Thursday, 22 September 2011

Naughty List: Non-Sex Toy Items During Masturbation

This week’s Naughty List, is to compile a list of non-sex toy related items that you have used during masturbation. Many of these are things I experimented with while younger and wouldn’t recommend people using them. Compared to an actual sex toy, these items epically failed in producing pleasurable stimulation. 
1.       A pen - I like stationary.
2.       The wooden end of a paint brush.
3.       Maglight - torches that come in different sizes with textured metal and a flared base.
4.       Mini milk – my partner had fun at least.
5.       The corner of a pillow or duvet cover.
6.       A glow stick – not as comfortable as I thought it’d be.
7.       A LED lamp – Rather stupid and not enough girth.
8.       An aerosol can – Very cold.
9.       A plastic toy sword and scabbard – not enough weight behind it.
10.   A phone – never found the vibrations from a mobile strong enough.
11.   The back of a riding crop.
12.   An electric toothbrush.
13.   The vibrations from a PlayStation controller with turbo button.
14.   The end of a hair brush.
15.    Tea pot spout – I’m British and love my tea.
16.   Homemade ice dildo.
17.   A silicone cooking spoon.
18.   Cigar tube – almost forgot about that one.


  1. Brilliant artcile made me laugh as I have used the some of them too. yes the maglights Ive never tried but always been tempted lol.
    Some of mine are the hairbrush, ladyshave -great vibrations and phone (and no I never found the vibrations worked either lol).
    I love the Home made ice dildo...great idea, i may have to try that one.
    Fun article.

  2. I totally forgot to add the PlayStation controller to my list! I used to have a game that had nothing but different versions of Pong. Whenever the ball/puck/whatever for that theme would hit the Pong paddle thingy, it would vibrate the controller. Good times...

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Yes gaming is still one of my past times. I have a PlayStation controller in the shape of a smile slime from dragon quest, basically a gaint tear drop shaped vibrator.

    I forgot to put shower head and toy water gun.


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