Friday 13 April 2012

Belinda On The Banquette Collectors Plate

As a kinky person who enjoys fine tableware, I was very excited when I found Dirty Dishes line of decorative plates. Dirty Dishes use provocative images printed onto 10” ceramic plates. There are currently six available, all of which are reasonably priced at £14.99 each, or £75 for the complete set. Dirty Dishes aim to produce plates with a difference, which can ideally be appreciated even by those who aren’t renowned kinksters. 

The plates are food safe, and are also ideal for decoration. I wouldn’t recommend using cutlery on them, as I wouldn’t want to ruin the design by scratching it, but they’d be perfect serving plates for a buffet, providing a great talking point while your guests scoff down their vol-au-vents. The dishes can be hand washed in washing-up liquid and hot water – they aren’t dishwasher safe.

The ceramic is quite thick and good quality. The picture has been applied smoothly, and looks absolutely fabulous. On the back you will find the Dirty Dishes logo. Unlike some collectable plates, there aren’t any holes for adding hanging hooks, so if you wished to hang these plates you’d need a sprung plate hanger which clips onto the back of the plate.

The plate I received is known as Belinda On The Banquette, and has a picture of a blonde pin-up model wearing a suspender belt and stockings, which appears rather retro in style. The image isn’t overly revealing, but the model still looks delightfully alluring thanks to her sultry pout and tactfully positioned locks of hair.

I really like all the plates by Dirty Dishes, and plan to collect more in the future. I’m also eager to see what other designs they end up producing. I will mostly be using the plate for decorative purposes in my bedroom, but when the right occasion presents itself, I’m sure it’ll be a great ice breaker.

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