drying nature of the silicone used. Once the toy was fully inserted, I found the shape wasn’t best suited to my body and the toy wouldn’t stay in position, especially when using the stronger vibration settings. Also the large base felt uncomfortable as it sat between my buttocks. I was able to sit down while the toy was inserted and use it like a hands-free toy in a rocking motion. However, as the main shaft is hollow, although the silicone itself is pretty firm, the shaft would bend uncomfortably during use. The base of the toy also got in the way of vaginal insertion.

When cleaning the toy makes sure you pay extra attention to the gap between the base unit and silicone shaft. The toy is waterproof which should make it easier to clean compared to some anal toys, but you may need a soft brush or damp cloth for cleaning around the gap. When storing the toy I’d advise you to remove the batteries between uses, as the toy seems to drain them during standby mode – probably so it can remember the last vibration mode you were using.

Personally I had a few problems with this toy. The shape isn’t suited to my body, it doesn’t stay in place, and the base is just far too bulky, uncomfortable to hold and didn’t sit comfortably. The vibrations are relatively strong, and are the best thing about the toy when compared to other vibrating anal toys I’ve used. I really wish there wasn’t such an awkward to clean gap between the shaft and base unit. This is my main dislike of the product, as I feel all toys should be easy to clean, especially anal toys. I’m not sure if I would recommend this toy; if you feel the shape will work for you and are aware of having to pay extra attention when cleaning the toy, then it might be ok for you. It just didn’t really work for me, so much so that I really don’t intend on using it again.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

A typical Sunday

I've been feeling pretty unsexy, so today I decided to go for an uber long walk to try and relax. As standard practice I took some sex toys with me, so I could get some interesting pictures.

On the way back it started to snow, so I rang a friend, to see if they would be able to give me a lift back.

I decided to stop off at my partners even though he was busy... partly to raid his fridge. 

But I started messing about with things in his room. I thought I'd take a few fun pictures to try and cheer myself up ^_^

 I’m a bit nervous posting this picture as I’ve put on a bit of weight, due to pigging-out and not exercising.

Sinful Sunday

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Luv competitions, luv your body: Win a Rocks-Off Luv and Lube.

Rocks-Off provided me with not one, but two of each, of their Rocks-Off Luv Body Massagers and bottles of water based lubricant.

I know that many of you luv competitions, so I have decided to host one, where you are given the opportunity to win a Luv massager and Lube.

You can read my review for the massager here.

As I haven’t published my review for the lube yet, here’s a list of ingredients: Purified Water, Propanediol, Natural Carrageenan. 

I’ve used my bottle of the Luv Silk Lube a few times already and am pretty impressed considering it’s made up of three ingredients. I’ll post my review soonish.

Anyway, if you want to enter my blog comp, simply follow the rafflecopter instructions below.

Rocks-Off Luv

The Rocks-Off Luv is a battery powered general body massager with a pointed heart shaped tip. Unlike a lot of massage wands, the shape of the Luv makes it ideal for more accurate pinpoint stimulation, making it perfect for either working out those tight muscular knots or delivering more direct vibrations to the clitoris. The neck of the vibrator is also contoured for easier control, and means you are able to rest the head of the massager over the vulva even during sexual intercourse, without getting in the way too much.

The Luv arrives in a clear outer box that has pink hearts printed over it. The product is marketed as a general body massager rather than a sex toy. At the side of the box you will find a small instructional diagram showing you how to remove the battery cap, and what the power and function buttons on the toy look like. Unlike many of Rocks-Off’s products the Luv doesn’t arrive with batteries, so you will need to purchase 4 AAA batteries prior to use. After removing the outer box you will find a more solid clear plastic storage box – a bit similar to what Ferrero Rocher come in.

The Luv is 6.5 inches in length, and 2.5 inches in diameter at its widest point. The head of the massager is shaped like a love heart and is coated in a pink silicone. The silicone produces a small amount of friction when rubbed against dry skin – I advise you to use water based lubricant with the toy, or a suitable massage oil. The massager’s head is firm, and unlike some massagers doesn’t have a flexible neck.  The massager’s neck and handle are made from a smooth high gloss ABS plastic, which can become slippery easily, making the toy tricky to hold sometimes. Found on the neck of the toy there are two buttons; one On/Off button, and one for mode of vibration. When the Luv is switched on the button interface will glow purple. During use I found that, even though the massager is comfortable to grip, my fingers would hover over the buttons frequently. This meant I would accidentally change function or turn the toy off occasionally. I feel the buttons need to be a little firmer for such a high powered vibrator; also, the Luv might benefit from a textured or silicone handle grip. At the base of the toy you will find a waterproof battery cap. To remove, simply push in a downwards motion on the Rocks-Off logo, while pulling slightly away from the main product.

The Luv has five vibration modes. These are three continuous speeds ranging from moderate to relatively intense, and two pulsation modes. The vibrations offer a deep buzzy sensation which can be felt throughout the silicone heart, and are noticeably stronger at the tapered tip. As expected from such a powerful toy, the vibrations are somewhat noisy. The vibrations are felt within the handle but aren’t too off-putting when gripping the toy, apart from if the handle becomes highly lubricated, as this will make your grip slide about freely.

When using the Luv as a clitoral stimulator I am able to comfortably rest the shaft of the toy on my pubic mound, meaning that the bottom of the toy’s tip would sit comfortably above my clitoris while the rest of the head sat above my labia. When resting the toy like this, even though the vibrations are strong, the toy didn’t cause me to climax. I found I needed to angle the toy more directly onto the clitoris and apply a bit of pressure to produce a clitoral orgasm, while also opting for the strongest continuous vibration setting, rather than any of the other modes. Although the other modes were pleasurable, they couldn’t quite bring me to climax.

