Monday, 30 July 2012

Toy with me Tuesday: Three Big O's

For this weeks Toy with me Tuesday entry I have taken a photo of my silver Crowned Jewels Chelsea vibrator on top of my Age of Reason silk Orgy scarf. Three big O's inspired my photo: Orgies, Orgasm, and Olympians. The toy is laid on a painted scarf depicting a scene of an orgy. Traditionally priestesses-courtesans used to be housed in beautiful temples, sprawling around gorgeous gardens while worshiping their Olympian Deity such as Aphrodite-Astarte, the Goddess for sexuality, fertility, and war. However, rather than worshiping Aphrodite, the women within this artwork seem to be worshiping Persephone through taking part in the festival know as Thesmophoria. Which is a festival where women celebrate their 'private customs'. These whores of Hades, look like they they are sporting their stadiums full potential. 

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Toy with me Tuesday

Also, in celebration to National Orgasm Day (31st July).


  1. now that is one expectational scarf and bullet!

  2. I love the richness of meaning behind this shot (and adore, adore, adore the silver Crowned Jewels vibe!)

  3. Fantastic shot and very apt atm, was thinking about how body shapes are shaped by sport.. I know my body shape is shaped by a certain sport ; ) lol. Good on these greek gals.. we all need to celebrate liberation and sexual freedom in this way, great photo Ness!

  4. Adore the themes behind your image this week. What a gloriously unusual scarf and the Crowned Jewels vibrator looks right at home!

  5. I love, love,,love the scarf , the artwork is gorgeous.This is very apt for this Olympic month.
    So interesting thanks for this fascinating piece of history; maybe sex should be an Olympic sport?

  6. I love that scarf! I also really enjoyed the brief history of Thesmophoria, what better way to celebrate National Orgasm Day!

  7. Thank you =) I'm glad you all like the scarf. I'm very happy with it and glad I purchased it.

    Both the items pictured are two of my most beautiful treasures. I'm hoping they'll both be within my collection throughout my life, I love them so much. <3


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