Thursday, 22 September 2011

Icicles No.6 Bumps and Swirl Textured Glass Dildo

Recently I’ve been getting into more textured glass toys, making the Icicles No. 6 a perfect addition to my toy box. The Icicles No. 6 is a long straight shaft, with a combination of bumps and ripple-like ridges aimed at providing noticeable stimulation. I was curious as to how effective the straight shaft would be when stimulating my G-spot, as I normally prefer curved shaft toys when reaching climax. I also wondered if I would be able to feel the lower ribbed rings when inserted - I’ve found some toys too long, meaning that any texture towards the base of the toy can be lost.

The No. 6 arrives in a cardboard box with various pictures of the product printed on it. The front of the box opens up by releasing a magnetic latch, revealing the toy resting resplendently in a foam insert behind a plastic display window. The box opens up easily, allowing you to push the foam insert out along with the toy. While the toy is resting against the white foam the pink refracts through the clear shaft. The toy is approximately 8.5 inches in length, with about 8 inches of insertable shaft. The toy has a flat flared base, which rests firmly on a table or similar. I’m rather impressed with how well this toy stands upright, and I doubt it would fall over unless knocked. As well as having a flared base, there is large bulge at the bottom of the shaft which measures 5.25 inches in circumference. If you like straight, rigid toys, with a bit of textured oomph during anal play, then this toy is perfect as it’s unlikely to travel up into the anal canal. At the top of the toy there is a smooth tapered tip that makes insertion easy. Just below the rounded head of the toy there is a single raised ring; this reminds me of a pulled back foreskin. For the next 2.5 inches of the toy there are multiple bumps on the glass, which are approximately 2 cm long each. After these bumps, there are five raised rings spaced over the last 2.5 inches of the shaft, before the bulge at the base. Basically this toy has 5 inches of pleasurable textures. All the textures on the toy have been coated with pink paint. Some of the paint looks a bit streaky, like it hasn’t been applied with care, but it doesn’t seem to wear/scratch away like I expected it to.

When using the toy I found that a small amount of additional lubrication was needed to make the bumps feel more pleasurable. Inserting the toy was very easy due to how well tapered the head was. While inserting the toy, I could feel the first ridge enter my vaginal opening and slowly brush along the vaginal walls, leading to a rippling sensation of pleasure. I found that the first ring had heightened my body’s sensitivity, so that it caused the bumps to massage the first few inches of my vaginal canal deeply and pleasurably. As the toy was inserted deeper into my vagina I found that it didn’t hit my g-spot. When inserted as far as I would normally find my G-spot, I actually found the first ring to feel mildly uncomfortable. I decided to try and insert the toy in deeper, as I was longing for the sensations from the rings lower down on the shaft. Oddly, after inserting more of the shaft, the discomfort eased and the toy became pleasurable once again, as it stimulated my A-spot. When inserted as far as my vaginal canal would allow, I found that only two of the lower rings would make their way into my vaginal canal. These also rubbed against my labia gently. There’s something about this toy; no matter how hard I try it doesn’t cause me to have a penetrative orgasm. It seems to produce great stimulation, which does arouse me a lot, but it leaves me with the desire of wanting more.  


I’ve found that the sensations it produces will be heightened when using temperature play. The glass can be warmed or cooled under running water, and will keep the desired temperature for a while. When using the toy warmed, the bumps and rings felt astounding. 

I found it easy to grip the toy, allowing me to control the speed and strength of thrusting. This also allowed me to use the textures on the toy to stimulate the vulva and clitoris, without producing arm/wrist ache. When rubbed externally the textures feel divine, and help arouse your body more.

Cleaning the toy is very simple; just wash it under water with your standard antibacterial wash. Like most Pipedream toys, the No. 6 is dishwasher safe.

Overall, I like the No. 6, even though it didn’t lead me to climax. I think it’s a great toy for either deep stimulation, or for shallow penetration. The textures are pretty amazing, and the way the rings and bumps are laid out on the toy is very unusual compared to most bumpy or ribbed glasstoys. So if you are looking to explore with more textured stimulation and temperature play, this is definitely one to consider. If you are looking for a G-spot toy, I would recommend a different toy, with a curved shaft. 

Thanks to for sending me this toy for my review. You can purchase the No. 6 here.

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  1. This is a great review, i really love the glass toys and will definitely be investing in one soon, its just trying to decide which one; they all look so well made and pretty to look at too.


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