Saturday, 24 September 2011

Glassvibrations Textured Devil Tongue Glass Dildo

I was a little hesitant at first when this toy became available due to its appearance. I’m not really one into tentacle erotica or a fan of devilishly snake like tongues. Once I had gotten past this minor obstacle and considered how pleasurable those raised bump could be; it was soon on its way to me. After all who cares what it could be perceived as when really you wouldn’t notice its appearance when using the toy.

The toy arrived within a strong cardboard box with a plastic window. The cardboard and shape of the box was very study apart from the window which wasn’t really fixed firmly into place. Once opening the magnetic latch you find the dildo resting amongst a white satin rest. The satin isn’t the greatest quality but this doesn’t matter too much as it’s only a display box. The dildo is secured into place by a few pieces of elastic which made it slightly difficult to remove as they caught on the toys grooves. Underneath you will find a faux suede bag; this is great as I had already decided not to keep the presentation box. The bag is brilliant compared to the standard velvet bags you commonly find with glass toys. The drawstring toggle button is strong and means the bag won’t come undone easily after tightening. I tend to find the weight of glass toys when storing in lower quality bags can make the drawstring come undone when transporting.

The toy itself is beautiful and not scary at all. The images online don’t really show how striking the crimson swirls in the glass look; this could be because each toy is individualistic due to the way they are crafted. The raised bumps sparkle magnificently; making the toy appear as if it was crafted out of a precious stone such as agate. I gently gripped the handle to inspect the toy more. The handle fitted the contour of my thumb and palm perfectly. Due to the external raised bumps continuing round from the main shaft over the top of the handle; I was able to grip the toy firmly at the desired angle without causing muscular strain. I ran my index finger from the pointed tip to the base of the dildo; each bump and ridge felt original and untainted. I was a little unsure with how the pointed tip of the toy would feel like during play, but after running my fingers over it felt reassuringly smooth. The underside of the toy is smooth with a few manufacturing ripples. Near the tip and on the external side of the handle are small flat patches designed so you could easily put the toy down without it rolling about. I sat the toy down onto a table and even with its steep inclining curve it rested comfortably without falling over. 

Inserting the toy was a lot easier than expected and the tip smoothly slid in. I could feel every bump crease the front of the vaginal wall before the tip hit my g-spot. The tip curved over my g-spot as if it was hugging it gently. When using the toy in a thrusting motion I was able to feel a good proportion of the bumps massaging my g-spot and the vaginal entrance; slowly leading to an outstanding orgasm. I later tried the toy in a rocking motions, due to the grip I was able to place the tip directly onto the g-spot causing a strong g-spot orgasm within minutes. I’ve also tried the toy externally by gently massaging the labia and clitoris starting with the tip at the base of the vaginal hole and then sliding it up to the clitoris. The bumps stroked in a relaxing manner while the central groove helped massage the labia and clitoral hood out of the way as the tip moved towards the clitoris. 

I’ve also found it a great toy to use while in the bath because of its handle and pointed tip. Sometimes toys can be difficult when using in the bath as the water can have a drying affect. With this toy using the addition of silicone lube seemed unnecessary due to the pointed tip, how it gently curves, and the gradually expanding girth. When using this toy for the first few times within the bath it did appear even more octopus like.
Cleaning the toy is a little harder than some other toys. Normally glass is one of the easiest toys to clean, but with this one I always found certain grooves a little harder. As each toy has individualistic grooves and bumps some people may not experience the same problem.

This toy has very quickly made it into my favourites. I was expecting the ridges to be pleasant as I have other textured glass toys which are enjoyable; but unlike those toys the bumps, grooves, and curves of this toy are far superior and noticeable to my body’s sensitivity.

 So don’t let the product description of it resembling a tongue or tentacle put you off. Think purely of all those fascinating bumps, grooves, and curves.

You can purchase this toy from Lovehoney


  1. LOL I love me some tentacles! This is just awesome- gorgeous to look at!

  2. Wow. I love your review, from the comments about the drawstring toggle to the descriptions of its' weight and feel on both yourself and a table. It's important to be able to have sex toys that don't automatically flop around or drop to the floor just because you set them aside for a minute. (I'm a man who likes the real feel vaginal toys and those things like to roll away as if trying to escape!) The pictures on here as so crystal clear and high quality as is the writing,I am so impressed.

    I did, however, think that the glass toy thing looked a bit like a troglodyte that could easily find its' way back onto the ocean's floor.

    Wow. I now find myself wishing that you did review on men's sex toys. Thank you. ~Verlin Steele (one of your facebook friends)

  3. Ooo that looks amazingly fun! Great review!

  4. i use condoms on all my toys for easy cleanup!


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