Monday, 18 June 2012

Toy with me Tuesday: Tidal Phases

So, I was taking a walk down the beach with my sex toys - as you do. The weather was rather bleak, but the sea was bubbling away. I came across a rock pool, where the tide was occasionally lapping over its rocky lip. There was a small cluster of rocks perfect for wedging a toy between. So it resulted in me place one of my tentacle dildos in between them, and I just waited for the tide to wash over the toy.

Toy with me Tuesday


  1. I like your pictures, very artistic!

  2. What a great set of photos.

    They really do look like some kind of sea monster trying to break through the sand, on to the beach!

    I love the transition between each shot, too. Really nicely done :-)

  3. brilliant! It looks more like a live sea creature in its natural habitat than a sex toy :)

  4. How very B-Movie! I love it! And what looks like a great toy too.

  5. Thank you for the comments everyone!

    Yes you're so right, they are very B-Movie-esque ;-)

  6. Hehe, brilliant idea. It looks so at home there in the sea!
    Lucy x


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