Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wooden Toy Warning

Today has been one of those days where I tested a toy and it ended badly.

The coating from a wooden toy I used wore away after one use. 

Check out my video about it HERE


  1. Would you be able to share the name of the store where you got these from? I realize you're probably trying to avoid giving them publicity, but if you feel like telling, I'd love to know, just so I can avoid them.

    1. Yes, sure, just email me and I'll inform you. In a few weeks time I'm hoping to have a bigger blog post about wooden toys - I already know about coatings, from the top end brands and from these brands that have let me down.

  2. So, anyone want to know more info, please email me.

  3. This is horrifying. I need to know the name of this company so I can avoid them.

  4. Such a shame, that light wood double ended dildo looked like it was a lot of work to carve. Wood is a naturally porous material and extended contact with liquids will make the fibers swell and split - hence the roughness of the darker 'turned piece'. We spent two years developing our water resistant 'Lubrosity' coating, to avoid precisely these problems.

  5. Wow that does not sound good...such a shame because its thing like this that would put me off the idea of wooden toys...even though I think that if they have a good coating I would probably prefer them over plastic.

  6. Wow that does not sound good! Its such a shame because its things like this that would put me off even trying a wooden toy..even though I reckon I would probably prefer them over plastic from a play point of view as well as an environmental.

  7. That's horrific!

    I can't believe they've cut corners in such a way that they've created dangerous products. Thanks for warning us all.


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