I found that the Luv’s tapered tip worked perfectly as an all over body massager, easily working out those tight niggly aches and pains. The curved neck made reaching and massaging my back effortless, meaning I was able to apply enough pressure when working out any aches and pains, without causing my wrist to tire. I also found the tip of the toy perfect for massaging between my shoulder blades. When needing to massage a bigger area I was able to glide the top of the heart over the required area.

The Luv massager can be used during sexual intercourse. Simple place the tip of the toy onto your clitoris and rest its neck and handle on your lower abdomen

As the toy is waterproof, cleaning is simple. Just wash in warm water with your standard antibacterial wash.

Overall, I like the Luv body massager, and welcome its innovatively designed head as a useful change away from the standard rounded massage head. I feel that the Luv is a great option for those looking for something slightly more powerful than your standard external vibrator, while not being overpowering like some wands. However, I do feel the toy needs to have some form of grip on its handle, to make handling the vibrator easier. The angle and shape of the toy’s head open up many possibilities as to how to use the toy, whether using it as a couple or for solo play, in both intimate and non sexual ways.

Thank you to Rocks-Off for providing me with this body massager for my review. You can find more information about the product on their website HERE.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Vintage Delight Frosted Plug with Vaseline Medallion - Size Small

I have lusted after a Crystal Delights toy ever since I came across them. I feel very fortunate that Crystal Delights contacted me asking me to review their products, as their toys have just become available in the UK for the very first time. I received a Vintage Delight Frosted Plug with Vaseline Medallion in a size small to review. Currently you are only able to purchase this plug made in clear glass with a Swarovski crystal in the base – which is still very beautiful – but the plug’s shape and size should be the same.

All Crystal Delights products arrive in the most amazing and functional packaging I have ever found used for glass toys. The toy arrives in a black padded bag with an oriental design. It is secured shut by two ribbons, one of which has a tag with the brand name and product details. Inside, the bag is lined with quilted satin fabric, which is easy to wipe clean if needed. The pouch is ideal for storing your toy in, especially if you plan to take your toy out and about. I also like the fact that there is minimal wastage with the packaging.

The toy is a beautiful white frosted glass, with a Vaseline Medallion embedded into its base. Vaseline glass is a yellowy green glass which glows under UV black light. Vaseline is accepted terminology for this type of glass work, as its colouration resembles the petroleum jelly of the same name. To witness the glow effect of the Vaseline Medallion you need a UV black light to shine onto the toy’s base. Each medallion has a beautiful textured pattern, with detailing highlighted in gold. I really love the vintage aesthetics of this glass toy; it truly is a unique piece of art. As all Crystal Delights toys are handmade out of the finest borosilicate glass with their own uniquely cut medallions or crystals, none are exactly identical in shape and design. This is my first experience of using a frosted glass toy, and the texture felt a lot different compared to the sleekness of clear glass. The frosted effect is still a lot smoother than a silicone or plastic toy, only having a light misty texture when rubbed. The frosted glass turns transparent when moisture resides on its surface.

The toy is approximately 3 inches in length with about 2.75 inches of insertable length, consisting of a 1 inch stem and 1.75 inch long tip. The head of the toy is bulbous with a tapered tip; it has a maximum girth of 3.8 inches. The base is a flared circular disc, 5.28 inches in circumference. The toy is relatively weighty for its size.

Upon receiving the toy, although I was bewitched by its exquisiteness, I was a little unsure whether the shape would work for my body. In the past I’ve found similar shaped butt plugs not to work for me. Generally cone shaped plugs don’t tend to sit well when worn, and they often pop out with the slightest spasm of my pelvic floor muscles. I’m pleased to say that the Crystal Delights plug didn’t do this, and once inserted it rested inside my body comfortably, and stayed in position no matter what.

When inserting the toy I found that, even with the slight difference in texture to standard glass, I needed very little foreplay and lubrication. The head of the toy popped into my anal canal easily, and the stem gently slid into position. The base of the toy rested between my buttocks comfortably and didn’t impede my movements. The weight of the toy made me constantly aware of wearing the plug and added to the pleasure of using it. When using additional toys for vaginal penetration I found the base stayed out of the way, meaning I was able to enjoy the plug a lot more than some anal toys, which often prevent vaginal intercourse. When experiencing vaginal or clitoral climax the plug stayed in position and didn’t pop out. I was able to enjoy the sensations of orgasm and feel my pelvic floor muscles clench around its weighty stem. Removing the toy after use was easy and didn’t cause any discomfort.

The plug is exceptionally comfortable to wear and I feel confident wearing it under clothing. Unlike some plugs, the base sits under most clothing unnoticed.

The toy can be used during temperature play; just place it under a hot or cold running tap for a few minutes and you’re all set.

Like all glass toys, Crystal Delights plugs are very easy to clean due to their nonporous and sleek surface. Simply wash in warm water with antibacterial soap.

Overall, I am delighted with my Crystal Delights Butt Plug, and its shape seems perfect for my body. I would thoroughly recommend this toy to anyone looking for a butt plug, even if you’re fairly new to anal play. I really enjoy how I’m able to relax during use of this plug and not have to worry about it popping out. Not only am I able to appreciate the product’s functionality, I’m also able to enjoy its attractiveness while not in use.

An uber thank you to both Crystal Delights and Uber Kinky for providing me with this wonderful butt plug for my review. 

You are unable to purchase this toy with the frosted glass finish and vaseline medallion within the UK. However, you can purchase it directly from Crystal Delights HERE.

You can purchase the same shape and sized plug from Uber Kinky HERE - currently only the clear glass with Swarovski crystal are in-stock.

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