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Wand Essentials 7 Function Battery Powered Vibrator

The Wand Essentials7 Function Vibrator is a small battery powered wand with a larger wand head attachment converter. The wand is pretty powerful for a battery powered toy, and best suited to those who enjoy buzzy vibrations that are a step down from a mains powered toy.

The wand arrived in a cardboard box with floral patterns printed onto it. The back of the packaging explains how the larger adaptor makes it possible to use the toy with larger wand sleeves, but also states that there are smaller attachment sleeves too, specifically designed for the smaller head. Inside the box you will find the toy held in place by two plastic inserts, and at the bottom of the box you will find the larger head attachment.

The toy is 8 inches in length with a 5.5 inch long handle, 0.5 inch long flexible neck, and a 2 inch long head. The head of the toy has a ribbed silicone sleeve which is removable – I’d advise against removing it though, as it’s tricky to reapply. The head of the toy is 4.2 inches in circumference, which is a lot smaller than most standard sized wands. You receive a gloss ABS attachment which will convert the head to approximately 7.1 inches in circumference. This can also act as a vibration dampener. The ribbed neck is very flexible, however I would’ve preferred it to be slightly longer, in order to offer more control when manipulating the head.

The main unit has a control panel with two buttons, one for turning the toy on and selecting the modes, and an off button. The buttons aren’t too sensitive, which means you are unlikely to change setting accidentally when the toy is on. When selecting the modes there are 7 vibration settings. The first three are continuous vibrations ranging from moderately strong to relatively intense. The following four are various pulsating and escalating modes. When selecting the vibration mode there is an LED interface which lights up next to the current corresponding setting. The vibrations are very loud, and can be heard from outside a closed door.

The toy takes 4 AA batteries which aren’t provided. To open the battery cap simply twist the base of the toy. Inside you will find a battery tray. Putting the batteries into the tray is a little fiddly as they can keep popping out. When sliding the tray back into the battery chamber you will need to pinch the battery connectors down, so that the tray will fit. After the tray is in position, simply pop the battery cap back onto the base.

When using the toy I advise using some waterbased lubricant to make the vibrations feel more comfortable, unless you plan to use the toy over clothing, which also works rather effectively due to its intense vibrations. I found the smaller head suited my body better than using a larger wand; I was able to position the head between my labia and more directly onto my clitoris. The toy's vibrations would bring me to orgasm quickly, which surprised me, as normally my body prefers more rumbly vibrations. However, I found the vibrations led to a numbing sensation, meaning that I wasn’t able to immediately experience multiple orgasms. The smaller head of the toy also meant I was able to use it for shallow vaginal insertion. The vibrations were strong enough to travel throughout my vaginal walls, and could be felt in my lower abdomen. I would advise against inserting the neck of the toy, as there is a gap where the head and neck meet.

When using the toy with the larger attachment, I found it softened the vibrations, taking longer to produce a clitoral orgasm. When using the larger head attachment, I recommend you apply a small amount of lubricant to the main head before putting the attachment onto the toy, as it can be difficult to remove after use. Having the vibrations on while taking the attachment off can be a great help.

During use the vibrations are focused mostly in the head of the toy, but can still be felt strongly throughout the handle, making the toy tricky to hold.

For general body massage, I found the neck lacked the necessary control to be able to apply firm enough pressure to work out those tight niggly muscular pains.

Cleaning the plastic attachment of the toy is easy; simply wash it in water with your standard antibacterial wash. When cleaning the main toy, I recommend you use a damp cloth and brush, to clean between the grooves on the neck and silicone head.

Overall, the Wand Essentials 7 Function Battery Powered Vibrator is a good sex toy, especially if you are looking for a really powerful toy which isn’t as intense as a mains powered toy. The vibrations are pretty strong, and I enjoyed how I was able to focus them more directly onto the clitoris. The provided attachment is a nice extra, and great for damping the vibrations if you want to tone down the power a little, but I doubt I’ll be using it that often. Another plus for this toy, which I was initially worried about, is that it doesn’t drain batteries too quickly, which I think is a great bonus for such a powerful toy.

You can urchase the toy HERE.

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  1. I love the look of this its similar to my Lovehoney magic wand vibe, I'd love to get hold of the head attachment converter; do you know if you can get it separately? As I definitely want one as I have alot of attachments for my larger wands but would love to add them to this one.
    Another great review, glad you liked it hun!X


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