Sunday 15 April 2012

You 2 Toys - Butterfly Waver

The Butterfly Waver is a rabbit style vibrator using a butterfly’s antennae as the clitoral stimulator, rather than the standard bunny ears. The toy’s main shaft offers a waving sensation, rather than the standard rotations or vibrations found on other rabbit style vibrators. The waves are meant to massage the vagina, simulating the throbbing motion of a penis. This isn’t the first waver rabbit I have tried; I initially purchased one about 5 years ago, and wanted to see whether the technology had improved since then.

The Butterfly Waver arrives in a cardboard box, adorned with two pictures of a naked woman holding the sex toy. The packaging is rather off-putting, not just because of its sleazy nature, but also because of the way the model is glaring – I find it kind of intimidating. On the back of the box there is a larger image of the toy, with a small amount of product information. The toy is held in place by transparent bits of packaging and is easily removed from the box. 

The toy is made from a soft TPR material, which is skin safe and free from latex and phthalates. The vibrator is relatively large, being 9.75 inches in length with 5 inches of insertable shaft. The shaft’s girth is pretty big too, being 5 inches in circumference. The tip is slightly tapered and looks similar to the glans on a penis; below it there are three rib-like textures which remind me of a rolled back foreskin. The clitoral stimulator is approximately 3 inches in length and almost 2.5 inches wide including the wings. The antennae work similar to the ears on a standard rabbit, but are a bit wider apart than on most rabbits. The butterfly can be flexed up to 90 degrees away from the main shaft. At the base of the toy you will find the control unit and battery compartment. There are five buttons; two for changing the speed of the waver, one for changing the direction of the waver, and another two for changing the intensity of the vibrations. There are three speeds of waves and three intensities of vibration in the clitoral nub. The battery cap is waterproof. The toy takes 3 AA batteries.

The vibrator is extremely noisy, sounding more like a swarm of bees than the gentle fluttering of a butterfly. I have yet to find a waver style rabbit that is quiet. I would only recommend this toy to those who don’t have to worry about the noise level. 

I was expecting to have some difficulty when inserting the toy, but I found that this wasn’t the case. After minimal foreplay and lubrication, the tapered tip slid into my vagina effortlessly. Inserting the whole shaft took a little bit of time, but turning the waving motions on seemed to aid in inserting the toy deeper inside me. While inserting the toy I was able to feel the ribbed textures rub against my vaginal walls. The antennae sat firmly against my clitoris, while the butterfly’s wings rested on my labia. I feel that the clitoral stimulator was almost too long, but it seems to sit ok against my body. The toy isn’t really meant to be used in a thrusting motion like some other vibrators. Basically it’s meant to rest inside you while the combination of waves and clitoral stimulator do their magic and bring you to orgasm. I was able to feel the waving sensations, but due to the shaft’s shape, I wasn’t able to experience any G-spot or A-spot stimulation with it. The waves felt nice, but I thought they needed to be a bit more intense. When changing the direction of the wave motion I was able to feel the difference, but it annoyed me how long the motors would pause for during the process. The clitoral stimulator, although rather large, did work ok. The vibrations it offered weren’t the strongest, but I enjoyed how it stimulated more of my vulva, while still offering some direct stimulation to my clitoris. The combination of the internal and external stimulation brought me to climax eventually, but it took a bit longer than I expected.

Cleaning the toy is easy as it is waterproof; use your standard antibacterial wash and water. Dirt washes away from the TPR with ease. 

Although the vibrations and wave function aren’t overly intense, I still like the sensations the toy produces. The waves are fairly pleasurable, and the butterfly shaped clitoral stimulator works better than some rabbit shaped ones I’ve tried. However, I found the toy to be a little too loud, which was slightly off putting. If you want a toy with internal wave-like massaging, but don’t need too intense internal stimulation, then this toy might be perfect for you. Just be aware that the shaft is rather bulky compared to some other vibrators.

Thank you to Sexi-Vibes for sending me this rabbit-style vibrator for my review. You can purchase the Butterfly Waver from their website here.

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