Saturday 2 June 2012

Rocks-Off Luv Silk Intimate Lubricant

The Rocks-Off Luv Silk Intimate Lubricant is a lubricant designed to be safe to use with both your body and sex toys. The lubricant is water based and claims to be non-staining. It is meant to offer a better slip and slide action compared to other lubricants out there. It’s also packaged in a dainty little heart-shaped bottle.

The lubricant arrives in a 100ml bottle which is shaped like a heart. When looking at the packaging I can’t help but think of toy make-up sets, designed for little girls playing dress-up. On the front of the bottle is the Rocks-Off logo, brand name and some other pertinent information, and on the back is the ingredient list. The packaging states that this lube is meant to have a superior slip and slide action. The ingredients are: Purified Water, Propanediol, and Natural Carrageenan. The lubricant has the smallest ingredient list I’ve seen on a product of this type, which makes me hopeful that it should be more body friendly compared to those lubes packed with ingredients. The lubricant is dispensed via a push-top bottle, which has a clear plastic cap over it. Pressing down the top provides a small pea sized blob of lubricant, which seems just right.

The lubricant has a slightly thin consistency which seems to blend exceptionally well with saliva and natural vaginal lubrication. When not mixed with any natural lubricant it dries out fairly quickly, but can be reactivated with a small amount of liquid. When testing the lubricant out on dry skin it didn’t induce an allergic reaction. However, once the lubricant had dried there was a noticeable difference in texture where it had been applied, as compared to other areas of my skin. This probably means that the lubricant wasn’t absorbed as well as some. The texture left didn’t feel sticky; it was just obvious that the lubricant had been there.

When using the lubricant vaginally I found that it mixed extremely well with my natural lubricant. It helped provide a natural gliding sensation, while not being too slippery. Once blended with my natural moisture I didn’t need to reapply lubrication often, and the small amount it dispensed was enough for a play session. The lubricant didn’t upset my natural PH balance and hasn’t caused any unpleasant reactions.

I found the lubricant a little too thin to use anally. I also found that it’s not really the best lubricant for oral sex, as it has a slightly sour taste to it.

Overall, the Luv Silk Intimate Lubricant seems to be a very good vaginal lubricant, which mixes nicely with natural body fluids and doesn’t cause any nasty side effects. The lubricant, although expensive, seems like it’ll last a lot longer than a similar amount of other lubricants, especially as you don’t need to reapply it often, and the dispenser gives out a well measured dose.

Thank you to Rocks-Off for sending me a sample of this lubricant for my review. You can find out more information about the their products here.

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