Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Toy with me Tuesday: High Scoville Scale Rating

Last week I went to a food festival. Prior to attending I had already planned to purchase some delicious sex toy photography props - and knew the exact delicacy I desired. I slipped into one of my bright flowing summer dresses and proceeded to walk to the festival. As I galloped towards my destination, a few gentlemen stop their vehicles and offered me a lift to the shows grounds. Off course I refused, not just because of the dangers of getting into a strangers car, but because I was happily in my own little world. As I trekked along I was planning out my next sex toy photography session. 

I finally arrived at the grounds. Ducking under the gazebos, tasting tongue tingling condiments, I hopped from stall to stall. I eventually found the stall selling the props I required. I scooped up a massive bag containing a mixture of vibrant chillies and handed the cashier my money with a fiery grin upon my face.

Whilst on my journey I also came across a bookshop. I decided to check it out, partly because its cold stone chamber made a nice refuge from the scorching heat. I found a lovely hardback copy of Fanny Hill and a book on Havelock Ellis. I purchased both books and found a near by tree to sit under whilst I ate some macaroons and fudge. As I sat there a gentleman asked whether he could share my branch, I nodded, and carried on reading my books. 

A storm was slowly brewing so I slipped away from the festival. Speedily racing through the woodlands and livestock fields between the show and my home. As soon as I stepped through the door, I slipped my dress off, grabbed a bowl, chillies, sex toy, and camera. 

Toy with me Tuesday


  1. So cool! Genuinely stared at this for a couple of seconds looking for the toy. Beautiful colours and a great idea x

  2. I love this photo, very unassuming and the story really sets the scene

  3. Zing! Fantastic camouflage, great idea and a wonderful haul from the food fest. What will you be cooking up?

    1. So far I've made some oils and salad dressings. I was thinking of making chilli chocolate chip cookies, maybe some fudge, lip balm, sauces. I love anything with chillies in... so basically I will make as many different things as possible! =) I'm open for cooking suggestions too?

  4. love it, like others I thought where is the toy!

  5. Fantastic colour matching!

    It really does blend in. A great photo, as always, and I really enjoyed reading the story behind it =)

  6. Outstanding image, it took me a moment to clock the toy!!

    As ever great photography xx

  7. Amazing colours and I had to look a bit for the toy too, I love the contrasting colours, you chose your vegetables of choice well.
    Just gorgeous hun xxx

  8. Love pictures where you have to find the odd one out. Great picture.

  9. So colorful! It took me a while to find the sex toy in the first picture. I love pictures where the blend so well you don't even notice them.

  10. This is really great! I blended in so well!

  11. this is fab, its so well hidden

  12. such vibrant colors! it fits right in


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