Sunday, 5 February 2012

Jopen Intensity

The Jopen Intensity is meant to be a revolutionary sex toy, where medical science and pleasure are combined. It’s designed to produce one of the most pleasurable orgasms achievable, while at the same time offering your pelvic floor muscles a shockingly good workout. The toy is a combination of a rabbit vibrator, with an inflatable shaft, and two electro-stimulus plates. This makes it very different to the standard rabbit vibrator or electro-stim sex toy; in fact, I don’t think I’ve come across any normal sex toy that is combined with electro-stimulation. Many people are intimidated by electro-stimulation devices, often associating them with torture and horror stories. The Intensity tries to scare away these presumptions, purely by adding electro-stimulation to one of the most popular sex toy concepts, and colouring it pink.

Having tried many rabbit style vibrators in the past, I was curious to see how well I got along with the Intensity. I find the shape and positioning of the clitoral stimulator on rabbit toys can be a bit hit and miss. Also, being experienced with electro-stimulus toys, I wondered how well the electro-stimulation would compare in strength and pleasure. I have to admit, I was excited at the prospect of trying the Intensity, even though it reminded me of a set of hair straighteners, rather than a pleasure object. The thing that got me most excited about the Intensity was the inflation function. For years I’ve wanted to try an inflatable toy but haven’t been able to, as they are generally made from materials containing latex; luckily for me the Intensity is made from silicone, and doesn’t contain any latex.

The Intensity arrives in a rather large outer box, with product information and images on it; within this is a nice purple shoebox-style box for storing the toy. Inside you will find the toy, shrink-wrapped in plastic, an instruction booklet, and a tube of electro-conductive gel, all resting in a velvet foam insert. After removing the shrink-wrap, fluff from the velvety insert immediately clung to the toy; it was almost like the rabbit had its very own fur coat. Since then less has moulted and become stuck onto the toy, but the silicone does have a knack of becoming dirty even when stored away.

 The Intensity is very bulky in comparison to other sex toys. When first handling it, I had doubts as to how easy it would be to hold during use. The base unit is actually bigger than the insertable shaft, being 7 inches long, while the shaft is only 5 inches in length. The control unit consists of a manual pump, a valve button for deflating the device, an on/off button, and four additional buttons, two for controlling the strength of the vibrations, and two controlling the intensity of the electro-stimulation. The toy takes 4 AAA batteries, which are inserted into a screw-cap chamber in the control unit. The toy’s control unit is almost too big for me operate comfortably. During use, when holding the toy naturally, I am almost unable to reach either the vibration setting buttons, or the electro strength buttons, depending on which hand I’m using. Ok, I do have tiny hands, but I feel that the control panel does need to be slightly smaller. On mine, at the bottom of the control unit, the silicone coating hasn’t been attached properly, creating an air bubble that can be moved about, and feeling almost as if the toy has a blister in the base unit. Also, I feel that if the control unit was made from a different material, or had a different colour, then this would’ve given the toy a more pleasing aesthetic.
The clitoral stimulator rests about half an inch away from the main shaft, and can flex up to one and a half inches away. The clitoral stimulator is made up of three prongs rather than the standard two rabbit ears. It is also made from rather firm silicone, meaning that the prongs feel a little too rigid and pointy.
The shaft is inflatable, and ranges from 4.5 inches of girth, up to approximately 6 inches. Near the base of the shaft is a raised bump where the vibrator’s motor can be found, and towards the tip there are two electro-stimulus plates, aimed at stimulating the G-spot. When first inspecting the toy I noticed that some of the silicone around the metal plates was peeling away. This basically rubbed off, leaving a smoother finish, but I feel that for such an expensive device, this is simply not up to standard. The vibrations produced from the Intensity are relatively quiet, and the motors are reasonably smooth.

When using the Intensity, it’s recommended to insert it while the shaft is deflated and switched off. Prior to insertion you will want to apply the electro gel to the metal plates, as this will help make the electro-stimulation feel more pleasurable. I found that, due to the awkward shape of the shaft while deflated, additional water based lubrication was needed. Once inserted the toy felt a lot more comfortable than I expected, and the control unit didn’t seem as bulky as expected. I found that while inflating the toy my hand became slightly tired, due to the way I had to position my wrist. Once inflated, I enjoyed how the toy felt inside, offering a pleasant sensation of fullness. However, I found that the clitoral stimulator, while well positioned to stimulate my clitoris, felt far too uncomfortable, meaning I had to push the prongs off to the side while the toy was vibrating. The motor of the shaft stimulated my vaginal entrance only slightly, even when on its maximum setting. When turning on the electro-stimulation, I was surprised how I was able to feel the plates connecting with my G-spot. I was expecting them to miss my G-spot completely. I was able to use the Intensity’s electro-stimulation at maximum setting without feeling any discomfort, compared to using some other electro-stimulus toys. The electro pads were able to make my pelvic floor muscles spasm slightly, but not as much as I expected. The Intensity did eventually bring me to orgasm, but it wasn’t the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced. It was enjoyable, and pleasantly different to a standard vibrator, offering a relaxing yet mild G-spot orgasm without having to do much thrusting, but it didn’t live up to its moniker. Once finished with the toy, it is recommended you deflate the device before removing it. On occasion I found the shaft pinched my vaginal walls while doing this. When removing the toy, also remember to turn the electro-stimulator off, as it can sometimes cause discomfort similar to a static shock to your nether regions. 

The Intensity is meant to work your kegels during use, and help improve you pelvic floor muscles, so much so that some people are apparently able to notice results instantly. Honestly, even after using this toy for a month, I personally haven’t noticed any change in my pelvic floor muscles. Immediately after use I’m able to detect my pelvic floor muscles a lot better, but I’m still unsure if this is due to the electro-stimulation, or because of how my body generally becomes more aware after orgasm.

Cleaning this toy isn’t as easy as some. The Intensity isn’t waterproof, and due to its inflatable shaft, dirt can easily become trapped on the shaft. When cleaning the toy I recommend you remove the batteries first, as you don’t want to accidentally activate the electro-stimulation. Also, it’s easiest to clean it while it’s inflated. Inflate the toy, and use your standard antibacterial wash and water. Due to the bulkiness of the toy it can be difficult to rinse in a small sink. Pay a little extra attention to the metal plates, as the electro gel is rather sticky. A damp cloth seems to work best for cleaning the control unit.

Overall, the Jopen Intensity is an alright toy, but I feel it still needs some work on it. To make it more enjoyable for myself, I’m probably going to remove or shorten the prongs on the clitoral stimulator. I feel that if the toy’s vibrations were stronger, and the electro-stimulator able to put out a bit more power, then it would produce the intense orgasms it lays claim to. I also feel that it needs to be less bulky, and that its general appearance and build quality needs improving, before it can be truly classed as a luxury sex toy. I did however really enjoy the inflatable shaft, and I wish more inflatable toys were made from silicone. Basically, if you are new to electro-stimulation, and enjoy softer vibrations, then the Intensity might be perfect for you. But, if you are looking for intense vibrations and electro-stimulation, you may find the Intensity lacking.

Thanks to Jopen for providing me with the Jopen Intensity for my review.


  1. Thanks for the awesome review! I am still holdin out hope that I can get this toy to work for me. Thanks for your honesty.

  2. I bought one of these myself and agree with much of what you say, especially about the clitoral stimulator being too hard and generally unpleasant. I didn't experience any problems with the electro stimulation, and I got much stronger contractions. I wasn't aware it wasn't waterproof, so you probably just spared me a minor issue. Thanks for the review!


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