Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wanton Wednesday: Boxing-up my lingerie addiction

I had a really interesting Wanton Wednesday photo idea, but annoyingly the garment I wanted to wear within the photo is too big. This has prompted me to box up some of my old lingerie, so I can make room for new items. It’s not really what I had planned for today as my body is feeling pretty lifeless due to over exercising yesterday.   Sorting through clothes isn’t something I want to do, but it has to be done as I’ve put it off for months. I think this photo sums up how I feel. My heads pretty fuzzy feeling and my eyes don’t seem to want to focus. 

So far this morning I’ve sorted through about half my bra collection and have these ready to box up. It’s hard to believe that any of these bras use to fit me; my bust is basically flat-chested now.

Anyway I decided to have a break and slip into a one size chemise. It’s a little baggy but as it’s pleated I think I can still get away with wearing it.  Frustratingly, my partner didn’t seem too fussed that I had slipped into a pretty chemise... today he has man flu.

 It almost feels like I should box this one up too, as it doesn’t seem to be as sexually alluring as I would’ve liked. 

Wanton Wednesday


  1. Lovely pictures, the last one I really like your legs in! They look so pretty and tall!

  2. Great pics. You look exceptionally stunning in the chemise

  3. I think maybe your partner needs a reality check, you look abolutely stunning. It is interesting to me though, when I lost a lot of weight, my now EX husband, didn't seem to notice at all when I put on sexy undies or a new dress....and accused me of being boney.... I guess that's why is now my EX husband.


    Ps... I wish I had that many pretty bra's!

  4. @Rose Thank you, I'm rather tall compared to a lot of women about 5'10" :)

    @Vampiremorbius, Your comment made me smile :)

    @Molly I agree, my partner does need a slight reality check at times. Though he doesn't mind me being thinner as much as some men. One of my lovers/ ex lovers, recently went on about how thin I was getting and that I was becoming unattractive. He then sent me chocolates as a way of saying sorry, when I asked him about the chocolates he said that maybe they'll help me gain some weight.....

    It's nice to have lots of nice bras, but currently I don't have one that fits me. I'm only putting these ones away, as I hope one day they'll fit me again. I always liked my bra collection and looked after it. I have purchased more bras over the past months but they don't fit me after a few weeks. I'm losing so much weight and not meaning to, any form of clothes shopping is a pain.

  5. Yes you are rather tall, my guess was just a little under 6' judging by your legs. So your legs are working pretty well for you ;)

  6. It or I should say you look very alluring to me and I am sure others. THank you for sharing.

  7. I'm not sure but I think my husband felt threatened by my weight loss and just has never responded positively at all. Men are odd birds that way... :/

    Never you mind! you are beautiful :)


  8. I beg to differ. :) That chemise looks lovely on you. The colour really sets off your skin and dear gods, woman, your legs are stunning! *swoon*

  9. Yikes - don't box up that last one - I was very 'allured' :)

  10. "...not sexually alluring..."?? You're kidding. You look so very very sexy in it.
    Great photo.
    sev x

  11. Ness you look gorgeous in that blue chemise, dont box it, Im sure your BF will love it when his well; maybe cook his tea wearing it and see his reaction.

  12. That chemise on you looks plenty alluring to me!

  13. I think the chemise looks really, really nice! The purple is a great color for you!

  14. Thanks for the comments, I might try and wear the chemise around my partner again soon.

    @KaziGrrl I agree, men are odd birds :)

    @Pixel thanks for the comment about my legs, I do a lot of running.

    @Mistress Kay, Thank you for the comment. I really like to wear blue and purple colours :)

  15. I can sympathise with losing bra size, i seem to have lost mine as Ive got older, I used to be a 34DD and Im down to a 34B, devasted.
    I agree with Pixel you look amazing and youve perfect pins girl; your partner needs a poke to realise whats in front of him!


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