Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Toy with me Tuesday: Onna Daigaku

Every woman should learn and use kegel balls to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles; resulting in a more enjoyable sex life.

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Toy with me Tuesday


  1. As much as we love a good kegel ball, we couldn't stop staring at the sword! Lovely photo again.

    1. Thank you, it's a gift from a lov-e-r =)

      As well as the Shunga artwork it has a damascus blade.

  2. I was intrigued and had to google Onna Daigaku. Very interesting, are you going to be reviewing it at some point?

    Nice sword by the way, as stated above it does rather draw the eye!


    1. Maybe one day =) I have so many books to read and review, I just don't really have time :-/ The more time I spend reviewing them, the less time I have to review them. I might try and review more next year =)

  3. Such a beautiful oriental romantic style image and I love the sword and fan.
    You have a fab collection of kegal balls, I only just reviewed my first ever set a few days ago and Im really not sure if I like them.
    I love your rock one that is truly gorgeous hun.

  4. Stunning! I love how elegant this looks.


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