Thursday 19 April 2012

Vintage Delight Frosted Plug with Vaseline Medallion - Size Small

I have lusted after a Crystal Delights toy ever since I came across them. I feel very fortunate that Crystal Delights contacted me asking me to review their products, as their toys have just become available in the UK for the very first time. I received a Vintage Delight Frosted Plug with Vaseline Medallion in a size small to review. Currently you are only able to purchase this plug made in clear glass with a Swarovski crystal in the base – which is still very beautiful – but the plug’s shape and size should be the same.

All Crystal Delights products arrive in the most amazing and functional packaging I have ever found used for glass toys. The toy arrives in a black padded bag with an oriental design. It is secured shut by two ribbons, one of which has a tag with the brand name and product details. Inside, the bag is lined with quilted satin fabric, which is easy to wipe clean if needed. The pouch is ideal for storing your toy in, especially if you plan to take your toy out and about. I also like the fact that there is minimal wastage with the packaging.

The toy is a beautiful white frosted glass, with a Vaseline Medallion embedded into its base. Vaseline glass is a yellowy green glass which glows under UV black light. Vaseline is accepted terminology for this type of glass work, as its colouration resembles the petroleum jelly of the same name. To witness the glow effect of the Vaseline Medallion you need a UV black light to shine onto the toy’s base. Each medallion has a beautiful textured pattern, with detailing highlighted in gold. I really love the vintage aesthetics of this glass toy; it truly is a unique piece of art. As all Crystal Delights toys are handmade out of the finest borosilicate glass with their own uniquely cut medallions or crystals, none are exactly identical in shape and design. This is my first experience of using a frosted glass toy, and the texture felt a lot different compared to the sleekness of clear glass. The frosted effect is still a lot smoother than a silicone or plastic toy, only having a light misty texture when rubbed. The frosted glass turns transparent when moisture resides on its surface.

The toy is approximately 3 inches in length with about 2.75 inches of insertable length, consisting of a 1 inch stem and 1.75 inch long tip. The head of the toy is bulbous with a tapered tip; it has a maximum girth of 3.8 inches. The base is a flared circular disc, 5.28 inches in circumference. The toy is relatively weighty for its size.

Upon receiving the toy, although I was bewitched by its exquisiteness, I was a little unsure whether the shape would work for my body. In the past I’ve found similar shaped butt plugs not to work for me. Generally cone shaped plugs don’t tend to sit well when worn, and they often pop out with the slightest spasm of my pelvic floor muscles. I’m pleased to say that the Crystal Delights plug didn’t do this, and once inserted it rested inside my body comfortably, and stayed in position no matter what.

When inserting the toy I found that, even with the slight difference in texture to standard glass, I needed very little foreplay and lubrication. The head of the toy popped into my anal canal easily, and the stem gently slid into position. The base of the toy rested between my buttocks comfortably and didn’t impede my movements. The weight of the toy made me constantly aware of wearing the plug and added to the pleasure of using it. When using additional toys for vaginal penetration I found the base stayed out of the way, meaning I was able to enjoy the plug a lot more than some anal toys, which often prevent vaginal intercourse. When experiencing vaginal or clitoral climax the plug stayed in position and didn’t pop out. I was able to enjoy the sensations of orgasm and feel my pelvic floor muscles clench around its weighty stem. Removing the toy after use was easy and didn’t cause any discomfort.

The plug is exceptionally comfortable to wear and I feel confident wearing it under clothing. Unlike some plugs, the base sits under most clothing unnoticed.

The toy can be used during temperature play; just place it under a hot or cold running tap for a few minutes and you’re all set.

Like all glass toys, Crystal Delights plugs are very easy to clean due to their nonporous and sleek surface. Simply wash in warm water with antibacterial soap.

Overall, I am delighted with my Crystal Delights Butt Plug, and its shape seems perfect for my body. I would thoroughly recommend this toy to anyone looking for a butt plug, even if you’re fairly new to anal play. I really enjoy how I’m able to relax during use of this plug and not have to worry about it popping out. Not only am I able to appreciate the product’s functionality, I’m also able to enjoy its attractiveness while not in use.

An uber thank you to both Crystal Delights and Uber Kinky for providing me with this wonderful butt plug for my review. 

You are unable to purchase this toy with the frosted glass finish and vaseline medallion within the UK. However, you can purchase it directly from Crystal Delights HERE.

You can purchase the same shape and sized plug from Uber Kinky HERE - currently only the clear glass with Swarovski crystal are in-stock.

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