Thursday 7 June 2012

PicoBong Kaya

The Kaya rabbit vibrator is a dual stimulating waterproof silicone toy with a modern design. The toy has two silent and powerful motors; one inside its smooth rigid silicone shaft, and one in its clitoral nub. Like all PicoBong toys, the Kaya is meant to be an affordable battery powered luxury toy, designed as an alternative to LELOs more expensive rechargeable toys. What draws me to PicoBong is not only the skin safe materials used, but also the selection of vibrant colours their toys are available in.

The Kaya arrives in a cardboard box of the same colour as the product you receive. On the front of the box there is a plastic window showing the product inside. Printed onto the window there are five images, showing that the product is waterproof, near silent, made from body safe materials, has 12 powerful vibration modes, and requires two AAA batteries – the toy seems to be very fussy with batteries, only working with high powered batteries, rather than cheaper brands. Inside the box you will find the toy slotted into a cardboard stand. You will also find a one year warranty, an instruction pamphlet, and a Picobong logo charm – similar to a phone charm. This charm can be looped through the base of the vibrator if desired. I’ve found that having the charm attached to the end of the vibrator makes it easier to use during aquatic play.

The toy is in a rabbit style shape, with a vibrating shaft and clitoral nub. The clitoral nub isn’t like a traditional rabbit with stimulating ears, more like a flexible smooth shaft, which is similar in size and shape to a human thumb. The clitoral nub is firm but can be flexed away from the shaft easily; it’s one inch from the shaft, and can be flexed to almost 3 inches away. The clitoral nub is a maximum of 2.5 inches circumference, and its tip tapers slightly. The toy is a total of 8 inches long with 5.5 inches of insertable shaft. The main shaft is slightly curved for G-spot stimulation, and has a maximum of 4 inches girth. Its tip is slightly bulbous and tapers to a smooth point for easy insertion. The main shaft is very firm and rigid. The silicone used to coat the toy is very smooth and velvety, offering virtually no drag when rubbed against dry skin. The base also acts as the battery cap, and is made from ribbed plastic, which makes the toy easy to grip even when well lubricated. The battery cap simply twists open and closed, locking into position when in place.

On the shaft to the right of the clitoral stimulator you will find three push buttons: a +/on button, an ‘M’ mode button, and a -/off button. The buttons seem to be positioned as if for someone else holding the vibrator. Using it for solo play, the clitoral nub gets in the way of pressing the ‘-’ and ‘M’ buttons. To the left of the clitoral vibrator you will find the brand name engraved into the silicone.

The toy has 12 vibration modes in total; one where only the clitoral vibrator vibrates, one where both the shaft and clitoral vibrator work together on a continuous speed setting, and the rest consist of both the clitoral and shaft motors working together, forming various modes of pulsation and escalation. To use the toy, simply press the plus button and scan to the desired vibration intensity. To select a different mode press the ‘M’ button. Once you have selected the desired mode, you can simply increase or decrease the vibration strength by pressing the plus or minus buttons. To turn the toy off, hold down the minus button. All the vibration modes are surprisingly strong and exceptionally quiet. The motors are focused more at the tip of the clitoral nub and the main shaft.

When inserting the Kaya, I found I needed a small amount of water based lubricant and foreplay prior to insertion. The tip of the toy slid into my vaginal opening easily, and as it curved deeper inside me, I was able to feel the slightly raised front of the shaft rub against my G-spot. To make sure the clitoral nub sat on top of my clitoris, the main shaft had to be inserted a little deeper inside me than I would’ve liked, meaning that it didn’t directly stimulate my G-spot. However, the strong rumbly vibrations could easily be felt throughout my vaginal walls, and, combined with the clitoral vibrator, I slowly reached a nice firm orgasm. I’m able to use the product in a rocking motion to help produce a quicker and stronger orgasm. During this rocking motion the clitoral stimulator stays in position nicely. When using the toy in a thrusting motion I able to rub the tip of the shaft over my G-spot; however this means I don’t benefit so much from the clitoral nub. When thrusting with the toy I found the handle a little too small to grip onto comfortably, limiting my control slightly. While using the toy I had some difficulty changing the modes and using the minus button, especially as the controls seem to need a fair amount of pressure applied in order to operate them.

Out of all the modes available, my favourites would have to be the 2 more basic modes. I liked it with only the clitoral stimulator vibrating, as sometimes I’m not in the mood for internal vibrations. I also liked the standard continuous vibrations, working together in both the shaft and clitoral stimulator. However, there was a very intense pulsating mode which I particularly liked, where the clitoral and vaginal stimulator felt like they were playing a game of tennis; it somehow made the vibrations in the internal shaft feel very intense during each short burst.

Cleaning the Kaya is simple as it is waterproof and made from nonporous materials. Just wash the toy in warm water and antibacterial wash, or place it into a bleach or sterilizing solution. You may need to give a little extra attention when cleaning around the engraved brand name and the ribbed base.

The Kaya is a decent rabbit vibrator, but I wish the controls were positioned better. The vibrations are stronger than expected, and feel a bit stronger than the previous PicoBong toys I’ve tried. The toy is excellent for use in the bath too. Although the shaft wasn’t very effective at stimulating my G-spot, I feel it would probably work well for others. I’d recommend the Kaya to anyone who’s looking for a body safe, waterproof, near silent toy, with fairly powerful motors and interesting vibration patterns.

Thank you to PicoBong for sending me the Kaya for my review. You can find out more about their products here.

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  1. That's quite a lot of vibration modes for a battery-operated toy, and it's nice that it's waterproof. I'm glad to read that it wasn't as much of a disappointment as many of the other toys in Picobong's line.


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