Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Toy with me Tuesday: Seaside special

This week I'll be using an archive photo for my Toy with me Tuesday contribution.

This was one of the first ever sex toy photos I took. I didn't use a high-tech camera or anything, it was actually taken on one of my old mobile phones.

Check out who else is taking part in this weeks Toy with me Tuesday here.

Toy with me Tuesday


  1. What toy is it? I reminds me of a book by Shaun Hutson called 'Slug's'very sinister, but I want one still!

  2. Jealous that you live by the beach. You've got such a great place to take photos! ^-^

  3. I've always loved this pik you did, its perfect for this toy and yes it has a really tentacle type sinister image, love it. I should really do more sea-piks as I too only live minutes from the beach.

  4. What is it? Great image, it doesn't look like you took it on an old phone :)

  5. I love this pic, remember the 1st time I saw it, thought it was very clever! x


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