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Fun Zone Fresh Brew Bottom Stroker

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The Fun Zone Brew range of toys instantly caught both mine and my partner’s eyes. In the past I have been put off buying male masturbators for my partner due to the appearances and material commonly used, but with the brew range I found the design rather inviting. Also the implication that it could be preserved as a portable drinks cup I found interesting and innovating. Male toys to me often seemed very bland due to the packaging, whereas within female toys you always are coming across new quirky designs.

The Tea Caddy: 

The masturbator comes presented within a stylish looking box. Printed on the box in various places is the products description and name. On the back of the box you will find the description which states that the masturbator simulates a vagina, both my partner and I feel that this is a big typo considering that all over the product packaging the word ‘Bottom’ has been printed. This masturbator is not in the style of a vagina but is in the style of an anus. There’s also some other text on the packaging in a purple colour which is near on impossible to read due to the black background. On the back you will also find a picture of the product and a sectioned view of the textures. Even with a few mistakes I feel the packaging still makes this a great gift. 

The Tableware:

Once the brew was removed from the outer box both me and my partner were a little disappointed about the cardboard sleeve that’s meant to wrap round the product. The sleeve didn’t wrap smoothly round the products plastic case and even came apart. Even though you are likely to remove the cardboard cylinder during use, we both felt that part of the gimmick was lost. Without the cardboard sleeve the product looks relatively innocuous, but doesn’t really look like a take-away cup. The white plastic case is smooth and sturdy, with a frosted dome lid on top to prevent dust from getting into the product. Even though the lid is slightly frosted you can still make out that there’s a flesh coloured orifice contained within. 

The masturbator can easily be removed from the outer case. Once removed it feels and looks similar to flesh. My partner commented on how the toy isn’t really visually stimulating due to how the crease marks are barely noticeable even from a slight distance, and only have a vague resemblance to an anus. If you are looking for a realistic looking toy this may not be the best option for you. The quality and build of the masturbator is similar to a Fleshlight but a lot smaller. There is a noticeable twist in the masturbators chamber that is meant to help keep sensations realistically varied. 

The textures within the masturbator consist of a few inches of dimple like bumps followed by a further few inches of ribs. Even though I’m unable to use the toy myself I couldn’t help myself and wanted to get a feel of the textures via pocking my finger into the chamber. From what I can tell is that the dimples will rub gently round the base of a penis shaft while the ribs further down the chambers will grip onto the head. The dome round the orifice seems to be firm yet bouncy, similar to a buttock, maybe slightly firmer. 

Tea for one:

My partner has used this toy by himself a few times now. He found the toy very pleasurable and lead to a good orgasm. 

I was trying to enjoy my brew but there seems to be a hole in my cup? The toy has a hole in the base of the plastic outer case. This is to let air flow into the chamber of the masturbator and help cause suction. My partner found the hole produces a very loud whistling noise which can distract and potentially ruin the experience. This toy really isn’t a toy for those who live in share accommodation. Due to where the hole is positioned when thrusting occasional spurts of lube would eject outside of the container. Also during ejaculation cum would also be exploded out through this hole. He found the mess rather distracting and also the clean up after bothersome considering that an orgasm is meant to be relaxing. When transporting the toy to be cleaned it is best to put the lid back on and hold it upside down so nothing drips out. The hole doesn’t really work for variant suctions, when a finger is placed over the hole it can become very difficult to move the toy or thrust into it. We both feel that if the hole was positioned differently and maybe more than one hole in the product the mess issues, and suction would be a lot better.

When the toy is used within the case he found the chamber to be a little short. This toy is really made for the average male or smaller. The chamber is just under 6 inches, and that’s including the bouncy flesh like dome were the orifice is. My partner said that even though there we a few problems with using it within the case, the case did help assist in the sensation and made it feel slightly more realistic due to the suction. 

How do you take your lube? One or two spoons? Insertion of the toy is easy once it has been lubricated, though he did find that it seemed to need lube to be applied regularly during use compared to some toys. We aren’t sure if this is because the toy expels some of the lube during use or if that material soaks it up or causes it to dry out quicker. It’s recommended to use a water based lube such as liquid silk. 

When the toy is used outside of the case my partner says the sensation is pleasurable but not as strong as when used within the case, this is of course due to the lack of suction provided when used without the case. When used out of the case it was visually noticeable that the chamber was slightly too small as the head of the penis would easily poke out of the end of the chamber. This also means that the glans aren’t stimulated as much. It’s a little messier to use out of the case, but the mess is more controllable. Rather than lubricant and cum shooting across the room it dripped out and was easy to catch with a tissue if needed. This is something that you couldn’t really do when it’s in the case as if you were to cover the hole with a tissue you would be restricting the airflow and movement.

The toy can also be warmed in warm water whether you are using it within the case or out of the case. This also adds to the sensation making it feel close to body temperature. 

Joining the Tea Party: 

When using this masturbator with my partner I too was put off greatly by the noise. It really does sound awful, almost as if a rodent is being murdered. If you are able to put the noise behind both you and your partner it is still a good couple’s toy. In the past I’ve tried to use various toys with my partner and have been unsuccessful. Fleshlights seems too bulky and heavy for me to control comfortably, this toy fits perfectly within my hands and is easy to move whether I am using thrusting motions or twisting. When used outside of the case I was able to manipulate the masturbator by twisting it gently of putting pressure onto certain areas. Another note to take into account about this toy is that it’s easy to transport and a lot smaller than a Fleshlight so it fits nicely into a weekend bag without taking up too much room.

The Washing-up: 

The toy is very easy to clean. It’s best to spray the toy with a toy cleaner and then run water through it, the plastic case is even easier to clean. Due to its length you can easily give the chamber a little wash with your fingers. Remember that there is a hole in the case so be careful when transporting the toy to the bathroom, also when running water into the case it will stream out of the hole so it may be better to fill the sink to clean it in. After a few washes the texture can start to feel less smooth, to sort this out just sprinkle a little bit of corn flour onto the toy; this will make it feel silky soft for the next few uses. The toy can attract dust so once it’s dry it’s best to put the lid back on. Also due to how short the chamber is, if you are inpatient and don’t want your toy to air dry you can easily use a cloth. 

The Overall Grade: 

Overall both I and my partner felt that the material of the masturbator is of very good quality similar to some top range toys. The product seems strong and unlikely to tear, and the textures are noticeable. The size is couple friendly and travel friendly, but not really penis friendly if you are above average in length. The noise is very off putting, and we wouldn’t advise this toy to anyone living in shared accommodation. It’s not overly realistic in appearance, but I’ve been told by my partner that the sensation it produces is closer than some masturbators. The design even though quirky and inconspicuous is still a little bit of a letdown. Though the sensations the toy produces are enjoyable and the product is excellent value for money. 

I originally wrote this review on 29th May 2011, since then the product has  been thrown away due accidental damage.

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