Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Icicles No. 21 Flower Patterned Glass Dildo

I had wanted to try Icicles No. 21 for some time, not only because of its aesthetics appeared beautiful, but also because the raised texture of the flower and leaves made me contemplate the possible sensations that could be produced around the vaginal entrance. As well as looking forward to the textures produced by the floral design, I had high expectations that this toy would be excellent for g-spot stimulation due to its bulbous tip, ‘S’ like curve, and the firmness of the glass. 

The toy comes presented within a gift box with multiple images of the product printed on. The front of the box opens up to reveal the actual toy, unfortunately there is a plastic window blocking your access to the toy. To remove the toy you have to open the box at either the top or the bottom and push the foam insert out. There is no storage bag for this toy so you may wish to keep the display box, the toys flared base is very solid and flat making it possible to keep the toy out on display. 

The toy really is lovely especially when light passes through the tapered tip. The glass is smooth to touch apart from where the paint has been applied on the floral pattern, the paint for some reason causes very mild friction when a finger is rubbed over. The paintwork is still gorgeous but slightly different to the one pictured, I think this is because each toy is handmade. I like how the pattern appears when you look through the opposite side of the glass, the colours appear as if they are spiralling upwards inside the toy.  The girth at the tip is 4.6 inches in circumference, which is rather large compared to some toys. However due to the gently tapered tip it doesn’t cause much of a problem during insertion. This Toy is one of the longest glass toys I own and is 8.5 inches in length; I was worried that it might topple over due to its length but the base sits solidly on a table. The main shaft is approximately 3.5 inches circumference; the textured area varies slightly at different points but is no bigger than approximately 3.75 inches. The flared base is 6 inches circumference and is fairly comfortable to grip. As the length of this toy if so long you are unlikely to insert the complete girth. This also means you are able to form a comfortable grip around the textured based, which can be convenient when the toy becomes slippery.

Inserting the toy is quite easy; due to the nature of glass you need little or no lubricant. The bulbous tip curves upwards and hits the g-spot perfectly. I found that due to the size of the tapered tip it was more likely to hit my g-spot. The curved shaft made sure I was able to rhythmically stimulate towards a strong g-spot orgasm when used in a thrusting motion. Sadly because the textures of the floral pattern are at the lower end of the shaft, I felt very little stimulation from them. The flower was more likely to enter my vagina, but its texture is minimal compared to the leaves and dots. If you are able to insert more of the toy; I’m sure you would be able to experience more satisfaction from the floral textured pattern.

I’ve found that when this toy is used during cold temperature play it can become a bit tricky to insert. I think that this is because the tip isn’t as pointed as some other glass toys.

Cleaning the toy is easy; the ridges don’t seem to catch dirt like on other textured toys. Just remember to be careful when washing the toy as it can become difficult to handle when wet. Pipedreams state that this toy can be put through the dishwasher for cleaning.

Overall, I’m a little disappointed that I was unable to appreciate the textures from the lower shaft. The curve and bulbous tip are still great for g-spot stimulation. It’s such a beautiful toy and I love how it is able to sit comfortably on my bedside table; ready for when I desire to use it next.

You can buy this toy from sextoys.co.uk


  1. i never got this toy because, i always felt the need to look at it and say, "well, will the curves and the flower be enough to get me to climax and enjoy myself?" i always said no. but, yes. it IS an adorable toy.

    Triple X Mama

  2. Yes the curve isn't as good as some toys, but it still seemed to hit the right spot. It's just a shame that most of the texture didn't do anything. I like my toys to be textured and the texture to be function, but on this toy the texture is mainly for apperance.

  3. Im on the verge if buying this one, but a little concerned at the pointy tip, but its so beautiful.

  4. The pointed tip is ok. It doesn't really cause any problems, it's a niice glass toy to own. :)

  5. I have #12, and it's amaazing. I want this one too!


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