Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wanton Wednesday - Rolling-Up Stockings

Wanton Wednesday

After a big disappointment with bra fitting, I’ve felt a bit down. Last week I thought I had finally found a bra that not only fitted my breasts, but made me look like I had a slight cleavage. After a few days I decided to wear my new bra out under a nice fitted dress. I had a bath, and tried it on... the bra didn’t want to fit. It was already too big for me, no matter how much fondling and messing about with it, I finally gave up after an hour.  There’s two factors I should have noted when bra fitting. One being, that I went during that time of the month all us women dread. It had completely slipped my mind that my breasts would be slightly swollen, I feel a bit of a dunce. The second factor being, weight loss... I had lost over 3 kilograms since the bra fitting -_-;. 

So after a few days of moping and getting on with everyday life, I felt it was about time I gave myself some relaxation time. I made a nice warm deep bath, with a bathbomb. I did want to take a picture of me in the bath with the bathbomb slowly melting, but me and electronics (other than waterproof vibes) isn’t such a good idea =). It’s not often I get time for myself when it comes to pampering. I know a lot of women spend ages doing makeup and such, as part of their daily lifestyle, but I can’t put makeup on and rarely have the time to. So I decided to indulge in moisturising myself after my long soak. It was then I remembered how nice it felt to wear stockings after freshly moisturised legs. Slowly rolling the stockings up my leg felt rather relaxing.  After both stockings where on my legs I felt rather content, partly because they fit but also because they just felt so nice to wear. I was felt blushing for some time, and decided to spend a little more time relaxing. 


  1. I always hated wearing stockings until fairly recently, always made me feel 10degrees hotter than normal! LOL
    You look quite comfy there :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Thanks Kazi. I've always like stockings and over the knee style sock and can wear them throughout the year. I can't stand tights, my legs are rather long which can make tights have a bad fit, but I also get the problem you have with stockings, they make me feel overly warm.

    I was rather comfy, I need to have some relaxation time as I've been a little stressed recently.

  3. I love those stockings...where did you get them? I am so with you on freshly shaved smooth legs and stockings....such a sexy feeling!


  4. I got them from Lovehoney, but they don't seem to stock them anymore. You can find them here

    I have a pair in the nude/ black too. I'm not sure how many wears they'll last, but they are rather nice and different :)

  5. Beautiful stockings . . . and legs in them.

  6. Beautiful stockings... and, about the bra, don't worry too much. Sometimes things that hit us really hard (I am ultra super hyper self conscious about my lack of a decent ass...) and barely perceived by others. And, if my opinion counts, you're super sexy... :-)

  7. Hey, don't beat yourself up about the bra....i do it all the time!!
    I even bought a gorgeous one the other day in a sale, got it home and when I went to try it a few days later, realised the size on the tag didn't match the one on the was 3 sizes too big!! lol
    Gorgeous stockings....believe it or not, but it's the one thing I don't own! :P

  8. Thanks for the commetns.

    Sassy you need to get some stockings! Some in the sales right now. I tend to stock up on stockings during the sales ^_^


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