Friday, 23 September 2011

Dirty Little Secret # 14

Dirty Little Secret

This weeks Dirty Little Secret question is: If you could have wings, what would they look like? 
Well I've made fairy wings before and always have a few ideas. I think I’m going against the trend of angelic style wings, as I prefer butterfly, bat, or dragon-like wings. I really want to make a pair of bat wings with crimson petals and pearls. I have this image of me sitting in the snow while wearing them. Annoyingly we don’t get much snow here.


  1. Wow So beautiful, you really are talented, hope you sell these you would be so popular.

  2. Hey! Thanks for participating in DLS! Nice choice! Butterfly wings are very pretty!


  3. @Under the cover, thanks I rather liked the question and had the picture handy so it was easy. I look forward to taking part next week. :)

    @Midnight Boudoir, I've been asked to sell them before but the shipping costs were too high. We need more people into fairy wings round here. The wings themselves are rather expensive to make as they are made from wire and other things. The ones pictured were still drying as the pictures were taken, but they are clear with hand pressed flowers. They have adjustable straps, meaning that they can fit most people. The straps can also be removed and replaced with bra straps if needed.
    I'm planning to make more soon, but I have a few other arty things on the go right now. Thanks for the comment :)


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