Friday 25 May 2012

Betty eX lingerie: Dominique Bullet Bra and Peep Show Knickers

The Betty eX Dominique Vinyl Bullet Bra is a retro style bra, with pointed quilted cups for a saucy vintage look. I was excited about trying this bra, as I have always been interested in vintage style lingerie, and this is my first bullet bra. I was also interested to see how the liquid PVC looked; in the past I have worn PVC but it has often been very stiff, making it uncomfortable to wear.

The bra arrives in a plain plastic bag with a tag attached to it. The Bra’s construction is superior to a lot of bras I’ve purchased lately and definitely worth the price tag. The inside of each cup is lined with soft fabric, and the quilted stitching keeps the bullet bra’s shape well. The stitching is good quality. The PVC has a wonderful glossy sheen, similar to latex but without all the hassle of upkeep. The straps are thick elastic, comfortable, and they don’t dig in. They are adjustable by metal fittings which don’t come loose easily. The back of the bra has three rows of double eye hooks, which helps make sure the bra fits perfectly. The back band is very stretchy considering how I normally perceive PVC to be, and even on the tightest setting it doesn’t dig in or rub.

The bra is available in sizes 32B to 40DD. My bust size can be the following depending on the brand: 32A, 32B, 34AA, 34A, 34B. I received the bra in a 32B.

When trying the bra on I thought it would’ve been too small. I was really worried about stretching the liquid PVC back for fear of damaging it, but once I got over this I managed to hook the bra up easily. The bra feels really comfortable and the band running under the cups sits smoothly against my skin. The back band also looked nice and didn’t crinkle under the tension. The shoulder straps felt nice and strong and didn’t dig in. I found the cups were a tiny bit big for my breasts, but unlike other types of bras, you really couldn’t tell and it didn’t affect the appearance of the bra at all.

Overall, I really love how the Betty ex Bullet bra looks. It’s very comfortable and attractive. It has to be one of my favourite pieces of lingerie, which makes me feel sexy and seductive every time.

Peep Show PVC Suspender Knickers:

I remember when I was younger I used to think that high waisted briefs were the least sexiest thing ever to wear in the bedroom. Back then I lacked the curves which briefs like these specifically highlight, producing a seductive silhouette. The Betty eX Peep Show PVC Suspender Knickers certainly are sexy, and give you the perfect allure, especially as the liquid PVC helps smooth away those undesired lumps and bumps.

The PVC knickers are very well made. The waist band is made from good quality elastic and is rather stretchy. The holes for your legs also have very stretchy elastic around them, without digging in uncomfortably. There are six thick elastic suspender straps which are excellent quality. They are adjustable via metal fittings. The metal clips are large and easily keep your stockings in place. The knickers are crotchless, making them quite a cheeky addition to your wardrobe. This slit has smooth elastic around it, which doesn’t dig in and frames the bottom of your buttocks nicely.

I received these in a UK 10 size. When putting on the knickers I found it a little trickier than putting on knickers made of other fabrics, as the PVC rolled up a bit as I wiggled them over my hips and thighs. Once on, the briefs were easy to smooth out, and made my stomach look flatter than usual. When originally trying the briefs on my waist was 22 inches; since then I’ve gained a little bit of weight and was worried about them fitting me. Even with my waist at 24.5” the knickers still fitted me comfortably and looked sleek. I think I could even wear these and still look and feel sexy with a few inches larger waist. The straps worked well with stockings, and didn’t move around much, unlike some suspenders I’ve worn before.

The Betty eX knickers are very attractive, and I love how comfortable they are. Lack of comfort is one of the main things that puts me off some lingerie, especially with the waist band, but the waist band on these is great. I will be wearing these knickers often, and they look perfect teamed with the Betty eX Bullet Bra, some stockings, and PVC heels.

I'm in love with all of the PVC lingerie by Betty eX, and hope to own more. Betty eX has rekindled my passion for PVC.

Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this set to review. You can purchase the bra and suspender knickers online, along with other Betty eX lingerie; here.

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