Wednesday 14 March 2012

Katie Low Nitelife Heels

I recently received Black Patent Small Platform Sandal’s by nitelife, in a size 7 from Adult Garden to review. These shoes are in the classic stripper style with a clear stiletto 5” heel. I own a few pairs of shoes which are mostly dedicated bedroom attire, as sometimes all you need to complete your provocative get-up is a good pair of sturdy sexy shoes.

The shoes arrive in a standard cardboard shoe box, with the style, brand, and size printed onto it. Inside, the shoes are wrapped in tissue paper with the brands logo printed onto it. Before you try the shoes on, you’ll have to remove various bits of packaging which are helping keep the shoes in shape. I tend to keep this packaging and re-use after each wear, in the hope it’ll prolong the life of the shoes.

The uppers and straps are made from patent PVC. The innersole is lined with faux leather. At the front of one of my shoes there was a small amount of damage to the faux leather, but this isn’t noticeable from a distance. Around where the heel would rest, there is a small raised piece of padding with the brand label stitched on top of it. The shoes have a 1 inch platform and 5 inch heel made from clear plastic. Around where the sole and the heel join the shoe you are able to see a small amount of glue, but from a distance you aren’t able to notice this. The sole at the front of the shoes is made from ribbed textured rubber; the soles provide a steady amount of friction, making them easy to walk in. The tip of the stiletto is made from a smooth hard plastic – If you plan to wear these shoes out I recommend you get these replaced; the plastic seems like it’ll wear away easily. 

Showing the damage

The sandals are open toed style, allowing approximately 3.5 inches for your toes to poke through. The PVC bridging over the toes is pretty stiff for the first few wears, but this should loosen over time. The ankle strap is 12 inches in circumference. There are five pre-punched holes in the strap, though if needed, you would be able to punch more holes into the strap. The metal buckle feels pretty sturdy, and is on a piece of elastic to help make it easier to put the shoes on. I found the PVC strap to be a little stiff at first, making it tricky to put the shoes on, but these have loosened with a few wears.

When wearing the shoes I found that they were easy to walk in. The heel feels stable and the platform isn’t too high for me. However, the shoes did dig in around my toes a bit, leaving some marking after wear. I have rather narrow feet, so if you are wider footed, these open toed shoes might not be the best option for you. When taking the shoes off, I found that the PVC had gripped round my toes. This made them tricky to remove, meaning that I had to gently wiggle my feet out of them. I think this is partly due to how PVC changes in size due to temperature. I haven’t experienced any problems with the ankle straps rubbing or digging in; they seem to offer a sufficient amount of support and security. With the ankle straps, faux leather lining, and textured soles, I was able to wear these shoes without my feet slipping around.

Overall, I like the Katie Low nitelife stripper style heels. At first I wasn’t sure if I was the kind of person who would like to wear stripper style heels, but they have grown on me rather quickly, and do make me feel sexy while wearing them. I also like how they aren’t overly high compared to similarly designed shoes. OK, normally I wear heels for everything, it’s like my body was made to wear heels and nothing else, but sometimes overly high shoes can stomp down my confidence a bit, due to the fear of falling. I’d definitely recommend these shoes to those who have looked at similar styles before, and thought ‘woah, that heel’s massive’, as unlike others, these only have a 1 inch platform and 5 inch heel. Not only am I pleased with these shoes, but my partner also seems to like how they look on me. I will be regularly wearing these shoes in the bedroom, even though they do slightly dig in around my toes; it’s not too bad and is worth the sacrifice, as they do look great.

Thank you to Adult Garden for sending these shoes for my review. You can purchase them Here.


  1. I really love Nitelife shoes and boots they are so sexy, these are a great shape too. I often wondered how comfy the clear heels would be.
    Thanks for the review hun!

  2. Great review of a delicious looking pair of heels. Foot lovers dream - thank you


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